Pediatric Nutrition habits

Is there an impact on the behavior of the child's eating habits?

The child's nutritional habits in general is affecting his behavior, how behavior affects the child's eating habits in general. Do, however, the behavior of eating habits, eating habits do affect behavior in question may not always know for sure. What is certain is on the child's behavior, although other features brought by the child's birth, albeit effective, the child's behavior is affected by many family relationships.

Building a child's desk by the beginning of the behavior of moving is moving. Eat something as soon as possible to get away from the table, in your head like a new turn to the right action. Therefore, the amount expected by the parents and the meal-eating installments. There is also another child in a behavior that in general is slow. It takes time to start dinner and finish the meal. I always remind parents that the child is forced to eat a second bite. In general, determines the behavior of the child's eating behavior.

Behavior of the child's diet is effective on the following respects. If the child is fed a healthy more energetic, stronger and more at peace with itself would be at. That it is not a positive act directs. The feeding problem, sufficiently fed, fed a healthy child is fed in restless behavior. The restless mind of the child will not open. Healthy fed, are not encouraged to feed itself, food is always a conflict between the children living with parents about the environment and also experience problems in their relations. It is also effective in the future on their academic achievements.

When we speak of a good relationship between parents of children just as in fact an indispensable element of the relationship between the spouses which would promise compliance. Between parents and children will live in harmony and their partners to know each other's expectations to minimize conflicts. Children's eating behavior and general behavior of both parents whether their children get all you need to recognize that children's positive behaviors to adopt and act. Otherwise, the expectations of parents, children, children's individual characteristics may not be appropriate. Instead of changing the behavior of children may enter into a negative attitude towards his parents. All parents aware of these dynamics is necessary to act in a way.

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Pediatric Food Selection

Why do children choose to eat?

Liked and did not like the things that children like adults and have rights to express them. A child is not like tomatoes loving someone else. The child does not want to eat a food to be insisting on, always loving to eat food that may not provide for the child. In fact, the opposite usually happens. The child refuses to eat certain foods that the child does not mean that the problem of food selection.

Children Meal Selection

Young children in a certain period of time or permanent reduction in same thing wants to eat is usually a natural process that every child is living. Such a large response in the event if parents, by not patiently to pass this period, the child's appetite must be re-opened after a period of time, even in the past refused to eat even when things will start to eat. His response to the child's parents refused to rush a little bit of a sense of nutrient loading and respond to food over time causes it. Of course, you should leave the parents of all control children should not be removed as a result. Observing the child, the child reminded the presence of persistent alternatives without the child's selective attitude.

Chose to eat the child's parents before going on the issue becomes a problem, need to be sure. For example, a child nutrition and just plain pasta with a showing of continuity of this situation indicates the existence of the problem. Certain foods are stubborn, persistent and even the lives of children in general, considering that this attitude in other areas of their lives is remarkable. Children are not just about food, plate, fork or knife used to eat and even where it could be in a consistent attitude. The children themselves decide they want to wear a dress. Generally, any proposal from their parents tend to make a decision otherwise. If you have this kind of attitude in the entire life of the child then the child's food on the selectivity of reactive insists the child is another significant indicator that reflects the status of the emotion that should be considered.

Is the problem of authority in the family, lack of established rules in the home, the mother or father or both to be stressful to take control of the child at home may be directed to the authority. Able to control the behavior of the child, at home to deal with the emotions of the presence of boundaries is essential. Borders, where there is no authority, and behavior of children in the next step would be the consequences of restless. Control mother is the father, mother and father gave the same message at home, in a certain time to eat, families sat together to eat is usually temporary and easily overcome the problems related to eating.

Meals for children who choose two points in particular is worth attention. First of all, to choose to eat the child must be submitted to him to choose alternatives, if the child not eat food to offer him an alternative to both the child's confusion, but also reinforces the behavior. Is already cooked and eaten by other family members at home also suggested to make a choice between things. The second important point to note is if the child refuses to eat from the table up to a certain extent finished plate is insistent. Develop very quickly, especially in young children persist in a behavior. They persist in this war to force the child usually win. Here is such an obstinate, in fact, in a sense of parents, feeling the age of the child means to come down. The correct approach is not to be insistent and alternatives will be serving.

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Newborn baby food Feeding Ways

Why children refuse to eat?

Feeding baby food

Children refusing to eat in a way that their behavior and are trying to conduct a say. In other areas of their lives these children exhibited a stubborn personality, and even that usually occurs at sleep problems. However, parents are especially sensitive to food is usually more focus on the problem of nutrition. In fact, many parents hear the child with the idea of guilt. But the concern here, the child appears physically after all, the real reason for concern child, caused by thinking that a good enough mother.

In some cases, child nutrition for the mother can be transformed into an obsession even. In such cases, their relation with children even more, eating by the child can turn into a complete rejection. Time the child is no longer in the relationship, not only refuses to eat is located.
Looking at the experiences of infancy are usually problems of children refused to eat it is also worth noting that. Especially after two years on more independent from the control provided by the parents of the child, in relation to the most effective time to eat.

The consequences of refusal to eat the children in the future depends on the size of the problem. If this situation persists, a few months of a child's doctor must be experts in the field as the primary specialist.

Ways of feeding the child to eat

Parents can do the right thing when faced with such a problem child, more than ever taking the time to show interest. Children eat when the child refused to dwell on it showing too much interest in the child consolidate the causes of this behavior more. Instead of showing interest in child eats make praise to reinforce positive behavior. Refuse to eat to live a childhood eating disorder in later life there is no clear evidence.

The child should not feel pressure on. Nutrition and discipline in the life of the child must have two different fields. For example, if you give in chocolate if you say to your child finish the meal, a torment to bear children to eat chocolate, or it will be a reward in return receives. Thus, for the children to eat chocolate gained more importance and value that would be otherwise.

Although your child to eat in a comfortable way to give her before. Refuses to eat anything until the next time you eat, and say to him in wait.

Help the child to eat into a share of Nutrition enjoyable time. Therefore, if you are not hungry maybe even sit with the child to accompany him happy by eating an apple. The subject of child nutrition songs, rhymes and singing to teach your child to accompany him to dinner you will have helped in the change of perspective.

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Pediatric Feeding Disorders

What are the emotional reasons for eating disorders in children?

As mentioned in detail the issue of nutrition in infants receiving nutrition emotional and spiritual development must take place within a relationship that allows. I want to dwell on this topic, especially topics beginning, the mother of this child a good faith belief how is that justified. Because the mother herself, perhaps, but not too much aware of the anxiety of the child emotionally bears saying actually tried to explain her child may be emotionally. However, as I mentioned, such child refuses to eat in a relationship, rejection by his mother as he detected. This also leads to the mother herself feel even more helpless and even depressed. Or the child, and this behavior is really under also no physical cause could not be reached after the medical examination. Here's infancy in the face of such a situation should be analyzed starting from the beginning a very good mother child relationship. Actually declined, perhaps because the children's meal may be the mother or father or reject the relationship.

First of all, your child's best for you or not according to your environment, according to objective assessment is a poor and this situation continues for some time, so you must be sure you have turned into a problem.

If you feel that your child's nutrition and physical problems as a child that is healthy, first you need to find what the problem has continued ever since. Problems in the family, changes on the child's nutrition is very effective. If you think the parents even if the problems of children of parents living problem will certainly impact on their behavior.

To find the possible cause or causes of problem behavior the current state of inextricable Do not see a problem, you must be in a more rational attitude. Rational is an emotional experience is actually an attitude 'of the negative emotional effect diet minimizes the effect of variables.

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Pediatric First Eating Behavior

Eating behavior of the first considerations in teaching the child

Spoon to keep the child to learn along with authority / control is placed on the agenda. Now you want to feed the child itself. This time it will take longer than the feeding means and the surroundings. These are times when parents would encourage their children as well.

It takes time to learn to keep a child in full teaspoon. In the meantime, the child's self-presentation of food supply to facilitate the child's relationship with food is a feeling of control itself turns into a pleasant relationship.

Three meals a day is actually true for adults. Of course, the child's diet should be a specific time period. However, children between meals chocolate, fruit instead of biscuits, yoghurt, cheese or a piece of food such as toast should be given.

The child should be provided in various flavors. You have not enjoyed a meal, cook and present food to your child.

Children's portions should be small. Adult child with food quantity is not the same amount of food. The amount of food is placed in front of the child so the child will be a deterrent. Until the child can eat a small bowl and service needs to be done.

Praise and encouragement is very important for children. Should not force the child to eat.

For children with protein and carbohydrates, pasta, bread and potatoes for a long time, such as foods children consumed too much energy for their condition is very useful.

When children take the settlement of the concept. That is why an activity to another activity, trespassing is not usually easy for them. Here is a possible problem with such a reminder to avoid approaching the time the child should eat. Thus, children's nutrition would have made ​​in preparation for the emotional needs.

If the child is still a lot of drinking milk, it affects the child's appetite. Delivery of diluted fruit juice instead of milk is a good idea.

How gained with the first child eating habits?

Children around the age of one and a half with the two other members of the family eats the food, they eat small pieces and given as a divided or partially crushed. Months went by and a plastic spoon in the cup is no longer easily able to load their own child can feed itself comes to a situation.

Than your child's appetite for lunch or dinner if you have the opposite situation where there is the feeding of the child must be set properly. If the child is more appetite than dinners for lunch more lunch, dinner, feeding the child must be balanced by giving the lighter stuff. All meals should be expected of the child feeding the appetite. The child initially introducing different flavors will increase his appetite.

