Pediatric Nutrition habits

Is there an impact on the behavior of the child's eating habits?

The child's nutritional habits in general is affecting his behavior, how behavior affects the child's eating habits in general. Do, however, the behavior of eating habits, eating habits do affect behavior in question may not always know for sure. What is certain is on the child's behavior, although other features brought by the child's birth, albeit effective, the child's behavior is affected by many family relationships.

Building a child's desk by the beginning of the behavior of moving is moving. Eat something as soon as possible to get away from the table, in your head like a new turn to the right action. Therefore, the amount expected by the parents and the meal-eating installments. There is also another child in a behavior that in general is slow. It takes time to start dinner and finish the meal. I always remind parents that the child is forced to eat a second bite. In general, determines the behavior of the child's eating behavior.

Behavior of the child's diet is effective on the following respects. If the child is fed a healthy more energetic, stronger and more at peace with itself would be at. That it is not a positive act directs. The feeding problem, sufficiently fed, fed a healthy child is fed in restless behavior. The restless mind of the child will not open. Healthy fed, are not encouraged to feed itself, food is always a conflict between the children living with parents about the environment and also experience problems in their relations. It is also effective in the future on their academic achievements.

When we speak of a good relationship between parents of children just as in fact an indispensable element of the relationship between the spouses which would promise compliance. Between parents and children will live in harmony and their partners to know each other's expectations to minimize conflicts. Children's eating behavior and general behavior of both parents whether their children get all you need to recognize that children's positive behaviors to adopt and act. Otherwise, the expectations of parents, children, children's individual characteristics may not be appropriate. Instead of changing the behavior of children may enter into a negative attitude towards his parents. All parents aware of these dynamics is necessary to act in a way.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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