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Breastfeeding is insufficient, the Only Human Breast Milk

Nutritional Supplements for Infants

By weighing the child is found to be insufficient breast milk must be given additional food. Meanwhile, some points should focus particularly on the mother's milk is not enough. In this way, in full discharge and reduced baby's mother's breast milk, even if the mother will come. Then be given additional food, such as the breast, the breast of a meal, the other meals can be made ​​only in the form of food to give. Some of the mothers milk is reduced at certain times of the day. If such a situation you just want more food meal that can give less milk. Please note that, milk, baby milk glands taken away by how much it means much more work and more milk. Less so with breast milk to feed the mother returned to food re-starts after the number is not small at all. Additional mama no time to start cutting the child from the breast does not mean the beginning. But the mother's milk, the baby's fluid in a total of 1 / 3 'is less than fame, also no longer be forced to leave the mother's milk.

Infants additional food, additional FOOD Transition

1 - Animal Milks

Cow's milk:

From animal foods is very common. Women more than milk protein, sugar is low. Cow's milk fat, human milk is digested than the power. Therefore, diluting cow's milk and sugar should be used to participate.

Goat and sheep milk:

Goat and sheep milk is more than the amount of fat in children impairs digestion. Will force the people not be used unless it would be right. What is important here, where and how to clean the milk sağlanacağıdır. Milk, both live and microbes, as well as üreyebildiği substance. That is why that should be considered, and the cleanliness of milk should not be taken from the unknown. TB germs can come to your home via the milk very well. The milk for your child, to enter up to 3, must come to your home within 6 hours in winter. After that, the milk must be boiled immediately. To distinguish the work of boiling milk in a bowl enamel or aluminum. This boiling pot of milk up to 10 minutes will be easier for children to digest.

Pasteurized milk is, Is it necessary to boil?

Pasteurization, the milk is heated and quickly cooled to a certain degree the killing of germs. Pasteurized milk, all the shops you believe that your baby is protected from boiling rapidly distributed and can also give the appropriate conditions. Boiled milk, pasteurized milk because it is a little easier to digest kaynatsanız You do not have the error, in spite of everything, we recommend you give kaynatmanızı pasteurized milk in a short period of time.

2 - Süttozları - Food

You choose which of them will pay and what amount should tell your doctor. These foods are also on the descriptions.

Rice Water

The same group would have to shut out the fact that commercially. But I cut the milk to feed her child only with rice water shield mothers thinking that, we took stock of rice to this section to specify that was the wrong move. Above may at least partially replaced counts of mother's milk, but rice is not enough water to feed the child never. Rice water is available only to cow's milk sulandırılmasında.

Artificial feeding, how much milk or formula can be given?

Starting from the second day of the birth of the baby in a 30-40 cc every four hours. formula should be given. 70-100 cc of the second week of this quantity at every meal. 'Until removed. Given the amount of food every 24 hours, on average, 150 cc per kilo. should be estimated. However, it does not so much the baby should not be insisted on. You can force-feed the child angry at the prepared baby food. Some babies even though they still sufficiently yalanırlar food and make motions indicating doymadıklarını. In this case, the baby than any amount of 25-50 cc. formula to be given. Breast-fed babies, weaning time is usually four hours. Mama hours, often sets the child itself. After taking children's daily food, it should not much on the shape of receipt. Especially in a normal weight baby is receiving on a regular basis every month.

Cow's milk mixed with water: the second week until the end of the scale, milk-two parts water, until the end of the second week, fourth week, on a scale of milk - the water should be given on a scale. Translated from the fifth month in the full milk.

Additional food administration:

In addition to the food you give your baby after you have finished, or try to give milk with a spoon. Başaramıyorsanız spoon to feed your child then you try to bottle. In addition, the mouth of babies with breast absorption disorder is very difficult to accomplish. Are required to spoon feed them.
Bottle feeding: Clearly, breast milk intake, is much more difficult than in the bottle. Children accustomed to bottle-sucking breast sucking koaylığına many wants. Therefore, a small hole to open the bottle nipple sucking in children should be given additional food.

Milk Bottles and Teats

The most useful bottle, above grade, and a round one. They are easy to clean than square ones. In addition, bottle glass, and 200-250 cc. must be large enough to hold the liquid. Soother made ​​of rubber is good and bad kokmamasına should be considered. Looks like your nipples, is the one most suitable for children. Good deselected damağına child a pacifier, or even a small touch of the language may even lead to vomiting. Nipples sold without holes. You will need your drilling. You can open this hole out to a needle. This process should be done quickly. Size is: the "end" the bottle upside down and turn deldiğiniz. The flow rate of 60 drops per minute damlıyorsa If you are a normal bottle. Wash thoroughly with soap and water before using the bottle and pacifier boiling you know. If you rest the bottle of milk residues used sticks into the bottle and then becomes more difficult to clean. Washed off the bottle and nipple, is placed in a clean container, re-washed before use. No food will be given when the body temperature (37 Co) should not exceed.

Bottle feeding, breast verişteki is adhering to the rules. The remaining milk in the bottle must be disposed of at a time. 3-5 cents profit to sick children, I'll probably will not settle for any mother. Bottle feeding the baby's formula is written daily total amount set aside each meal to remove.

Do not allow any time to absorb the Child lying in the bottle itself. Some mothers give the child the bottle the bottle by putting pillows under the small make their own business. This behavior is dangerous in our opinion, should be avoided. Please note that because of the child at any moment kusabileceğini. Bottles should be always in your hands. This grip also can prevent air to enter into with the dummy. Children finish the bottle within 15 minutes. In the meantime, the hands of such a toy. whether the attention is not the right move to take another direction. If the baby toys, children's content sloppy sucking leaves and rushes into the hands give to things in the game. Suction his throat during a child's milk and so on. immediately got into keeping the baby upright and gently need to hit back. As well as giving your breast, bottle feeding and then never forget the work of gas extraction. All this being said you implement your baby to sleep comfortably dalacaktır.

Milk weight

Kundaklı drinking milk as a baby weighed. After they suck breast weighing job is repeated. The difference shows the amount of milk absorbed by the child. Every child within 24 hours, approximately 150 g per kilo. emmelidir up. For instance, 4 kg. 150x4 = 600 grams from a child. milk should be. How many meals a day so you must divide the number of breast orphaned so. Mother's milk is insufficient to decide the child must weigh after each breast. In this way we can reach an accurate conclusion.

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