Water Flower of Disease in Children Infants

Chicken pox disease in children Flower Facts About Water

What is chicken pox, caused by a virus called herpeszoster, a highly contagious disease. Rubella as a "droplet infection" stop. The incubation period lasts two weeks and boy, Without a disease from one day before the rash until crust infect.

Water Flower Disease Symptoms

The characteristic symptom of the disease, irritating, itchy ears and mouth and body including the face and arms from the upper parts of legs spread. Small, pink as a starting point in time inside the water collects debris. Spills, then the shell explodes and bonds. After 7-10 days, followed by pouring shells left by the pink color, will disappear as soon as possible. Rash, rather than all over the different parts of the body, in turn, appears piece by piece. Therefore, on the body, a combination of debris can be seen in different stages. The child may be uncomfortable due to itching. The disease usually makes a slight fever.

Water Flower Disease Treatment

Treatment was given by itching and mild discomfort by applying lotions.Recovery, given drugs, a major complication seen outside of inflammation due to scratching. Always leave a trail can turn into wounds should not be allowed for the creation of this kind of inflammation.

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