Sugar DISEASE pain (diabetic neuropathy)

Among the people "Diabetes is known as" blood sugar which is characterized by the height of "Diabetes" in the form of disease called diabetic neuropathy develops in a table. Diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage in diabetic patients. This reduces the ability to damage the nerves carrying messages to the brain the body's various departments.

Diabetic neuropathy in the body leads to the following conditions:
Loss of feeling and strength in various parts of the body,
Pompalamas─▒nda inability of the heart blood of the body needs,
Reduction in the ability of the intestines digest food,
Erectile problems in men.

Consists of nerve damage in people with diabetes for a long time. The blood sugar within normal range repellent / incontinent people are caught more frequently in diabetic neuropathy. Is more common in men than women. The most important thing to avoid in diabetic neuropathy and to keep blood sugar under control is to remain within normal limits. Healthy eating, avoid foods with high fat or sugar content, which is a must. Giving control of diabetes and excess weight also very important for prevention of diabetic neuropathy. Regular exercise and regular use of drugs for all of this will help.

Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

-Numbness numbness in the feet and toes could be signs of diabetic neuropathy. This is due to numbness in patients with diabetic neuropathy may experience minor cuts and injuries. Present findings suggest that diabetic neuropathy in particular that:
Flammable style feet, increased pain, especially at night.
Fall can cause dizziness
Diarrhea and constipation
Defect hardening in men

Relief of pain in diabetic neuropathy

The first step is the use of analgesic effect of various drugs, drug therapy could not be cut enough pain patients can be applied in various nerve blocks. These are especially effective ones in the body that control involuntary functions of the various and important role in the transmission of pain blockade of the sympathetic nervous system.

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