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Children, babies and Flu

Blocked nose due to colds. Antibiotics are ineffective in eliminating the discomfort caused by a virus infection. Gained immunity against the chill. But the child grows less and less will develop this condition.

The main sign of chill, nose stream. First, clear the flow of the water, a few days later, and a yellow color gets darker. A mild fever and pain may occur. Discomfort is usually recover within a week.

Treatment of colds and Flu in Children

There is a magical catch a chill pill. However, some facilities can be provided at home, easily solves the problems caused by illness. Cape flowing baby, nasal pillows in order to prevent the escape of his throat as streams and deposited since the turning. Older children, to facilitate breathing a little sit upright. Vicks chest will become a type of cream, making the effect of decongestant nose helps to resolve congestion. Yet through the mist to inhale the drugs also contributes to the opening of the nasal tract. Decongestant nose drops is limited benefit. Because the effect is short-lived and can irritate the inner surface of the nose can cause more discharge. Nose drops, stuffy nose can be helpful if a small baby's feeding. Food for babies before they are too stuffy nose under the nostrils wiped with a soft cheesecloth painlessly, and then a hole in the head-to-back drops in both hospitalized.

Infants Cough Disease in Children

Cough, causing symptoms, is one of the parents apply for a PhD. Foreign particles entering the air tube as it occurs. Therefore, mucus, sputum, in order to prevent such materials from entering the lungs has a protective function. However, cough, sputum, or breast inflammation allows you to be thrown out. All of these factors are taken into consideration-cough, and the suppression of damage is much interest also arises that could do more harm than good. Nevertheless, the treatment of cough may be necessary following cases:

1 - dry cough and sputum removal does not provide,
2 - Night cough, the patient's sleep and keep you from family members,
3 - the muscles surrounding the ribs, causing coughing and pain due to excessive declines,
4 - If the patient removing excessive amounts of sputum is difficult,
5 - One of the symptoms of whooping cough.

Cough Treatment

Suppression of cough: Honey hot drinks such as milk, is very useful in terms of suppression of the cough reflex. Effective non-prescription cough syrups that can be taken as often.

Mist: This method can be applied in a safe way, but in older children. Vicks prepared for this purpose or special drugs, thrown into hot water. The maintenance of Sudan today 'breathing, reduces cough and sputum removal easier. For this purpose, the hot water in a bowl, put a small amount of the drug. The child, keep her head just above water, said. Per child, this state is covered with a towel and breathe deeply three or four minutes is provided. Keep in mind the possibility of the child's face and his face severely, care should definitely not touch the water. To cause to sweat this treatment, children should be applied before going to bed.
Pharmaceuticals: Cough, caused by inflammation in the body's normal protective mechanisms, the head can not sprung a doctor, recommends the use of an appropriate antibiotic.

When you should contact a doctor?

Cough, then takes an ordinary cold has passed.
Cough, causing the child's yellow or green-colored sputum (This may show that the child's bronchitis).
Cough, chest pain or shortness of breath causes.
Cough, seizure case, in general, does not appear good.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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