Pediatric Meningitis

Meningitis in Children

Symptoms include:
- Heat;
- Extrusion vomiting;
- Headaches

Infection of the meninges, this nightmare of the mothers, can cause a variety of germs:

Bacillus (tuberculosis). BCG tuberculosis vaccine for children has been implemented, this kind of meningitis has been eliminated almost entirely.

Various bacteria. If treatment is started early, can be treated in meningitis. Milk their babies are haunting, especially "digestive" in the treatment of meningitis caused by germs will be possible. Epidemics could break out batches of children, sometimes their locations. In such cases, the drugs will be given after disinfection, the epidemic can be prevented.
Meningitis virus, many infected disease may also occur. In particular, mumps.

Needs to be done

Children with symptoms listed above, a doctor at once demonstrated. He will also identify examples to elucidate the spinal cord, to detect disease-causing microbe to call an early and effective treatment, according to him will begin.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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