One and a half to two years of age, the child refuses to eat at the same time period. In these cases, parents often worry about. First, forced to eat their children, forcing does not work in cases where their children go to an alternative food suggestions. Regular meals if the child consistently refuses to children of parents biscuits, chocolate things like eating out. Eat something harmful to the child's parents preferred to remain open.

Especially after two years of interest in mealtimes for children is on the most times. He spoons her mouth full of food extended, shaking her head rejects. Even when food is offered to him or never most favorite food or biscuits, chocolate can tell you want. That's when the war began to eat at home times.

Parents act as comfortable as possible, no matter what the problem compared prevents the growth of the problem. Otherwise, you will be discussing who has control of the conflict into mealtimes.

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Exercise kids to dinner

How do the new flavors Children?

Food selection is seen as a very common behavior in children. Parents and teachers of children by introducing them to new tastes can come to deal with food selection habits. Increase in obesity, especially in children and gradually increasing the number of children at risk of becoming obese very early age, children acquire healthy eating habits is essential to reveal a striking.

Should encourage the child to try new tastes. Some children are open to new tastes, some children show a resistance to the unfamiliar taste. Of course, all of the child be expected to enjoy the tastes, the flavors will not be preferred. Resistance is not just some of the things that the child and the parents of all the new flavors is worth being a little more insistent. Thus, children, healthy eating habits throughout his life will continue to be won.

In our country it is possible to say that in general children are fed healthy. Far lower in Europe and America as a ready food fed to children in our country, lots of common cooking vegetable dishes, yogurt or a salad to accompany the children must eat healthy in general has fed. Moreover, our country and the United States than in many European countries as well as vegetable and fruit varieties and more abundant.

Acquire healthy eating habits of children 0-6 years of age is of major importance. As part of the natural development of pre-school children act reluctant to try new flavors. Almost every child through this developmental period.

Children of the recommendations new tastes orientation

Food and nutrition can be a fun experience in itself.
To have a diversity of foods prepared in the family of the child to become acquainted with many different taste

Try different flavors, a role model for your child can eat safely deselect
You must allow your child to eat different flavors to choose and eat.
Encourage the child to eat new flavors you must make sure. Otherwise, not only because of child may show resistance to new tastes.

Foods they eat on the preferences of children, to try new tastes with a predisposition to a large extent determined by the social environment. What parents and carers of the child eat a variety of ways, how and how much food can control.

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Parents can provide their children how to develop healthy eating habits?

Children learn through imitating behavior of the majority. For this reason, parents and teachers of children in front of the important examples. Win a healthy eating habit and healthy life of the child to learn the rules of living in the family has to learn it themselves. Parents and teachers to protect children nutritional problems, their own happy to be the most effective role models.
Parents, children, young people can provide their food to encourage a healthy relationship. To do this, parents primarily in the form of nutrients for better or worse, as a reward or penalty in most foods must. Otherwise, loads of children's food unfair meanings

Eating disorder treatment

Parents, children and adults may have a different diet must accept. For example, certain foods at certain times and places more often than adults, children escape. Natural parents must meet this condition.

Children of parents in front of this issue and to refrain from entering a very strict diet is required. Very strict diet can lead to parents feeding their children.

Dining disorder

Children to eat more than they said they should not insist. Forcing the child to eat more nutrition it cools over time. The child should be allowed to feed itself.

Not live in peace with the problem of nutrition for a child's own body, you need to grow a confident manner. To highlight the physical dimensions of the body functions and how helpful that instead of the child must be taught. Thus, functions of children's body dimensions on the stand, the body learns to be at peace with. Example by showing children the different people in different physical dimensions of the structures is accepted by society, explained to the people.

The main reason for problems, feelings of Nutrition. Children learn to be able to fight the negative feelings, to learn how to cope with life you need to develop specific methods. It is essential to be confident. Wishes and needs of the children to express their self-confidence to grow by hearing, and must be encouraged to take decisions at appropriate times. Appropriate cases, the child says' souls should be considered. In addition, children also learn to protect the right to own when he thinks are being treated badly.

Television is another very effective on children is difficult. Buyer not to be against everything the child sees on television, should learn to develop a critical attitude. Its feeding behavior of the child to win a healthy eating habit in what is effectively controlled by the parents of all the factors need to be.

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Pediatric Eating Disorders

The parents on the eating habits of children have an eating disorder Is it effective?

Certainly the parents how to feed, more vegetables in the diet, animal foods, Do, Do not dominated by grains directly determines the menu at the child.

Eating Disorders

Tableware have acquired their own families, cultures, the culture of the parents affects the child's table. But with eating disorders or eating disorder in a mother or father whether the child is another important question. This is done significant research on the subject. For example, the University of Birmingham in 2003 as a result of research conducted on the parents of the children of parents with eating disorders, eating disorders observed in children with eating disorders.

Eating disorders are psychological disorders. Mental disorders in children of parents with mental disorders in the future to be a very high possibility. Tavistock Clinic in London in 2002, a study conducted to determine the effect on the child of a mother with an eating disorder. As a result of this research a mother or father of children with mental and emotional development of eating disorder was affected by this situation.

Eating Disorders in Children

As is clearly seen both as a result of the research, eating disorder, eating disorder in which the child would be a mother or father but not a definite finding of the research in the future children of parents with mental disorder or other types of nutrition are very high risk to have psychological problems.

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Pediatric Food Behaviors

What are the factors that influence eating behavior in children?

People first have to be fed to stay alive. However, eating only makes sense to survive more than just feed the abdomen. According to the terms of the type of food they eat and eating people's eating habits, gratitude, of belonging, family, culture refers to elements such as other psychological and sociological.

Feeding habits of learned behavior. Therefore, from culture to culture even in the same culture differ according to family to family. For example, for a culture of food by hand and then licked her fingers clean while considered normal for the same behavior in another culture may be an unacceptable behavior.

On how we eat what we eat, and there are several factors that are effective, economic, cultural norms, these factors are some of the restrictions on religion. Environmental as well as personal variables on eating behavior are also effective. Children's food preferences, especially in a very effective factor in the taste of food. For example, more children prefer flavored milk Based on the knowledge of different aromas started to produce milk. This greatly increased the amount of milk consumed by children.

Choose foods and eating behaviors of children and the media are also very important effect. Child of the negative effects of the media themselves to protect children parents should be role models. We are not the only child of an effect on the eating behaviors of adults there are many factors. Parents should be aware of these factors, to develop an appropriate awareness.

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Eating Behavior in Infants

Factors affecting eating behavior in infants

Today, the presence of a wide variety of foods they consume these foods without thinking on the causes. Some experts due to the increase of obesity in children show the existence of a wide variety of foods.

Children in order to have a particular meal and learn what is healthy eating and socializing is important for establishing relationships with other family members.

Children, especially the ads as they choose their target audience group. Children are targets both in terms of advertising and the increasing number of fast food restaurants with food that is ready for the toys to actually face a serious abuse. Again, mothers fathers of children on this subject will be the biggest savers.

Children have developed defense mechanisms against their parents' negative feelings such as stress mimic. If a child grows up seeing her mother's unhappy to be headed for food in order to relax when he can develop a similar defense mechanism.

Another important factor affecting relations with the children in the family closely. Depression, anxiety, stress factors such as the effect on feeding children, as well as adults.

Children of parents affected by the meanings attributed grow food. Some foods are social and cultural meanings for us. We grow some of the nutrients in a special culture-specific meanings internalized at the same time. For example, the effect of religion in our culture of pork-preferred diet.

Children grow food prepared by others. The first stage, parents have created what they eat determines the food choices. A group of children of parents ham, sausage, such as foods without hesitation another group of parents of such children in whom a food-avoiding magnify.

The parents' knowledge about healthy eating and children's eating patterns significantly determines the level of consciousness.

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Infants Food Selection

Dolls not only refuse to eat all the food in a food by accepting the other. Independent special food since it can give a person chosen by exhibiting its decision and nothing else. This, of course, naturally leads to the emergence of conflict in the relationship with parents.

Choice of food is usually a traumatic experience in nutrition of infants who underwent surgery or illness in infants suffering from or seen. In such a case, the baby is suppressed by negative past experiences and the resulting effect of the nutrient selection in question. These negative experiences by using the game on the baby's needs in a way.

Selecting the problem of infant nutrition should not be confused with post-traumatic feeding disorder. Food and nutrition of infants post-traumatic disorder that separates the user to select the baby's regular sleep, combative behavior or lack of inward-looking baby.

Children choose to eat

I just eat rice, all the rest refused to eat food that, on a six-month baby, I want to give an example. There was no problem other than the choice of dining. Young daughter to eat something else a great deal to convince parents, but could not get any results. Regarding the relationship established with the girls parents young parents stood out from the presence of a large difference in approach. Father, daughter tends to make everything you wanted, the mother was trying to become more authoritarian. This approach led to deterioration over time the difference in the relationship between the spouses. Due to differences in attitudes between them is a meal at home in order. In addition, they themselves are already eating at home in a particular scheme did not wish to be. Parents of an attempt to fit a layout of the flow had stopped completely giving up everything. However, the existence of an order consistent with the little girl needed a home. Does not want them at home, although parents also taking into account the needs of their children, had to take responsibility as adults to grow emotionally. Realize the need for parents and daughters in this direction is to streamline themselves to resolve their emotional problems as soon as possible provided. Girls lived in by eating only rice shows the layout of resistance, protest outside of the rice meant refusing all food. As is clearly seen in this example, infants / children is always a need for undesirable behaviors actually tells you. Problem behavior, as told by a need for interpretation of the solution also brings with it.

