Infant Feeding Problems

Is there an impact on the experience of connecting to feeding babies?

Attachment theory, the relationship between baby and parents. John Bowlby 's original developers of this theory. Unlike other psychoanalysts Bolwby also takes into account the biological basis of behavior.

Infant feeding problems

Bowlby, connecting the model and then turned into how instinctual behaviors is noteworthy. Bowlby, leaving the child to understand the response in the face of the bond between mother and baby on the stops. Do not cry, smile, instinctual behaviors, such as the mother leave the baby, the mother's attention by pulling on the convergence of the mother lets him. Closer to the mother for the second year, especially with the increasing mobilization of infant responses to a more pronounced the winner. Closer to his mother lives in an effort to the anxiety and fears of rejection of the baby or small child is increased. In such a case or other family members also work closer with them or intensify the attention entirely on the objects. Baby's perception of itself as a distinct personality and a very important step can be separated from the mother. This experience in the baby's sense of security from the right is associated with. The existence of a reliable baby's mother can experience in a continuous manner, then separated from the mother, in an effort to do something on its own allows you to be.

Some nutritional problems in the lives of infants fed the basic problem of feeding the weight. If you do not have this kind of babies of mothers in the middle of an organic cause or be in a depressive mood, or do other things on their minds because they are mothers, babies remarkable.

Represents the outside world for the baby after birth, if we consider the mother, infant and maternal each other, in other words, trust that the baby and her inability to open to the outside world that causes him to turn off. Such a state of feeling in the mouth for the baby 'by not' refusal to nutrition, to symbolize a way to turn off the outside world in terms of quite significant.

Both internally within the first three months after birth, the baby may have trouble adapting to the relationship as well as his mother. This leads into the distance between the baby's feelings with his mother. That's because of the distance or never fed or adequately fed baby. Some babies need to cope with their anxiety, while some of the mothers of infants are in need of change approaches. Some parents are open to testing different methods, while some parents are close to new methods. This type of parents on the subject of God, go to any trouble to think about, instead of solutions, whether anxiety perceive their situation as a dilemma. In fact, both baby and parents what they need most, their emotional states in the 'other side' understanding the.

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