Hodgkin's Disease and Vaccination

Vaccination and Hodgkin's disease

There are cases of Hodgkin's disease immune problems, especially concerning the problems of cellular immunity themselves and other bacteria, viruses or parasites against allergens is obvious.

On the other hand, immunity, at least to the beginning of the disease is usually normal and the serum antibody production, immunoglobulin titers and no abnormalities appear immediately.

Hodgkin's disease with BCG against the anergy test is found, the extreme sensitivity delayed; lymphocytes is low for all the time and ability to transform cells hiperbazofil reported having lenfositopeni. The treatment in these patients, late onset of any immunosuppressive effect.
However, one case of Hodgkin's, the response to vaccination can be given to wonder?
In cases of Hodgkin's polyvalent enteric vaccine or mumps vaccine Following the construction of a satisfactory antibody levels occurred; Tetanus vaccine in the proportion of patients that can occur after satisfactory antibody, is only 60% reported. The same researchers in cases of Hodgkin's weak primary vaccination, boosters have found that they have the necessary immune response. According to these findings published in non-compliance with each other, because the erroneous interpretation of the results is that the primary vaccination or boosters.

Hodgkin's disease in cases of severe pneumococcal infections more often than seen a lot of time watching and fatal.

Pneumococcal vaccine has been observed after the results incompatible with each other.
Pneumococcal vaccine, they found a satisfactory answer to the antibody, while the other reported that the vaccine does not provide successful results in patients who undergone splenectomy.

Hodgkin's disease and pneumococcal vaccine after seroconversion; vaccine chemotherapy, radiotherapy or canceled prior to splenectomy have pointed out that the condition different from the normal. The worst immune response in patients receiving intensive chemotherapy or radiation therapy were the major glandular.
Live vaccines are dangerous and should not be done in cases of Hodgkin's, but the use of inactivated or killed vaccines, absolutely not dangerous.

According to the results of the studies described above, then the primary vaccination and booster antibody production in response to applications, especially in the initial stages of the disease, including the amount available.

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