Is there an impact on the mother cutting her baby breast milk?

Is there an impact on the mother cutting her baby breast milk?

Many women decide when weaning her baby lives in a combination of many different emotions. Weaning by the mother is experienced as a kind of separation. On the one hand no longer be woman and her baby grow to pride, on the other hand the strong bond with her ​​baby, breastfeeding would not last given to the idea of the cause grief for the mother

Breast milk to cut the woman breastfeeding her baby bağımsızlaşması and her baby, as well as a more 'dependent' means that you will not. No longer a helpless infant to the mother 'dependent' absence, his need for her mother to begin a new era in a relatively reduced and no longer mother. Therefore, the complex emotions of the mother to breastfeed experience very different from the last while, is worth being prepared for emotionally. The mother with her ​​baby rather than the quality of the relationship between form, together with its growth has changed and the baby being close to him, 'feed' else needs to realize that different ways.

Before the birth of her close relationship with the woman's womb to carry babies from birth to breastfeeding, then continuously cause the baby to him to live in a state fully dependent. Weaning your baby from the woman's own body, to have again, re-individualization means. For some women breastfeeding in the termination of the life cycle of their bodies ready for the second baby that means. This process also has the idea of a new baby of the mother at the same time period.

Put an end to breastfeeding, the relationship between the woman's own body in terms of his relationship with his wife and babies as well as effects. Some women breastfeeding their babies, they do not want their wives to be use as an excuse to enter into a sexual relationship. Women's life in a big space so that the baby his wife is forced to give in the life.

For some women, breast-feeding can also be turned into a source of sexual gratification. This also make it difficult for the mother to stop breastfeeding. Negative psychological effects on the baby to continue breast-feeding too long can leave.

The father and mother and baby at the beginning the relationship between the settlement of a healthy diet, and then cutting the baby from the milk has a very important role in helping the mother. Termination of breastfeeding and the baby's mother, other family members as well as physical and emotional means that people are facing. Depending on the dynamics of the family their father, the woman or her baby by interfering with the close relation between the detected or support. Here, determining the quality of the relationship between them, depending on the closeness between the parents. The arrival of the baby, depending on the nature of the relationship the family enlarges, enhances, or depending on the structure of the family routine can cause chaos and disrupt with it. All of these variables determines how one can overcome the new experiences encountered in the next few months.

Cutting baby mother's milk

When cutting the baby in the mother's milk to be considered

To facilitate this transition time to breastfeed her baby normally other things. Together we can play the game. This is a fun way to spend the time to take place.

If the baby's life, such as tooth extraction or a change of carer if there is another change in the baby not live together for more than one change of weaning must be postponed.

Attention on other things also need to help the baby's father has.

Baby may start sucking his finger in the process of this change, or against an object such as a sort of blanket developing dependence may not want to separate from that special object. Parents act in the face of such a situation be patient. Baby, as his emotional resistance to change is to protect itself. Instead of trying to put someone else lost something. This new situation is working itself to fit the baby, thinking it would be appropriate to approach objects tolerate closeness can develop against.

Infant sleep problems and unrest during this period that you live. Baby's mother is emotionally strong and comfortable with their own feelings allows you to easily cope.

Baby weaning

Baby mother's milk on the baby by cutting off the psychological effects of the transition to solid foods, is there?

Emotional development for the baby is a very important step in the transition to solid foods. This is an important transition for the baby, not only for the mother is also observed. Even more challenging in some cases, the mother's babies are in the process.

Cutting baby milk

Baby solid foods introduced to the fourth and fifth months. Sudden infant feeding with solid food is expected to accept the mammal. Initially, the baby must be given time to adopt new tastes by offering new nutrition habits. Baby's milk for a while will be the most important food source.

Studies have babies to eat solid food and to introduce late parents choosing their babies in the future reveals. In a study at the University of Bristol, given to infants between the sixth and ninth month is more than the type of food they choose to eat in the future to prevent a dramatic reveal. Between the sixth and ninth months of their babies, the parents practice different flavors in the future choose to eat is an important opportunity for the obstruction.

Cutting baby from the breast, the transition to more solid food for the baby just makes sense. Baby, when hungry, not just the mother's chest with confidence towards the need. Cut the baby from the breast, in a sense, object loses confidence. It's more a releasing from himself must suffice. In this period, a gain rather than a trauma, there are some points to convert the parents should pay attention.

How often as parents bringing their babies have a purpose. But the negative feeling in some cases, the baby is inevitable. In fact, it should allow for situations in which your baby is difficult to develop defense mechanisms, emotionally.

Colic pain, and Infant Nutrition

Is there anything to do with feeding the baby with colic pain?

Among the people known as colic, gas pains, quite common in infants. Colic, baby crying for no reason and very violent manner. Severe unexplained crying usually begins two weeks after birth, are in the same time in the day. Colic does it take three hours per day, disappears spontaneously in the second or third month.

Colic, crying baby's body is stiff, his hands tightly, making a fist to pull her legs towards her belly and her face at this time gives the impression that baby's pain. Therefore, the problem of colic is usually caused stomach-bowel credible. The baby is sucking air swallowing, such as the causes of infant gas pains caused by gas the most common belief about colic. This of course is a useful reasoning, but it alone does not explain the cause of colic.

Colic in infants is more than just severe healthy. Many of the sleep patterns of babies with colic be damaged as well as to wake up constantly, colic does not consist of only gas shows. These babies sleep during the day short and irregular, or restless night sleep. During the day and at night, often crying babies at the transition between sleep and waking up crying. Features of severe infant crying may be related to his temperament, as yet unable to breathe easily be caused by physical problems. Eliminated all possible physical problems but continues to colic should be considered primarily on the mother-infant relationship. For example, how to position the baby, the mother's baby mood is very important. The anxious mother or her baby in her arms stretched to hold a relatively more peaceful and a mother to keep her baby in her arms is not the same. If a mother breastfeeding her baby has been stressed in this situation is in a position to disturb the baby sucking his mother's arms in comfort leaves, thus causing the food may be good. The relationship with the mother of a baby whose mother does not feel safe in trying to pull itself very quickly absorb a lot of air swallowing may cause feeding.

Provence and Lipton in 1962, lasted for five years in a nursing home study conducted on the remaining babies. At the end of this study colic in infants was found very rarely seen. This is the main cause of colic also reinforces the hypothesis that problematic parent-infant relationship. In other words, where there is no relationship between parent-infant colic is either lacking or too little. Of course, babies have colic seen a more spiritual sense, does not show that they are healthy. There are also thought to be depressed babies. The results of this research, the nature of the relationship between parent and baby with the link between colic. In the absence of organic cause of the baby's problems should be taken into account in family relations.

Abdominal colic baby massage in a clockwise direction, as well as other methods that are effective in grasping the breast, your baby. Mother or father her baby doll's chest deposit method baby's physical as well as emotional as the most important reason is that experiencing.

Breast milk and the importance of infants

Is there a psychological wound breastfeeding?

On almost a trauma for the baby. Ester Bick'in significant analogy with the baby after the birth itself almost into space, the space feels like an astronaut sent to wearing costume. After the birth, as babies always sleep with this change is actually a reaction against the show.
Newborn infants are caused by the need to constantly hold them to look at a fixed point. Facing him a couple of hot eye, initially clinging to an object by looking at the baby's eyes, the objects with their own eyes by taking match. Here are breast-feeding provides an important opportunity for eye to eye meetings.

Baby Breast Milk

Breast feeding, infant feeding method is only a means but also the relationship. Many physical benefits of breast milk for the baby, as well as in terms of baby's emotional development is very important contributions. Studies, even if their babies a week getting to know the smell of their mother's milk of their mothers' milk show that they prefer. A study of infants a piece of sponge soaked in milk, another mother on one side, the other side when placed in a sponge soaked in their own mother's milk, babies' faces, they returned to their mother's milk, soaked in a striking manner the sponge was observed.

Mother's milk for the baby means to say, the mother is living. Meet the holistic personality of the mother's relationship with the baby before he meets the mother göğsüyle. In other words, first through the mother's breast with mouth, so with the mother, so also through the mouth begins to establish a relationship with the world meet. Especially in the hands of the babies spent the first two years to get to know everything, this is why before taking their mouths.

Breastfeeding infants

Breast feeding, infant nutrition to ensure not only physically, but also means that the temperature and comfort. Babies fed with breast milk during lactation physical proximity, skin and eye contact, taking great pleasure in the heat of the mothers themselves in a more secure feel in this relationship. Bottle-fed babies if they remain deprived of such a physical proximity. Skin contact in a warm place in their mouths are just the tip of the bottle rubber.

Breastfeeding during the last time, a precious time for the baby and mother. Further help strengthen the bond between mother and baby. If the mother to breastfeed her baby taken away somewhere special, hustle and hassles of daily life, become estranged with the stress. Thus, an important opportunity to spend time alone with a peaceful would be created. This is the first step taken by the world socialization of the new baby arrived. In addition, the mother, breast-feeding 'mothering hormone' also secretes a hormone called special. This hormone helps relax the mother and baby relax together.
World Health Organization, breast-fed infants, breast-fed babies grow faster than the announced. The risks of becoming obese later in private, some more than commercially-fed infants. Much research in recent years has delivered the highest level of mother's milk of brain development reveals a striking fact.

