Spinal Cord Cells

Spinal cord extends from the skull base of the coccyx. Spinal canal passes within a finger thick. Over half of the body down the right and left nerves to give both. The body's electrical system can be considered. Incoming stimuli from the spinal cord to the brain before the body is transmitted through the nerves. In this sense, an intermediate station spinal cord. But simple is not an intermediate station. The information extracted from the spinal cord from the environment, not suspended from the knowledge of pain is an obstacle at the same time attempted. Painful stimulus from reaching the brain, spinal cord does its best to avoid. With this system we call The door control system works to keep the door closed against the pain. However, the door opens a lot of pain intensity and pain stimulus information reaches the brain. This theory is placed in the spinal cord, morphine pumps, spinal cord and form the basis of the batteries. The aim of the batteries placed on the spinal cord region of the spinal cord and the brain by sending a continuous stimulus to prevent the perception of pain. Draws a map of the spinal cord. According to this map the region of the body which is called a dermatome which has reached the nerve root is straight forward. Before this point, and temporarily placed in an electrode twine. Months passed from the pain of a transistor radio that the area investigated, by sending a similar warning tool. This is the first stage, the patient's pain have lost more than 50%. If it works, when the pacemaker is a small surgical operation combined with a similar device and the electrode is placed under the skin. Approach has a five year period of spinal cord cells. At the end of five years, only part of the battery is replaced.

Spinal cord cells are placed in patients who did not get benefit, but other treatment methods. Usually applied to

patient groups:

1. Previously been operated on a herniated disc a few times and he occurring in patients with adhesions in the region
2. Spinal cord injury as a result of the ongoing pain in stroke patients still developed
3. Pain caused by vessels
4. Ghost arm and leg pain in patients with interrupted
5. Due to nerve damage, pain and neuropathy, which we called

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