What is rickets Pediatric Disease Treatment

Disease rickets in children

The sun's rays turned into vitamin D in the skin of vitamin A preliminary fact. Therefore, lack of sunlight and vitamin D rich foods and a lack of vitamin D deficiency resulting from a disease. Babies can not get enough vitamin D, rickets is always the possibility of skin cancer. In addition, vitamin D deficiency also impairs the exchange of calcium and phosphorus compounds. Thus, the very rapid growth and development of bone disorders in infants are showing. If untreated, the bone gradually loses the power of the head and shows the melting events.

Rickets Symptoms: Restlessness, head behind the abnormal sweating, sleep disorder, muscle weakness, diarrhea, and anemia seen. Softening of the bones to the distortion of long bones and the legs are deformed.

Process: The skull bones are softening. Fontanel closes quite late, is chest. Knots chest bones, joints, swelling of the hands and fingers begin. Calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders and vitamin D after treatment for reasons born cramps are among the side effects.

Rickets and Vitamin Therapy: Sometimes the cause of rickets vitamin D, "as required in the intestine or kidneys as a result of abnormalities can be seen as a result of treatment cases and by reason for the change. However, in general, vitamin D children should be given plenty of sun and should be removed.
Conservation: Previously, children were given vitamin D rickets in infancy to protect. However, children today instead of baked foods, calcium-rich milk and derivatives is prevented by giving rickets. The most effective drug for the open-air, and plenty of sun to prevent rickets, it must never be forgotten.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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