Asking if the baby's diet to live, that you are asking shows a relationship between mother and baby?

Infant nutrition

To be satisfactory in every sense of nutrition, not only the physical, emotional and spiritual development must be in a relationship that allows. Cause of the problem of premature birth or after birth Nutrition baby remained in hospital due to health problems may lead to traumatic experiences such as mood can also be found in the mother. Here is one of the reasons for the baby to live the experience of eating becomes an enjoyable experience and a stimulus to the development of the relationship would interfere. All the benefits provided by them in case of problems of nutrition in the diet jeopardized. For example, babies can resolve this deficiency, to enhance the feelings of a lot less sleep than stay awake at inappropriate times, or may want to play. Baby, also denies the relationship between nutrition diet may actually refusing.

Babies often have problems with the diet, or other issues basically are experiencing a problem with the fact that we encounter the mother infant relationship.

Monthly infant nutrition

Babies can not feel anything wrong way to have a belief in the community. However, the most obvious stimuli in infancy is the period owned. Post-natal depression for various reasons, his mother or the baby if he does not feel good is difficult to establish a relationship with a saturated.

Initially, mothers of babies the world indirectly through the mother's emotional state, particularly against the extremely sensitive as they detect. The mother breastfeeding her baby in a mechanical manner or feed, the baby born with the need for holding the closure, lead to irritated. Adult feeding the infant the mother or the baby's hand to hold, to establish eye contact with him, the baby relaxes.

Feeding problems in infants

The problem of infant feeding mothers who prefer to go to a pediatrician on the issue as a priority. All kinds of medical examination, the mother said to him after the fact that your child physically healthy again, 'satisfied' by not rarely comes psychologist. In particular I want to draw your attention to the subject, usually those in such complaints is that mothers, not fathers. Mothers than fathers to have more anxiety, nutrition is a clear indication that the problem is actually a relationship problem.

Nutrition, not only for babies, makes sense for us more than just feed the stomach. Food we eat with our friends very emotional for us as physical times. More than a meal eaten with friends relations. Act of eating becomes almost. That's the same reason people think on the experiences of parents feeding their babies very abdomens rather than dwell on how much fill in, and nutrition as well as during the general sense, need to stand on their relationship. The baby is completely foreign to the world of emotional satisfaction, not only physically, every aspect needs to be fed.

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