Ear Pain in Children Treatment of Infants

Ear pain in Infants and Children Treatment

This problem is common in children, is an important concern because it contains a source of potential danger. Tooth extraction in children and the child's ear is a common cause of ear pain is caused. Another common cause, infection. Middle ear behind the eardrum, a short tube (eustachian tube) is connected to the back of the throat. This tube, throat and nose of bacteria allows you to easily pass through the middle ear.

Ear Pain Symptoms

As well as other symptoms of pain, fever, general weakness, vomiting and nose stream once in a while. All of these symptoms, not always seen. After an ear discharge, and discharge pressure of the middle ear inflammation may be due to the decline of a relief. In the event that probably will need to discharge the child to antibiotic therapy, should be taken to a doctor immediately.
Ear pain is inflammation of the middle ear or due to other reason, such as tooth extraction to determine the child's attention before the distribute, and then should take the right ear slightly forward and backward. This traction to give the child the pain, discomfort caused by inflammation of the middle ear shows the most likely call a physician immediately.

Ear Pain Treatment

In order to resolve the pain is aspirin or similar drugs. Sore ear instillation with a few drops of ear drops, however, may be useful in reducing the pain. But the drop should be careful not too hot. Inflammation, through a short period of time.

When you should contact a doctor?

Pain is very severe or lasts longer than 12 hours, if you have ear discharge, child, if it is not usually good, and vomiting.

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