Breast Milk and Breastfeeding

Although the importance of babies being breast-feeding better every day must be more awareness in the mothers. As with everything the media has a great effect on infants breast-feeding. In a study published in America between the years 1971-1999 87 photos of many popular parenting magazine's content and encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies, to check whether the assays. ("In-fant feeding and the media: the relationship between Parents 'Magazine content and breastfeeding", Katherine A. Foss-Brian G. So-uthvvell, 1972-2000) This hand-fed babies' pictures in magazines featuring advertisements increased in America breast-feeding rate was decreased. This study clearly shows that the outcome of such media is very effective in health-related behaviors. In our age, individuals are not aware of a conscious way they are staying under the influence of many variables.

In addition to the numerous physical benefit of breastfeeding your baby for the mother has many psychological benefits. Especially in post-natal depression for many women to breastfeed their babies, they find themselves in a depressed mood will help recover. Dolls will spend quality time to overcome the mother's depression. Established a strong bond between mother and baby to the mother becomes the energy of life.

Maternal infanticide breastfeeding this or that reason, it is possible to compensate for this situation somehow. While feeding the baby bottle to convert it an emotional meeting, to establish eye contact with her ​​baby, talking with him, his head is very important for the baby hands.

Infant Feeding Problems

Is there an impact on the experience of connecting to feeding babies?

Attachment theory, the relationship between baby and parents. John Bowlby 's original developers of this theory. Unlike other psychoanalysts Bolwby also takes into account the biological basis of behavior.

Infant feeding problems

Bowlby, connecting the model and then turned into how instinctual behaviors is noteworthy. Bowlby, leaving the child to understand the response in the face of the bond between mother and baby on the stops. Do not cry, smile, instinctual behaviors, such as the mother leave the baby, the mother's attention by pulling on the convergence of the mother lets him. Closer to the mother for the second year, especially with the increasing mobilization of infant responses to a more pronounced the winner. Closer to his mother lives in an effort to the anxiety and fears of rejection of the baby or small child is increased. In such a case or other family members also work closer with them or intensify the attention entirely on the objects. Baby's perception of itself as a distinct personality and a very important step can be separated from the mother. This experience in the baby's sense of security from the right is associated with. The existence of a reliable baby's mother can experience in a continuous manner, then separated from the mother, in an effort to do something on its own allows you to be.

Some nutritional problems in the lives of infants fed the basic problem of feeding the weight. If you do not have this kind of babies of mothers in the middle of an organic cause or be in a depressive mood, or do other things on their minds because they are mothers, babies remarkable.

Represents the outside world for the baby after birth, if we consider the mother, infant and maternal each other, in other words, trust that the baby and her inability to open to the outside world that causes him to turn off. Such a state of feeling in the mouth for the baby 'by not' refusal to nutrition, to symbolize a way to turn off the outside world in terms of quite significant.

Both internally within the first three months after birth, the baby may have trouble adapting to the relationship as well as his mother. This leads into the distance between the baby's feelings with his mother. That's because of the distance or never fed or adequately fed baby. Some babies need to cope with their anxiety, while some of the mothers of infants are in need of change approaches. Some parents are open to testing different methods, while some parents are close to new methods. This type of parents on the subject of God, go to any trouble to think about, instead of solutions, whether anxiety perceive their situation as a dilemma. In fact, both baby and parents what they need most, their emotional states in the 'other side' understanding the.

What are the psychological causes of nutrition problems in infants?

Nutrition problems, their parents, the babies not mind too much. This concern is reflected in relations between the parents when feeding their babies. Reflected anxiety feeding the baby more difficult. Even more difficult than feeding the baby in the parents' anxiety increases. This also further complicate the situation, leading to a vicious circle of parents leads them to feel helpless.

After the necessary medical checks, if the infant is not in question in any organic problem, the problem experienced on the psychological factors should be considered for the analysis. Baby, food-established relationship, in its emotional dimension of the relationship may reflect that.

Nutrition, in fact, the baby, feed 'accept' means. Thinking on the issue of nutrition, how to pass the pregnancy, difficult birth, as well as whether the post-natal emotional physical and social environment must be carried over. For example, for experienced post-natal depression, a sense of self harm mother and baby to think and that fed-inadequate still feel guilty about holding him responsible. This is also the mother's more insistent, more anxious, less would result in a patient.

Eating a poor babies

To live in a family grief, discord between the parents or the mother's post natal depression, such as the survival of her baby causes the mother to understand the language to meet the requirements will prevent her. Therefore, the problem of feeding infants living with their parents, The point to emphasize how well the language of the parents babies.

The mother, pregnancy, birth process, starting with how to adapt the role of motherhood is entirely assumed by the new role, what's the mother's feeling as good as another major issue affecting the state. Of course, in this process, such as father's and mother's support to the mother how much he has embraced the role of fatherhood is very important. Parents' emotional states, their relations with each other, even their own experiences in infancy, the relationship with their parents with babies largely determines the relationship to be established. Being a parent, both parents again unconsciously leads to the experiences of infancy.

Here are all of these variables, the baby families 'acceptance' sets. Food, for the baby's life in a way represents. With some exceptions refusal to feed the baby, his head turning off the translation of his mouth in a sense, life, relationships can mean the closure of itself. Therefore, the baby's 'closure' on the behavior should be considered.

Many parents, babies first baby was born-a small, helpless and dependent parent is a full true to their responsibility. Usually, "I'll look at how it now?" give responses such as anxious. Every cry baby what you want to work and breast-fed the wrong food to consider a general belief in this record, baby's first cry may develop that comes to mind is hungry. It was like baby food is considered to be the only requirement.

For this reason, baby, when you do not need to attempt the diet. Therefore, response to feeding babies born. After making sure your baby's nutritional problem is a medical reason there is great benefit in reviewing the reasons outlined above. Thinking on the issue, your baby better, better at monitoring her baby's needs accurately detecting and allows.

Asking if the baby's diet to live, that you are asking shows a relationship between mother and baby?

Infant nutrition

To be satisfactory in every sense of nutrition, not only the physical, emotional and spiritual development must be in a relationship that allows. Cause of the problem of premature birth or after birth Nutrition baby remained in hospital due to health problems may lead to traumatic experiences such as mood can also be found in the mother. Here is one of the reasons for the baby to live the experience of eating becomes an enjoyable experience and a stimulus to the development of the relationship would interfere. All the benefits provided by them in case of problems of nutrition in the diet jeopardized. For example, babies can resolve this deficiency, to enhance the feelings of a lot less sleep than stay awake at inappropriate times, or may want to play. Baby, also denies the relationship between nutrition diet may actually refusing.

Babies often have problems with the diet, or other issues basically are experiencing a problem with the fact that we encounter the mother infant relationship.

Monthly infant nutrition

Babies can not feel anything wrong way to have a belief in the community. However, the most obvious stimuli in infancy is the period owned. Post-natal depression for various reasons, his mother or the baby if he does not feel good is difficult to establish a relationship with a saturated.

Initially, mothers of babies the world indirectly through the mother's emotional state, particularly against the extremely sensitive as they detect. The mother breastfeeding her baby in a mechanical manner or feed, the baby born with the need for holding the closure, lead to irritated. Adult feeding the infant the mother or the baby's hand to hold, to establish eye contact with him, the baby relaxes.

Feeding problems in infants

The problem of infant feeding mothers who prefer to go to a pediatrician on the issue as a priority. All kinds of medical examination, the mother said to him after the fact that your child physically healthy again, 'satisfied' by not rarely comes psychologist. In particular I want to draw your attention to the subject, usually those in such complaints is that mothers, not fathers. Mothers than fathers to have more anxiety, nutrition is a clear indication that the problem is actually a relationship problem.

Nutrition, not only for babies, makes sense for us more than just feed the stomach. Food we eat with our friends very emotional for us as physical times. More than a meal eaten with friends relations. Act of eating becomes almost. That's the same reason people think on the experiences of parents feeding their babies very abdomens rather than dwell on how much fill in, and nutrition as well as during the general sense, need to stand on their relationship. The baby is completely foreign to the world of emotional satisfaction, not only physically, every aspect needs to be fed.

Emotional importance of nutrition in infants

Healthy nutrition, the foundation of growth. Nutrition for physical development by providing necessary food, a disturbing situation which is of great importance in terms of emotional growth, as well as to eliminating hunger. Feeding and fed a diet consisting of healthy immune system is strengthened relationship. Emotional, cognitive, social and neurological development of the infrastructure needed to develop.

Newborn infants, nutrition

Nutrition; important opportunities for parents to spend quality time with babies. To install the theme from your baby while feeding a loving communication, gives the opportunity to develop the existing relationship. Nutrition; his mother, father, or by someone else 'saturated' bodies and souls for the baby in order to meet the time and means to secure the place.

Nutrition; baby's initiative, using the time to review URL. The status of the baby's attention in a creative way to explore new strategies and feeling energized. Relationship, the baby's mother by the arms to a healthy diet, nutrition caused by the disturbed situation in the sense of getting rid of hunger, engage a comfortable position, her mother's feelings, realizing I could be adapted to the new situation and begin to learn to build empathy.

