What are the psychological causes of nutrition problems in infants?

Nutrition problems, their parents, the babies not mind too much. This concern is reflected in relations between the parents when feeding their babies. Reflected anxiety feeding the baby more difficult. Even more difficult than feeding the baby in the parents' anxiety increases. This also further complicate the situation, leading to a vicious circle of parents leads them to feel helpless.

After the necessary medical checks, if the infant is not in question in any organic problem, the problem experienced on the psychological factors should be considered for the analysis. Baby, food-established relationship, in its emotional dimension of the relationship may reflect that.

Nutrition, in fact, the baby, feed 'accept' means. Thinking on the issue of nutrition, how to pass the pregnancy, difficult birth, as well as whether the post-natal emotional physical and social environment must be carried over. For example, for experienced post-natal depression, a sense of self harm mother and baby to think and that fed-inadequate still feel guilty about holding him responsible. This is also the mother's more insistent, more anxious, less would result in a patient.

Eating a poor babies

To live in a family grief, discord between the parents or the mother's post natal depression, such as the survival of her baby causes the mother to understand the language to meet the requirements will prevent her. Therefore, the problem of feeding infants living with their parents, The point to emphasize how well the language of the parents babies.

The mother, pregnancy, birth process, starting with how to adapt the role of motherhood is entirely assumed by the new role, what's the mother's feeling as good as another major issue affecting the state. Of course, in this process, such as father's and mother's support to the mother how much he has embraced the role of fatherhood is very important. Parents' emotional states, their relations with each other, even their own experiences in infancy, the relationship with their parents with babies largely determines the relationship to be established. Being a parent, both parents again unconsciously leads to the experiences of infancy.

Here are all of these variables, the baby families 'acceptance' sets. Food, for the baby's life in a way represents. With some exceptions refusal to feed the baby, his head turning off the translation of his mouth in a sense, life, relationships can mean the closure of itself. Therefore, the baby's 'closure' on the behavior should be considered.

Many parents, babies first baby was born-a small, helpless and dependent parent is a full true to their responsibility. Usually, "I'll look at how it now?" give responses such as anxious. Every cry baby what you want to work and breast-fed the wrong food to consider a general belief in this record, baby's first cry may develop that comes to mind is hungry. It was like baby food is considered to be the only requirement.

For this reason, baby, when you do not need to attempt the diet. Therefore, response to feeding babies born. After making sure your baby's nutritional problem is a medical reason there is great benefit in reviewing the reasons outlined above. Thinking on the issue, your baby better, better at monitoring her baby's needs accurately detecting and allows.

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