Immune diabetes patients

Immune diabetes

Contrary to popular belief diabetic children should be vaccinated on a regular basis. Further evidence to show the importance of vaccines, unnecessary. Infectious diseases were more prevalent in patients with diabetes mellitus, a common view of all researchers. In addition, there is no specific treatment of viral diseases, almost none of the diseases, diabetes mellitus in children creates a real danger. Finally, the presence of diabetes, may create difficulties in the treatment of certain infectious diseases.

Vaccinated patients with diabetes mellitus, studies showed that this acquired active immunity is no different than a normal important for obtaining a systematic failure was recorded.

Today, all experts in diabetes, the disease is under control and general health status to be good, daily minimal, provided that there are diuresis is normal and, in children with diabetes shares the opinion of vaccination should be done.

France and the UK VVATKINS9 HAZARD64 PUECH and, during epidemics of influenza complications, frequently hypoglycemic attention and pulled all the diabetics in order to prevent such complications, should be vaccinated against influenza to be reported not later than the fall.
Pneumatic control of infections in patients with diabetes mellitus held healthy people is not frequent.

Pneumococcal infections are rarely seen in patients with diabetes mellitus reported WHITEHOUSE10 VVINTERBAUM11, pneumococcal infections in patients with diabetes mellitus, had discovered more than two and half times the normal suggests.

Get pneumococcal infections / or not increase the risk of death in all clearly known. AUSTRIAN1 this danger by 17%, 42% reported by MUFSON5. These two publications a total of 33 patients, ten of developing pneumococcal infection have been reported killed.

AUSTRIAN1, MUFSON5, by BEAN2 FRIEDMAN3 and studies show that vaccination seroconverted near the controls and is completely harmless.

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