Infant nutrition is organized to recognize the different emotions. Regular feeding times, when a certain routine for the baby during the day allows you to settle. The presence of rutin, a baby needs for the next activity provides emotional preparation to do.

What is mental retardation mongolism in infants

What is Disease mongolism (Infants Mental Retardation)

Showing mental retardation and congenital defects in a number of physically is a disease. Mongolism a deviation in the number of chromosomes in question. Because the 46, instead of the 23 pairs of chromosomes, there are 47 chromosomes. Approximately 500 children can be found in one of the Mongolism. There are also likely to be inherited Mongolism. Also, generally, much more frequently seen in children born in the old mother.

Symptoms of Mental Retardation, How to: Face is oval and flat, like the Chinese eyes are. The front view of the head is round, but most times the back side of the flat. The fingers are short and short and thick. Ear deformities can be seen. Is similar to palms in the hands of ape, that is filled with horizontal lines. Coarse language, and the first toe and second toe nasal aperture between the higher than normal. Generally, muscle weakness may occur. Heart defects can be found in the.

Infants Mental Retardation Process: Mongoloid child with mental retardation are seen. The body is less resistance to infectious diseases tend to be easily grabbing. Therefore, the danger is always in peril of death.

Treatment: There is an effective method. Mongoloid children are already short lifetimes. The number of children who reach adulthood are very rare among the Mongoloid.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

What is rickets Pediatric Disease Treatment

Disease rickets in children

The sun's rays turned into vitamin D in the skin of vitamin A preliminary fact. Therefore, lack of sunlight and vitamin D rich foods and a lack of vitamin D deficiency resulting from a disease. Babies can not get enough vitamin D, rickets is always the possibility of skin cancer. In addition, vitamin D deficiency also impairs the exchange of calcium and phosphorus compounds. Thus, the very rapid growth and development of bone disorders in infants are showing. If untreated, the bone gradually loses the power of the head and shows the melting events.

Rickets Symptoms: Restlessness, head behind the abnormal sweating, sleep disorder, muscle weakness, diarrhea, and anemia seen. Softening of the bones to the distortion of long bones and the legs are deformed.

Process: The skull bones are softening. Fontanel closes quite late, is chest. Knots chest bones, joints, swelling of the hands and fingers begin. Calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders and vitamin D after treatment for reasons born cramps are among the side effects.

Rickets and Vitamin Therapy: Sometimes the cause of rickets vitamin D, "as required in the intestine or kidneys as a result of abnormalities can be seen as a result of treatment cases and by reason for the change. However, in general, vitamin D children should be given plenty of sun and should be removed.
Conservation: Previously, children were given vitamin D rickets in infancy to protect. However, children today instead of baked foods, calcium-rich milk and derivatives is prevented by giving rickets. The most effective drug for the open-air, and plenty of sun to prevent rickets, it must never be forgotten.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Nutritional disorders in children

Nutrition is extremely important for the baby. Rapid growth and organ development of an appropriate diet is required. Amounts of all nutrients required to take the baby, accept and digest them in a matter to be dealt with strongly. Correct feeding the baby's health, sleep, it also affects your metabolism.
Any disorder or disease of the organism, even if no relationship, causing digestive disorders. Patients with gastro-intestinal canal of babies «mouth pipe» is like. Therefore, the baby's digestive organs demonstrated due diligence and care.

Eating Disorder in infants, according to the causes of three groups:

1. Depending on the amount and type of food additives given to the baby defects.
2. Digestive organs or due to a variety of nutritional defects affected.
3. Against diseases due to defects in the baby's diet.
In practice it is very difficult to distinguish between the three Groups. The impact of infectious diseases and strengthens the fact that the baby against disease-resistant anorexia is seen as normal, the baby can not receive the necessary food. Necessarily require a doctor's treatment of such cases. Which will be mentioned here only minor nutritional problems.

If the baby's sick, feeding should be given 12-24 hours apart, by the way is only open to sweetened tea. Only tea and tea-term babies to be fed as often and should be given in small amounts. Check the baby's feces and feces according to the state increased the amount of tea. According to the age and condition of the baby may be granted, grated carrot and apple juice.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

What is Child Eczema Black Melena

Child eczema

Eczema, infantile and young childhood in various parts of the body of the leather. Contaminated skin, acne and the formation of bubbles occurs. There is a tendency to spread germs to be very severe itching. The first weeks after birth, cheeks, face and head, such as the full top of the shell consists of bran. High fever can be seen in the spread of germs. Treatment needs to be done by a physician.

Black disease (What is melena)

New born babies in the hemorrhage usually occurs due to lack of blood clotting. Blood clotting is measured by the amount of platelets in the blood. Clotting layout of a newborn baby may have been corrupted and therefore the skin, deep tissues and internal organs can be seen bleeding. Usually seen in gastro-intestinal tract bleeding among the people "black disease» is defined as.

Contraction in the stomach on the cover

Stomach-out, cover the muscles of the stomach is reduced as a result of thickening or contraction. Food is digested in the stomach may no or very few. This disease, especially in girls and is usually seen in the first three months after birth. The disease usually begins 4-6 weeks after birth. If vomiting is severe and vomit welling of interest. Good appetite, vomiting or even immediately after the baby begins to suck milk. Baby will starve and weaken. Less than Stool and rare. Contraction is usually seen in cramps cramp remedies solvent gives positive results. Due to loss of salt and water exchange in skin dryness and as a result of food deficiency is considered among the side effects. If you are a thickening of the muscle of the stomach in the case of valve surgery is required.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Belly Babies Inflammatory Diseases

Infants, children, diseases of the core

If well maintained and clean looking after the umbilical cord will recover as soon as possible. Self-dry in the fall of about one week. If the umbilical cord dry spontaneously, on the second week consists of a shell and will recover. Sometimes the skin of the abdomen through the umbilical cord is (protruding belly). Sometimes the skin of the umbilical cord can not reach up. This occurs when the formation of hollow core.

Infant Umbilical Inflammation

Belly microbes can contract very easily. Inflammatory discharge yellow, olive oil, consistency and smell. Due to inflammation around belly blush. High fever. If untreated, can lead to blood poisoning germs entering the bloodstream is certain. Should be treated with antibiotics and control of a doctor.

Belly: Umbilical cord after the fall of the cord, fell on the floor of the wound left by the formation of excessive amounts of tissue can cause belly. Often this takes the name of granuloma tissue formation. This makes the knot can easily become infected and often bleeding. Silver nitrate is treated by a doctor belly burning.

Oral candidiasis: Candida, a fungus in their mouths called a type of normally healthy people. In infants is caused by malnutrition. Originally appearing in spots and a white layer combine to form white spread. Remove the extermination of this layer. Oral candidiasis, respiratory tract, spread down the danger as there is a disease that must be treated immediately. The most effective drug for this type of fungi. Incorrect use of antibiotics, because antibiotics are other beneficial bacteria in the mouth eliminate the quality of protection. In fact, in healing canker fungus emerged with the actual disease itself disappears.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Newborn Baby Feeding

New born baby's nutrition

Newborn care issue is much more difficult problem of infant nutrition. Challenges may be two reasons. First, swallowing and sucking skills to be fully developed, the second, the digestive system weakness. Therefore, the premature baby's sucking, swallowing and oral feeding is objectionable unless you are sure the digestive capabilities.

Newborn baby food can be given only breast milk with sugar and water. 5 ml of feed before. 'Of milk starts. For this reason, within 24 hours of premature infants needs to be fed for at least twelve times. Usually through the nose into the stomach of a dropper or a baby is fed through the catheter. Necessarily need to be drops of milk for the child.

Baby, one-fifth of body weight is increased gradually until the weight ratio of nutrients until it wins. This period is usually 12-14 days. Baby when I found 2500 grams of breast feeding can be started. Apply to be regulated according to the development of the baby other food regime. Well cared for a premature infant birth weight can triple in the fifth month. Developmental differences and sometimes the third, and sometimes completely disappears in the fifth or sixth month.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Early Symptoms What Causes Birth

What is on the early, early on Symptoms and Causes

Pregnancy is always the right time for the baby's development time and the availability of body measurements (weight and height) can be determined. Less than 2500 grams and 46 inches shorter babies "were born early (premature) baby» is considered. Very little hope of survival of babies with weight less than 1,000 grams. 600 grams of the lower level of probability of survival. Gram in 1200 from the chances of survival increase. Babies born under 1500 grams, only experience as a result of children's clinics and special care under control.

Premature birth: Main womb healthy development of baby's birth to the completion of «premature» is called. Disproportion between the size of the baby's body has to cope with. Oil follicles are almost non-existent. The body is covered with feathers yet. Hand and foot claws fully extended. Ear buckets soft. Reproductive organs fully developed. Male infants, yet testes into bags. The outer lips, inner lips of the vulva in girls.

Early post-natal care of the baby: New born babies can not work enough body heat layout yet. Furthermore, to prevent heat loss there is still oil in the follicles. For this reason, the baby was born early heat and cold protection measures to be taken among the first. Incubator for premature babies are called baby tent. Baby do not change in an incubator temperature, humidity, oxygen content in an environment set up and sterilized. Allows you to move incubator babies, but also protects them from germs. Early nutrition of newborn babies, care, treatment and protection of diseases is a task requiring special care. Early newborn, baby, this danger (Risk of Early Birth) after bypass can be given the mother's care.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Baby kids Diseases Prevention

Diseases of Children, Baby Diseases and Prevention

Newborn infant disorders

Baby two weeks until the "new-born baby as" called. Diseases that may occur during this period are collected in three groups: Congenital defective development, stemming from birth injuries and diseases in newborns. Jaundice and breast glands swollen the first days of life and property are not counted among the feared disease is considered.

