Exercise kids to dinner

How do the new flavors Children?

Food selection is seen as a very common behavior in children. Parents and teachers of children by introducing them to new tastes can come to deal with food selection habits. Increase in obesity, especially in children and gradually increasing the number of children at risk of becoming obese very early age, children acquire healthy eating habits is essential to reveal a striking.

Should encourage the child to try new tastes. Some children are open to new tastes, some children show a resistance to the unfamiliar taste. Of course, all of the child be expected to enjoy the tastes, the flavors will not be preferred. Resistance is not just some of the things that the child and the parents of all the new flavors is worth being a little more insistent. Thus, children, healthy eating habits throughout his life will continue to be won.

In our country it is possible to say that in general children are fed healthy. Far lower in Europe and America as a ready food fed to children in our country, lots of common cooking vegetable dishes, yogurt or a salad to accompany the children must eat healthy in general has fed. Moreover, our country and the United States than in many European countries as well as vegetable and fruit varieties and more abundant.

Acquire healthy eating habits of children 0-6 years of age is of major importance. As part of the natural development of pre-school children act reluctant to try new flavors. Almost every child through this developmental period.

Children of the recommendations new tastes orientation

Food and nutrition can be a fun experience in itself.
To have a diversity of foods prepared in the family of the child to become acquainted with many different taste

Try different flavors, a role model for your child can eat safely deselect
You must allow your child to eat different flavors to choose and eat.
Encourage the child to eat new flavors you must make sure. Otherwise, not only because of child may show resistance to new tastes.

Foods they eat on the preferences of children, to try new tastes with a predisposition to a large extent determined by the social environment. What parents and carers of the child eat a variety of ways, how and how much food can control.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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