Nerve Blocks

Neurolytic nerve blocks, based on the blocks to destroy. Usually used in cancer pain and rib fractures.

Brain and spinal cord nerves before the right-left divided into two sub-branches, then dispersed, giving the whole body. Defective regions of the brain and spinal cord nerves bring this news. Usually in the form of pain to the brain are reflected in this article.

Every nerve is not suitable for demolition. Significant loss of strength of the patients, stroke occurred before the destruction of nerve. Therefore, some nerves may be damaged. Among these are the nerves to the abdominal organs. Celiac and hypogastric nerves of the organs of the upper and lower abdominal pain detect and transmit to the brain. Generally, cancer pain can be destroyed by these nerves. Similarly, such as rib fractures of the ribs is the same dental nerve, the nerves can be destroyed by a temporary period of time. Thus, although fracture pain does not attract patients.
The name we give to the blood vessels and nerves in the sympathetic nervous system may be destroyed. Excessive smokers, or shrinkage occurs in the arteries as seen in diabetic patients. This is a decrease in blood supply, arms and legs, and therefore it is painful enough to tap. In these cases, the sympathetic nerves to that area were destroyed and a significant improvement in pain reduction can be achieved as well as circulation.

How are nerve block.

Necessarily need to be applied by an experienced physician. Positions thought to be the destruction of the nerve before drug (local anesthetic) is disabled by providing a temporary period of time. The purpose of this method is effective in both the occurrence and the patient will not be alive in this sense. If the patient's pain and can live without the feeling of pain indicates the method is applied to the region.

How to perform the destruction of the nerve:

Surgery as: In the past, as it applies to open surgery more painful nerve damage that causes pain in the region. However, together with the development of invasive surgical techniques will be a plus as it used to be

Physical methods: usually applied heat or cold. Gangrene of the foot soldiers of Napoleon during freeze-cut legs.

The same can be applied to the ice today. Heat is used as the radiofrequency thermocoagulation of the aforementioned.
Chemical agents: Usually used in solutions such as alcohol and phenol.
Under the display must be the destruction of the nerve, nerve damage will be done after it was warned if there is the right place.

Side effects:

Given to a destructive substance to be careful with the substance should be provided is not propagated to other nerves. Very rarely though, after the destruction of nerve continuous, burning pain may occur in a style.

Celiac Plexus Block

Celiac plexus, in the abdomen, forming the spine bone immediately in front of the column, and three nerve junction (ganglion) of a ball of a nerve. The structure of many organs in the abdomen of the (pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, adrenal glands, small intestine and large intestine, a section) messages (such as pain sensation) to the brain of a transmission station. The organs from the ongoing (chronic) pain (cancer pain, inflammatory pain, pain caused by vascular, etc.) in the treatment of one of the methods referenced in this intersection, often stopping the transmission.

Celiac plexus block will be lost or significantly decreased with the existing pain relievers to control pain level will be taken. Following the block will increase the mobility of the intestines, the problems often encountered as a result of this disease significantly reduced the nausea and vomiting. Positive effect on the overall situation will be an increase in appetite. Sometimes, however, diarrhea may occur.

Interference in the operating room, under local anesthesia is applied. In the meantime, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing are monitored continuously by an anesthesiologist. Prone patient hospitalized after the necessary preparations for this process is completed with two special needle, lumbar region, is advanced from both sides of the spine. Adjacent organs and major vascular structures close to the celiac plexus in order to avoid damaging the initiative is guided by radiological imaging. After the drug is injected into the region sure that the appropriate placement needles. Venture takes about half an hour and felt a severe discomfort.

Following Initiative, the patient can go home after being kept under observation for several hours, but the first 24 hours of bed rest is an absolute must. Significantly reduced pain after the procedure, but due to drugs used for a period of 24-48 hours, simple pain relievers may have low back pain can be controlled. Effectiveness of the treatment, personal characteristics, and although this may vary according to the disease that causes pain for months, even years to complete. Celiac plexus block unwanted effects of the two groups are the main. The first of these is applied to the drug and those due to interference, hypotension (low blood pressure), the above-mentioned 24-48 hours-term low back pain and diarrhea. They are easy to control if the conditions necessary precautions taken. Other adverse effects due to band placement of the needle the wrong vessel injury, kidney, lung, such as internal organs or spinal cord injury and to give the drug into the membranes surrounding the spinal cord. Venture radiological imaging-guided and administered by physicians experienced in this regard is considered as very rare these complications occur. In addition venture in bleeding and infection, celiac plexus block, as is also encountered in every attempt, if rare, complications due diligence shown.

Rib nerve block

Rib fractures occur unbearable pain. In this case, the same ribs as the destruction of tooth nerves nerves can be blocked temporarily. Thus, the patient does not feel pain, it is possible cracked.

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