Blue baby

A congenital heart disorder. An opening in the wall that separates the left and right ventricles and lungs are narrowing. Thus, the general circulation in the blood of the left heart that pumps blood resistance in the lungs, right heart pumping a little difference between the resistance becomes. Therefore, a portion of blood to the lungs due to lack of resistance to go right in the heart of the heart through the left section. Opening in the wall that separates the left and right ventricles and pulmonary artery-right ventricle of the heart as a result of contraction in aorta more than normal developed and changed to the right place.
Symptoms: If a newborn baby more moves. Tips of fingers swells. Children grow up breathing difficulties appear.
Treatment: Surgery.

Cleft palate in infants

Cleft palate in the roof of the mouth to make extensions unite occurs. Cleft, may be soft or hard palate. Difficulty in learning to speak for the baby two years before surgery is necessary.

Congenital Hip Dislocation, Dislocation of the Hip in Children Infants

Congenital hip joint disorders, or one-way or two-way structure, but in two of 1000 children seen in subsequent hip dislocations. Dislocations of the hip in girls than in boys and more frequent. Gait disorders in the future lead to hip dislocation is not treated early.
Symptoms: A squeaky sound examination of the hip joints of the hand is taken. X-rays should be drawn if a suspected dislocation. The upper part of the leg bent kneecap normally does not stop in the clearing. Outward leg at rest stops. Most importantly, the lack of equal length legs.
Treatment: The treatment of plaster should not be haphazard. Necessarily be foreseen in the treatment of an orthopedic specialist.

Crooked neck

Adhesive on the inner end of the bone, collarbone and chest bone, muscle, bone, breast, is the result of a birth injury.
Signs: a baby inclined to keep the same side of the head and neck is always a tough one side of the ledge understood.
Treatment: Early treatment is essential, because over time the muscle and connective tissue consists of the wicked. At this stage, surgery to remove the need.

Other Developmental Disorders in Children

Developmental disorders in infants, brain, spine, digestive system, urinary tract, reproductive organs and various developmental disorders of the skin area are also included. These disorders are very rarely seen by midwives and doctors are immediately noticeable. Internal organs can be seen in disorders of the disease, symptoms usually appear after infancy.

Hematoma of the skull

The bleeding under the outer membrane of the skull bone, side bone at the top of the head and consists of unilaterally. Swelling seen in the size of chicken eggs and gives a feeling as if there was liquid in touch. From time to time, or two-sided can occur in high-art head disappears after birth in the sixth week. Hematoma rarely takes longer to heal and the swelling is seen on the bone membrane calcification. Following the later development of the skull in a flat view, the region previously.
Bleeding in the lining of the bone on the outside of a very rare and may be under the scalp. A wider region that tend to spread this kind of bleeding should stop within a few days.

Birth palsy, paralysis on

Peripheral paralysis that can do (environmental) degradation of the nerves, face or arm is neural networks. On the central nervous system, consisting of a variety of reasons and these reasons should not be underestimated on injuries. Such injuries, brain tissue or membranes (meninges) can be extremely dangerous for it may cause bleeding.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Sprains Burns in Children Nose Bleeding

Causes of Epistaxis in Children

His nose bleeding boy, is upright and placed in front of a stone. Just below the bony part of the nose firmly, holding for a period of 5-10 minutes should print the bleeding point. A piece of cheesecloth or a cold nose to put on the ice can be helpful.

When you should contact a doctor?

Or frequently recurring bleeding does not stop, you may need to wrap the nose.

Burns, Burns, and Treatment of the first Help

The importance of the burn, the depth depends on the prevalence of many. Because, how much tissue fluid (plasma), burn and spread determines the size of the area. This is important if the burn is larger and can reach heights of minor burns in young children may need to show even a doctor. Is not large, but a deep burn, will leave a bad scar. Given how big and serious dangers as well as the discomfort created by the act to be very careful in considering the need to avoid burns.
Burning skin, just red, swell and water cannons. Junk a burn, only the top layers of skin are affected. A deep burn, the affected nerve roots, the less suffering will be heard.

Burn Treatment

Burning place, immediately, the pain until it is transferred to cold water for 5-10 minutes. In the event of loss caused by a hot liquid burns on top of all the wet clothing should be removed carefully. Burnt clothes, considering they have been previously heat sterilize be removed immediately. Like the Ring, the body firmly seated on the goods, should be removed before burning in the swell.
Where water collects in the skin, to protect the lower layers. Liquid in them in a few days. Burns should be kept open at or above should be covered in a sheet or a handkerchief.
Care is taken to not touch anything in order to prevent infections in burns. May be given aspirin or similar drugs to relieve the pain.

When you should contact a doctor?

Without delay is necessary to resort to a doctor other than very minor burns. Thus, the child's clinical status is determined and implemented the necessary treatment.

Sprains, sprains Treatment

What is a sprain, injury to the fibers means that at the point where two bones meet. As is common in children, usually occurs in the knees and elbows. Symptoms: When moving the pain, joint tenderness around the place and the child fell onto the road junction opposite. Movements or bandage to prevent the joint where it is tightly wrapped and stored until the symptoms disappear shield. To resolve the pain is aspirin.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Hair lice Scabies Disease and Treatment

Hair lice Hair Lice Treatment

Lice, as much inconvenience to every child in a dirty shame shows that the source of anxiety. In fact, bits, clean, lean and brown-hair, prefers to you. Fed with human blood of parasites. Hair hair firmly placing the bottom of the white-colored eggs, easily shed like dandruff. Using the same comb, or can easily contact with. So infested children, should be sent to school.

How to Clear Hair Lice, Hair Lice Treatment Information for

Hair, a special shampoo should be washed and finely toothed, preferably a metal comb should be screened. All you need to remember that the family should be treated.

Scabies Itching, Scabies Disease Symptoms, Causes

This causes a small tick. Pregnant females usually enters the skin, hands or ankles region. Shed eggs will mature in four to five days. Rash, acne consists of small. Sometimes the tick, the path of the visible acne. Especially at night, causing itching over the body is warm.

Scabies Disease Treatment

Staining solution must be a whole body gamma petrol. All clothing should be washed and replaced. Itching after treatment, two, three weeks to complete.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Urticaria Warts and boils Disease Treatment

Boils Treatment

Boils, infected hair follicles below the glands of the bacteria that causes. A simple ulcer, can be treated by hot compresses. For this purpose, infected area on a warm or hot towel placed submersible. Boil the head in order to ensure that magnesium sulfate, a spreadable cream. After the head, drilled with a sterile needle.

Boils on the face, in order to get rid of the need. Because of this, the inflammation also causes the blood to mix. Treatment, and grows up or heal a boil frequently recurring, consult with your doctor. In these cases, antibiotic treatment, and investigated the causes of ulcer formation.

Urticaria, Chronic Urticaria Disease

What is Urticaria; the body, is the result of contact with an object that is allergic. This contact with the skin or the touch of a food eaten in the form of an individual's sensitivity can be gained. Causes itching. Treatment of Urticaria, allergic reaction and should be given antihistamines to reduce itching, apply a lotion to address appropriate.

And Treatment of Warts, Genital Warts

Warts are very common in schoolchildren, usually the base of the hands and feet swelling. I like warm and humid conditions originate from a virus. Direct contact can spread rapidly. For this reason, keep the warts off and the child should be encouraged to use only their own towel. Disappear spontaneously. But usually disappear without treatment.

Wart Treatment

Warts, the virus that killed a drug such as formalin or podofilin painted. However, warts, is also possible to burn or freeze. Children, until it is transferred warts and others should not have unnecessary contact with skin.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Aglama Pediatric Neurological Diseases

Children and babies cry

Severe pain in children, a great crying and wailing will appear on their own crises. The crying, the parents who want to attract the interest of the child has nothing to do sauce. Panic and fear of the environment, he suggests that shortages, exacerbated by further seizures. If accompanied by yellow fade child's face, it should be regarded as a danger sign.

Attention! Most of the children, pushes it around her behavior themselves, further increases the intensity of crying. Therefore, you must uncover the true importance of his pain.
Despite the reassuring parents of children screaming and moaning behavior persists, where it should be investigated ağrıdığı: "Show, baby, where have uf!" warning, if children respond by showing the location of many, in fact, a little fun with you means: all the more painful of these points is impossible. Berate him for it, because next time "to draw your attention to" something else will be invented.

Smaller babies crying to be taken seriously: stop after a while, cry-moan almost regular intervals, re-start, an insidious symptom of pain.

Treatment needs to be done and

First, if there is something tangible for the cause (such as the gland of the needle stick) ...
Lightly touching the back of the ears, the pain intensified at check (ear infection).

Search for other symptoms:
- Reject the bottle;
- Fire the rise ...
Crying and wailing continues, the child away.

