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Child's Room, Baby's Room

Starting from the day he was born baby can receive plenty of sunlight and ventilation, easy to deposit in a separate room would be more appropriate. However, this room should be close to your bed in your room that can hear the child cry. Offered and children's room should look to the south, should not be damp and dark. Articles, especially the kind used in this room should be selected for easy cleaning. Be sure that the curtains in the room karartmayacak color and shape. In the light of lamp to illuminate the ceiling of the room should be using and must not disturb the child's eyes. The room temperature must be almost the same at any time of day. Heat may be at 16-25 degrees. You Pay particular attention to:

• the child's room kaynatılmaz water.
• Laundry washed.
• Washing kurutulmaz.

Baby room for at least 3-4 times a day ventilated. During the baby's room to clean and ventilate the room to another can get a clean. During the summer you can leave the room window open. However, there is no air flow inside must be very careful. In addition, in order not to open the window glass parts to be installed verminous like mosquito swatter is a good preservative.

Items must include the Children's Room

• Bed or basket,
• cabinet or chest of drawers,
• Table,
• Bathroom (in a clean way to hide the baby's room is placed on this or any other convenient place).
• baby scale (this is not mandatory. If you have the opportunity to kid's room you can put away),
• A comfortable chair with backrest.


Around the cots wrapped rail should be preferred. Not found in children's cot corners sharp and pointed, 6 cm from the bars. Not more than.

You will put into the cot bed (mattress)

Should be flat and hard. Soft bed is not very suitable in terms of child health. The child's spinal curve stops on soft bedding. Tight cotton and wool-filled bedding provides the desired hardness. Will force a blanket on the bed sheets made ​​by passing a few times can also be used.

Children's Pillow

Is not a necessary thing for kids. Conversely, the child is useful to deposit pillows. In this way, people can take a deep breath and chest expands.

Baby Quilt

Children will be prepared for a thick comforter or feather should not be any time. Hot and sweat more than the amount of bird feathers. Furthermore, there are some children's allergies to feathers.

Be covered in a tarp on the bed büyücek preparing the child's cot, and this should be put on the mask of cotton to absorb wetness. In this way, the child, the whole bed of gold ıslatınca ıslatması is prevented.

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