Diagnosis of Asthma, Asthma and Bronchitis Treatment

Needle tests and desensitization injections

In order to determine which items appeared in a doctor's asthma is one of the first steps taken by the patient to give a series of skin tests. In these tests, an allergen before the salt water, and diluted, spotted on the skin. Then the skin, a needle puncture allergen under the skin leak is provided. Allergy specialists and primary care physicians, some, including the most common allergens are sets of experiments. These allergens, usually pollens, foods and food additives, animal hair and the hair occurs. These substances are allergic to one of the patient's skin, between half an hour with 20 minutes to blister. Elevations are the same size. However, usually 2 cm. in diameter. Free bünyeliler, more than one item may be allergic. Allergy test can be made ​​against more than one item at a time.

Skin tests can be applied to a very reliable method to diagnose allergies. However, people react to allergens that do not bother them at that moment. People with allergies to eggs and milk bebekliklerinde these features in later years, even yitirseler skin tests, allergic to these substances interests.

Skin tests, the patient is allergic to a particular item indicates that doctors, patients, aimed at reducing sensitivity to the substance will begin to make a series of needle (desensitization injections). Each injection contains a dose of a particular allergen. This dose is increased every needle.

These vaccines, needles, based on the same principle. For example, a cold or the flu vaccine contains small amounts of cold or flu virus. This amount will not vaccinated individual patient, but will develop immunity against the virus in size. The virus enters the body again will be destroyed by antibodies.
The main problem related to allergens, antibodies which caused unnecessary. But every body, its functions are different for at least four different kinds of antibodies. Allergy needles aim is to provide a different kind of antibody production. These antibodies are antibodies encounter allergens on mast cells and preventing the "block antibodies," also called in the name.

This type of needle treatments, gives good results against pollen allergies. But the cure, before the start of pollen season, needs to be done in January or February. But can provide such immunity before being faced with large amounts of body allergens.

Common in patients with pollen allergic to one or more of the needle treatments, one of three states will give a better result. Powder against insects living in the tiny needles are less likely to be successful. The needle treatments against food allergens, even less successful. Naturally, the success, the skill and experience greatly depends on the doctor in determining the cause of allergy. Emerged in different periods of the year, the person who is allergic to other pollens, to protect against a single type of pollen, unhelpful.

These pins carry a certain degree of risk. People allergic physique, which is given by leakage under the skin to allergens tutarlardaki small, unexpected and react violently. Response, albeit very rarely, as described above can be severe anaphylaxis. Doctor, in order to provide immediate help for emergency situations like this or corticosternidler oxygen and drugs such as adrenaline should keep ready.

RAST test, Asthma Treatment Method

For Patients with asthma, skin tests, compared to six in a more reliable test, also known as short radinalergosorban RAST test. This is a matter of possible allergens radyaktif marking the presence of antibodies in the blood sample is a test Generating. More and more widely used. The main disadvantage is that the skin tests than the long-term results. In addition, such as skin tests, RAST tests for the implementation of the laboratory specialists, already have an idea about what type of allergens must be sought.

Peak flometre

The doctor, identified in order to use a device called a peak flometre. This device measures the ability of the patient's breathing. For this purpose, the patient takes a deep breath and blows into the breath of this device. Airways, affecting every state, will lead to a decrease in the capacity of the patient's exhalation. Capacities of smokers who thought they were healthy, non-smokers than the low. The patient not notice small changes in breathing capacity. However, a small decrease in the capacity of the patient, may be harbinger of impending asthma attack. This pre-specified, the effect of the crisis prevention measures to be taken to reduce or completely. Hospitals in the peak flometre advanced and complex devices, carries it about with them until the patients are expensive and heavy. However, next to every patient can have a small tube, measurement of science, there are peak flometreler. Therefore, asthmatics, no longer breathing capacity of a crisis following the upcoming changes, whether it is able to understand.

Investigation of allergens, Chronic Asthma

In order to identify the causes of asthma crises in a healthy manner, you need to determine where and when yaşandığının. Because of the crises come, and once the crisis is caused by allergens may contain clues about what is happening, and other factors. Crises, coming home alone at night, and why, probably mixed with dust, tiny insects in the bedroom. Crises of patients coming from riding a horse may be allergic to pollens kıllarına or kırlardaki. If the cause of the crises polense patient, the crises will develop riding alone in spring or summer. If the crisis is causing the patient horse hair, horse aboard rahatsızlanacaktır binerse the season.
The patient's work place may contain clues about the causes of crises. A series of chemical and other substances used in industry can also cause asthma attacks

Among these, recently identified as allergens of flour and ticks, some chemical substances are used in making resins and varnishes. Farmers in straw sports; oduncular may be allergic to wood dust. Aircondition device arıyla ventilated offices and employees of these devices in the water pipes, may be allergic to the bacteria and continuously blown into the air. Long list of potential allergens in homes and workplaces, wool and silk, perfume and plastic coverings are included.

Allergic asthma is the most direct way to get rid of crises, of course, is to avoid allergens. In practice, this is very difficult. Which substance is known that you are allergic to substances in the workplace or your home life or hobbies without changing the layout, or any other format without compromising your protection in this matter, may be impossible. Some of them, their homes, food, and businesses are ready to spend great efforts in order to purify allergens. Such an attitude, if you have the opportunity and the tendency of all the materials you are allergic and may be useful to know. However, treatment for most patients, common sense, consists of a combination of prevention and drug treatment.

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