Irritability in children and nervous crises

Extremely fond of the children of some families, according to characters of varying severity with impressive performances, "tantrums" can pass: coughing attacks, breathing interruptions, beat the short-term convulsions, spasms, hiccups, such as ". A neutral expression of parental affection, to spend much time in this rebellion alarmed response. Be overcome, to some deep regret, may aggravate the child's show.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Dehydrated infants Survival Sickness

Thumbnail stay dehydrated babies Baby Diseases

Small bodies of water reserves in their babies milk, is very important. All kinds of water loss, so instantaneously, can be dangerous. Baby, lose weight, 10 per cent, is in danger of death. In this case, you must hurry to call the doctor. Therefore, and doctor know the baby's weight curve to explain, is of great importance.
Infants in this kind of loss of water in most of the emerging diseases in this period is very constant diarrhea reason (ear infections, intestinal infections, infectious diseases, nutritional disorders, and so on.).
Waterless, caused by:

- Hot shock: Too much dressed the baby covered in a warm place;
- Any disease, so the rise of fire;
- Vomiting or diarrhea due to loss of a lot of water.
Baby lost a lot of water, her skin ashen, almost, such as the skin is thin, eyes, dark circles around the formation and light easy to understand.
Urgent need to help some of the symptoms are:

- Weight loss of more than 10 percent;
- Cooling of the fingers and toes;
- The absence of reaction, coma
- High fever over 40 ° C.

Treatment and Necessary

In an emergency, call the doctor, according to the severity of the situation itself to remain without water or mouth with water supply the way to go (or vomiting), or the removal of the hospital, intensive care section will ask you to give water.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

Pediatric fever in infants

Children with fever in infants

The majority of children's diseases, fever passes. Fire in addition to other symptoms, the diagnosis of medical help. In some cases, these signs are very clear: in some cases, but also some research to find the cause of the fire exit the wait or the need to apply.
A person at rest (20 minutes) at 37 ° C. The temperature of the normal anus. According to people that can play up or down half a degree.

Temperature is between 37.5 ° C and 38 ° C, there is a slight fever. Heat 38 ° C after passing, there is no longer a serious fever and consult a doctor.

New born baby and a child, never be left high fever. Because no matter what the reason of high fever (numerous times, is simple), the brain can make for dangerous situations (see p. 43): Sometimes patients may need to remove even the hospital. For this reason, many new-born babies to pass through 39 ° C heat.

Treatment needs to be done and

• Your doctor will recommend a dose, give the child a pain reliever.
• Do not cover Cover. Children to reduce fever, low fire for 2 to 3 ° C, do a warm bath. Wrap the damp laundry.
• All the children of poor physique, should be left uncovered. Do not blanket. On the contrary, as a lay naked on a bed sheet.
• Doctor, your patient to take the fire of the child in the morning and evening, will ask you to shout. But the moment you come out you guessed it, once again measure the fire. Make a note of caution signs at the time of the fires and the rise of this type.

Use a medical grade thermometer. Fever, rectal, or under the seat can be taken by mouth. Breech is usually preferred in children. Because children can break the thermometer in his mouth or under his arm.
An antiseptic wipe the thermometer before use, then that light, children's injuries.

Fire the child rest for 10 minutes before measuring. Then I invested the side or on the stomach, bend your knees slightly. Anal thermometer should be left more than a period of less than a minute, then carefully shout fire can be, the advice of a doctor should be expected.

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Pediatric Throat inflammation in infants

Throat inflammation (laryngitis) Inflammation of the Throat in Children

Infants and Throat Inflammation
Narrow throat of the child, some infectious diseases and viruses are affected by very quickly. Once a nightmare of diphtheria (diphtheria) of the disease, thanks to mandatory vaccination today, almost never surpassed.

Inflammation of the throat, an infection with the disease, fever and dry cough begins. Cough abnormal. Sound changes: lowered or thoroughly. Wheezing, difficulty breathing and a strange, situation shows that you need to call the doctor.

Treatment needs to be done and

Doctor, waiting for the child calm as possible. Radiator or put a bowl of water on the stove to air out. Warm, moist compress on your neck, do.
The doctor will give powerful drugs, infectious disease, which causes the throat infection and it will provide treatment at home.

The treatment remains inadequate, you may need to remove the child to hospital. However, for the child, parents and doctors fear that a very kind act, the fear of hospital. Help reach these cases, home, children, hospital avoid a disaster.

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Pediatric Meningitis

Meningitis in Children

Symptoms include:
- Heat;
- Extrusion vomiting;
- Headaches

Infection of the meninges, this nightmare of the mothers, can cause a variety of germs:

Bacillus (tuberculosis). BCG tuberculosis vaccine for children has been implemented, this kind of meningitis has been eliminated almost entirely.

Various bacteria. If treatment is started early, can be treated in meningitis. Milk their babies are haunting, especially "digestive" in the treatment of meningitis caused by germs will be possible. Epidemics could break out batches of children, sometimes their locations. In such cases, the drugs will be given after disinfection, the epidemic can be prevented.
Meningitis virus, many infected disease may also occur. In particular, mumps.

Needs to be done

Children with symptoms listed above, a doctor at once demonstrated. He will also identify examples to elucidate the spinal cord, to detect disease-causing microbe to call an early and effective treatment, according to him will begin.

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Pediatric cough whooping cough

Whooping Cough

Cough in Children
Inflammation of lung bronchus, even if mild, can cause bronchi secrete, which prevents air flow through better. This interference sometimes heard even from the outside, but it certainly will hear the doctor causes a cough, these secretions are normally removed and the result of the need for expulsion. Gives the child the opportunity to clean the air ways. Bronchi that clear in this respect and a soft cough cough should impede. Especially designed for adults, cough syrups, tablets and seals, may create great dangers for children.
However, some may be worrisome coughs. Many times the advice of a doctor and treatment is essential.

Unrelenting cough

This is a normal physiological event takes cut, especially at night, sleepless children, leaves, eventually becomes tiresome. In fact, this type of dry cough and sputum patients. Your doctor will reveal the reason why research and generally non-hazardous (mostly mild flu remains after). This cough is not serious on its own, at the end of a "tick" may remain.
0 Sudden bouts of coughing in a child with normal few minutes earlier, such as cough and choke to start, so the change in tone, can bring to mind the possibility of swallowing a foreign object and requires immediate medical intervention.

Recurrent night cough

Certain times of the year, with emerging or sneezing that is accompanied by a puff, especially when they are seen in a child with previously demonstrated allergic symptoms, the symptoms of asthma attack may be small.

Whooping cough

Initial, very characteristic: a series of intermittent cough, the patient, such as a cock vigil ends. In addition, cough is accompanied by vomiting and signs of infection. Thanks to vaccination, whooping cough, but no longer than the light passing today and indicate that a more accurate diagnosis. Just not yet been vaccinated status of newborn babies can be dangerous.

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Skull trauma in children

Child's skull trauma - Trauma

Falls from skull injuries more than very young children (for example, the table) due to occur. Older children, the reasons are not hard at games, falling, etc.)..

Worrisome symptoms:

- The beat intensity
- Albeit temporary, fainting (coma state)
- Drowsiness with persistent headaches
- Thumbnail and movement disorders
- Strabismus and gaze change

Treatment needs to be done

This is very important to calm the child before, many times because I just had a great fear. It also can be added to an abnormal facial jaundice.
• Check not open the wound, wound, you do a simple compression dressing
• Call the doctor to find out what to do: If you have the slightest sign of a fracture, the child immediately to hospital for radiological examinations take it (all the skull fracture, not significant).

Children are generally called "surveillance" is kept in the hospital for a few days. This time Avoid bringing child into a situation very boring Caution: Avoid games aimed at children to keep tossing. Because of this vibration, the inner part of the children's eyes, leads to chafe at the bottom.

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Infants Pediatric Enema

Enema in infants, children, enema Practice

Children are different for the enema kit. The child is prepared to apply enema enema supplies for children in the car. Ingestion in adults is much less than that amount and temperature. Information about this 3 described in section.

Child-enema technique is as follows.

• Enema rubber for the treatment of the baby's own cloth diapers are used instead.
• Children, baby or child laid on the spool.
• hands with zıbını is determined.
• To the back of the finger pressing the compressed. In the air so removed.
• Cannula inserted into part of the solution into the balloon is released. Thus stuffed solution is provided.
• the baby's ankles with one hand holding the two legs into the air is removed.
• Cannula lubricated part. Is discharged in the air.
• Cannula is inserted into the rectum up to 2-3 cm in slowly.
• Compression solution is given slowly into the rectum.
• All of the solution after the cannula is removed from the rectum.,
• the child's legs brought down the old state.
• The child defecates spools extraction is observed. The information transmitted to a doctor about the stool.
• When the end of defecation the anal area is cleaned, dried. Again placed under the cloth and wrapped.
• enema kit to clean. Sent to the service.

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Sick Child Care Nutrition

Sick Child Care, Children looked sick How?

Nutrition and diet

Appetite, easily affected by the disease and is a source of sadness for the parents of a bodily function. Parents' reactions to and interest in nutrition, basic emotions of love and compassion directs.

A healthy child, without any solid food, can live quite a long time. Children eat a meal a few days, especially in the high fever, lose weight. However, this should not be a source of concern. Weight loss, can not be taken as a symptom of a disease in itself. Also, taking off due to illness, and children's appetites away after winning the lost weight, can easily be taken again.
In the short term the most important requirement of the body, sufficient liquid food is taken. The reception of liquid foods, vomiting, sweating, or diarrhea due to significant fluid losses must be taken especially when uğranıldığı. Liquid foods, as well as providing general sense of comfort in terms of maintaining the blood circulation and kidney functions are required. The symptoms that the child suffered the loss of liquid to dry mouth and tongue, eyes, depression, decreased urine and the increase of density. Urine density increases, the color and smell of understood. A poor child's food, should be few, but frequent, should be nutritious and delicious.

