Pediatric First Eating Behavior

Eating behavior of the first considerations in teaching the child

Spoon to keep the child to learn along with authority / control is placed on the agenda. Now you want to feed the child itself. This time it will take longer than the feeding means and the surroundings. These are times when parents would encourage their children as well.

It takes time to learn to keep a child in full teaspoon. In the meantime, the child's self-presentation of food supply to facilitate the child's relationship with food is a feeling of control itself turns into a pleasant relationship.

Three meals a day is actually true for adults. Of course, the child's diet should be a specific time period. However, children between meals chocolate, fruit instead of biscuits, yoghurt, cheese or a piece of food such as toast should be given.

The child should be provided in various flavors. You have not enjoyed a meal, cook and present food to your child.

Children's portions should be small. Adult child with food quantity is not the same amount of food. The amount of food is placed in front of the child so the child will be a deterrent. Until the child can eat a small bowl and service needs to be done.

Praise and encouragement is very important for children. Should not force the child to eat.

For children with protein and carbohydrates, pasta, bread and potatoes for a long time, such as foods children consumed too much energy for their condition is very useful.

When children take the settlement of the concept. That is why an activity to another activity, trespassing is not usually easy for them. Here is a possible problem with such a reminder to avoid approaching the time the child should eat. Thus, children's nutrition would have made ​​in preparation for the emotional needs.

If the child is still a lot of drinking milk, it affects the child's appetite. Delivery of diluted fruit juice instead of milk is a good idea.

How gained with the first child eating habits?

Children around the age of one and a half with the two other members of the family eats the food, they eat small pieces and given as a divided or partially crushed. Months went by and a plastic spoon in the cup is no longer easily able to load their own child can feed itself comes to a situation.

Than your child's appetite for lunch or dinner if you have the opposite situation where there is the feeding of the child must be set properly. If the child is more appetite than dinners for lunch more lunch, dinner, feeding the child must be balanced by giving the lighter stuff. All meals should be expected of the child feeding the appetite. The child initially introducing different flavors will increase his appetite.

One and a half to two years of age, the child refuses to eat at the same time period. In these cases, parents often worry about. First, forced to eat their children, forcing does not work in cases where their children go to an alternative food suggestions. Regular meals if the child consistently refuses to children of parents biscuits, chocolate things like eating out. Eat something harmful to the child's parents preferred to remain open.

Especially after two years of interest in mealtimes for children is on the most times. He spoons her mouth full of food extended, shaking her head rejects. Even when food is offered to him or never most favorite food or biscuits, chocolate can tell you want. That's when the war began to eat at home times.

Parents act as comfortable as possible, no matter what the problem compared prevents the growth of the problem. Otherwise, you will be discussing who has control of the conflict into mealtimes.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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