Aglama Pediatric Neurological Diseases

Children and babies cry

Severe pain in children, a great crying and wailing will appear on their own crises. The crying, the parents who want to attract the interest of the child has nothing to do sauce. Panic and fear of the environment, he suggests that shortages, exacerbated by further seizures. If accompanied by yellow fade child's face, it should be regarded as a danger sign.

Attention! Most of the children, pushes it around her behavior themselves, further increases the intensity of crying. Therefore, you must uncover the true importance of his pain.
Despite the reassuring parents of children screaming and moaning behavior persists, where it should be investigated ağrıdığı: "Show, baby, where have uf!" warning, if children respond by showing the location of many, in fact, a little fun with you means: all the more painful of these points is impossible. Berate him for it, because next time "to draw your attention to" something else will be invented.

Smaller babies crying to be taken seriously: stop after a while, cry-moan almost regular intervals, re-start, an insidious symptom of pain.

Treatment needs to be done and

First, if there is something tangible for the cause (such as the gland of the needle stick) ...
Lightly touching the back of the ears, the pain intensified at check (ear infection).

Search for other symptoms:
- Reject the bottle;
- Fire the rise ...
Crying and wailing continues, the child away.

Irritability in children and nervous crises

Extremely fond of the children of some families, according to characters of varying severity with impressive performances, "tantrums" can pass: coughing attacks, breathing interruptions, beat the short-term convulsions, spasms, hiccups, such as ". A neutral expression of parental affection, to spend much time in this rebellion alarmed response. Be overcome, to some deep regret, may aggravate the child's show.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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