What kinds of foods children should be given while the patient?

The child is often useful to know what is for him, is interesting. If you want to eat eggs and fried potatoes, your body is ready to eat foods that you must assume. However, a more frequent problem, suggesting that a child is not hungry to know what is given.

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Children's Diseases and Protection Paths

Children's Diseases and Protection Methods, Children's Diseases Are

Infants Fever in Children

Body temperature rise of many diseases, especially inflammation is one of the symptoms and consequences. The temperature rise, the body's invaders, illness associated with the process of creating organisms struggle. For this reason, measure the temperature of the body, the child is the best way to find out whether the patient and a medicine cabinet in the degrees (thermometer) to keep, will be useful. But the experiences, the need for the use of degrees, has understood well.

Body temperature as Children's Assessment

Temperature (thermometer) lines rated over a glass tube. Content, expanding when heated (with a silver-colored liquid) is mercury. Lot of mercury in the tube, shows the body temperature. Before use, the degree of mercury by shaking the tube on the bottom line shows the reduction of the normal body temperature is essential. How much mercury is below this line is not important.
A degree is very easy to read. First degree, the numbers turn to read. Then, the column of mercury to continue to turn until thick and glossy. The end point of the column, the body will heat. In order to provide a more precise measurement from each grade, divided into smaller degrees.

Body temperature, few places can be taken:

Mouth: the tip of the thermometer mercury, under the tongue or the language to be placed between the cheek, but it is more effective than sublingual. Body temperature is measured through the mouth to mouth, should be kept closed for two minutes. Young children, especially in clogged noses to keep their mouths closed, can be difficult. Degree must take care of the child tube. Such a very rare event. However, if by yourself, do not worry, do not be more excited. Glass wrapper to eat some bread for the child. Rate of mercury is not involved in the body size create a major problem.

Underarm: the tip of the thermometer mercury, (axilla) and placed in the arm, is kept firmly on the chest. This is the easiest method. However, the result does not always successful. End of the thermometer is very likely that entirely.

Anus: This is a very high compared with results that are usually received orally, a reliable method. Two-three years until the children is very easy to implement. The child to bed or you need to deposit on your knees.
Degrees, plastered on the tip of the anus after Vaseline 2.5 cm. is inserted into the.

The importance of the different degrees of heat, as follows:

Normal Heat 36.4 ° - 37.1 ° C
Central Heat 37.20 - 38.9 ° C
High fever 38.9 ° - 39.7 °
Very high fever above 39.7 ° C

Body temperature, various times of the day varies and is usually higher than at night.

This heat is only one indicator of the health status of the child and the assessment of the problem must be taken as a whole. Healthy children's body temperatures, excessive movement or crying, especially after the rise. However, infants, although it is below normal body temperature of the patient may have. Therefore, determination of the heat, the evaluation of the child's health status should be seen only as a part of. The temperature is normal, that you think your child is sick, the doctor should not pose an obstacle to resort to.

Small children could not be developed enough heat control mechanisms. For this reason, the body heats up and down with ease, interest. Therefore, very high fevers in young children, should not be taken as an important symptom of the disease.

One child, the body temperature of the skin to direct heat loses control over. Prevent excessive heat loss of the child Fever is not true. Sick child, body temperature, regardless of the belief that must be kept warm. When they are feverish children, parents forget to follow the right senses is one of the rare situations. "Children are burning in flames, point to Run," he called in a doctor's feverish child dressed in layers, wrapped in a blanket and a heat source near the find, a common condition. But this is inappropriate, even dangerous results might pose an attitude. Because many symptoms of the disease, is caused by the heat. Shivering, the body temperature is caused by the rise. Frequently repeated muscular movements, releases the stored energy in the form of heat. Keeping the temperature under control, patient care, the child is very important. High

What Would Cause Problems in Children of Heat, Heat Losses

Fluid Loss: Continuous high temperature, excessive fluid loss causes the body through perspiration. Replace lost fluid, kidney function, the body's chemical balance is disrupted and adversely affected.
Referral: 39.7 degrees Celsius on the heat, can cause epilepsy-like crisis. Usually in this situation between the ages of 1-3, rarely found in children older than 5 years.

Hot child care

Cause of the disease should be determined to ensure appropriate care. Usually fever, the disease has emerged as a result. Sick child should be comfortable as possible until you return to normal.
Clothing: All the unnecessary removal of clothing, the child should be left on only a loose pajamas. Not remain in the child care must be taken.
Drinks: A high fever may cause loss of body fluid should be given to drink more than before the child in mind.
Nutrition: Free children's appetite. Appetite comes in dribs and drabs instead of easy digestible, tasty food should be fed.
Drug: aspirin, fever, and every three hours is very useful in terms of the appropriate dose can be given. Referral cases where the probability of doctor may recommend the use of an anticonvulsant drug.
Soaking with warm water: 39.7 degrees on the heat if the child's body completely and every place, or a sponge soaked in warm water dampened cheesecloth. Water; body, leave to dry himself. Because the heat loss, water will be evaporating.

When Children doctor to apply?

Fever, 38.8 degrees Celsius on the In case of heat, two or three days, the presence of heat likely to come to the money order is known, the child, if it is to awaken anxiety

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Intestinal Worm Yarn impetigo in children

Intestinal worm Intestinal Wolves (Parasites)

Intestinal Parasitic, can be seen in all children. And an honor to do this, the problem stems from worm excrement mistake to think of the house.

Thread worm

The most common species. Small, white yarns in the form of both stool and both can be seen around the anus. Multi-disturb. Its main symptom, itching, especially at night increased.

Treatment: Appropriate drug taken once or twice, enough to eliminate the disease. But the drug, the disease should be given to all members of the family in order to avoid duplication.

Skin and skin diseases, Venereal Diseases


This skin infection is caused by a bacterium called aureus. In childhood is common and usually affects the face hips. Filled with a yellowish fluid, in the form of small pimples. Over time, the shell explodes and connected. Itching, also spread to other parts of the body cause acne, as this is harmful. Can pass easily from person to person, and so schools do not want to take their children until the illness subsides.

Treatment of Impetigo, Skin Disease Treatment

Or cream on acne antibiotic treatment should be taken by mouth or saying. In order to prevent the spread of the disease in the family child care must be taken to use only your own towel.

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Pediatrics Information

Facts About Children and Children's Diseases Diseases Treatment

Children, babies and Flu

Blocked nose due to colds. Antibiotics are ineffective in eliminating the discomfort caused by a virus infection. Gained immunity against the chill. But the child grows less and less will develop this condition.

The main sign of chill, nose stream. First, clear the flow of the water, a few days later, and a yellow color gets darker. A mild fever and pain may occur. Discomfort is usually recover within a week.

Treatment of colds and Flu in Children

There is a magical catch a chill pill. However, some facilities can be provided at home, easily solves the problems caused by illness. Cape flowing baby, nasal pillows in order to prevent the escape of his throat as streams and deposited since the turning. Older children, to facilitate breathing a little sit upright. Vicks chest will become a type of cream, making the effect of decongestant nose helps to resolve congestion. Yet through the mist to inhale the drugs also contributes to the opening of the nasal tract. Decongestant nose drops is limited benefit. Because the effect is short-lived and can irritate the inner surface of the nose can cause more discharge. Nose drops, stuffy nose can be helpful if a small baby's feeding. Food for babies before they are too stuffy nose under the nostrils wiped with a soft cheesecloth painlessly, and then a hole in the head-to-back drops in both hospitalized.

Infants Cough Disease in Children

Cough, causing symptoms, is one of the parents apply for a PhD. Foreign particles entering the air tube as it occurs. Therefore, mucus, sputum, in order to prevent such materials from entering the lungs has a protective function. However, cough, sputum, or breast inflammation allows you to be thrown out. All of these factors are taken into consideration-cough, and the suppression of damage is much interest also arises that could do more harm than good. Nevertheless, the treatment of cough may be necessary following cases:

1 - dry cough and sputum removal does not provide,
2 - Night cough, the patient's sleep and keep you from family members,
3 - the muscles surrounding the ribs, causing coughing and pain due to excessive declines,
4 - If the patient removing excessive amounts of sputum is difficult,
5 - One of the symptoms of whooping cough.

Cough Treatment

Suppression of cough: Honey hot drinks such as milk, is very useful in terms of suppression of the cough reflex. Effective non-prescription cough syrups that can be taken as often.

Mist: This method can be applied in a safe way, but in older children. Vicks prepared for this purpose or special drugs, thrown into hot water. The maintenance of Sudan today 'breathing, reduces cough and sputum removal easier. For this purpose, the hot water in a bowl, put a small amount of the drug. The child, keep her head just above water, said. Per child, this state is covered with a towel and breathe deeply three or four minutes is provided. Keep in mind the possibility of the child's face and his face severely, care should definitely not touch the water. To cause to sweat this treatment, children should be applied before going to bed.
Pharmaceuticals: Cough, caused by inflammation in the body's normal protective mechanisms, the head can not sprung a doctor, recommends the use of an appropriate antibiotic.

When you should contact a doctor?

Cough, then takes an ordinary cold has passed.
Cough, causing the child's yellow or green-colored sputum (This may show that the child's bronchitis).
Cough, chest pain or shortness of breath causes.
Cough, seizure case, in general, does not appear good.

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