What is influenza vaccine and Corticosteroid and renal failure

Publications on the subject tend to exacerbation of chronic kidney disease during influenza epidemics, and carries the risk of fatal complications, it does show an increase in outbreaks. Influenza vaccine in kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis, or who do not need it, and also carries the value of corticosteroids and immunosuppressive therapy in cases of renal failure, studied by many researchers.

Influenza vaccine and, in cases of chronic renal failure requiring dialysis or kidney transplantation, and also spend immunosuppressive and corticosteroid therapy is effective in patients is well tolerated and showed serological respects.

Humoral immunity in both groups compared with control group, developed specific antibodies in hemodialysis patients showed only antibody in patients receiving immunosuppressive treatment and recovered.

Influenza vaccine in patients receiving immunosuppressive treatment after kidney transplantation viewing in these patients was significantly lower in the control group saw fitresinin IgG. Corticosteroid therapy in a group under the viewing Brun da13, reported similar findings.

Kidney transplant rejection in patients with influenza during the observed increase in incidents. However, according to the researchers, and others truly safe and effective influenza vaccine in these patients, serologic results are not so satisfactory, but nevertheless, these patients are protected from influenza.

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