Infants Pediatric Enema

Enema in infants, children, enema Practice

Children are different for the enema kit. The child is prepared to apply enema enema supplies for children in the car. Ingestion in adults is much less than that amount and temperature. Information about this 3 described in section.

Child-enema technique is as follows.

• Enema rubber for the treatment of the baby's own cloth diapers are used instead.
• Children, baby or child laid on the spool.
• hands with zıbını is determined.
• To the back of the finger pressing the compressed. In the air so removed.
• Cannula inserted into part of the solution into the balloon is released. Thus stuffed solution is provided.
• the baby's ankles with one hand holding the two legs into the air is removed.
• Cannula lubricated part. Is discharged in the air.
• Cannula is inserted into the rectum up to 2-3 cm in slowly.
• Compression solution is given slowly into the rectum.
• All of the solution after the cannula is removed from the rectum.,
• the child's legs brought down the old state.
• The child defecates spools extraction is observed. The information transmitted to a doctor about the stool.
• When the end of defecation the anal area is cleaned, dried. Again placed under the cloth and wrapped.
• enema kit to clean. Sent to the service.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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