Worm bones

Skull bones, the bones of some of the extra time to time in the seventeenth century and the first time he has discussed this with the bones is called Olaus Worm'un. These bones, or parts of stitches merger (pterion, lambda, bregma, glabella os bregmaticurn points, or seams with names such as os epiptericum on it (on most os suturare lambdoid suture - the name of bones suturarum) Or, in a skull bone, sutures, away from can be found.

The head of the whole reading

Separately reviewed the skull. If we look at the whole of the merger of these bones in your head, behind the thick end of the ovoid see that it is a bone box.
Head, the dome of the skull or the upper part is a name, a name in the skull base is the lower section.

The boundary between the dome of the head and the floor in front junkie arches, behind the occipital d: Job çıkıntısından last, a horizontal plane. The dome of the head, forehead and bones skuama parts of the wall occurs. With the temporal and occipital bones of the skull base, sphenoid, and ethmoid makes subdivisions.

Combined with the bones of the head with each other, constitute the seams. Cranial base: pass through the blood vessels and nerves, there are many holes and channels.

Skull base, 1 / 3 with the front part of the many bones of the face, or rather, are joined with the upper part of the whole face. The merger between them; gözçukuru, ranges, such as occurred in the nasal cavities.

Both the head and the outer face and inner face of the head cavity, facial bones, the bones of the head and then we will see when reading a whole will be reviewed.

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