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Why children refuse to eat?

Feeding baby food

Children refusing to eat in a way that their behavior and are trying to conduct a say. In other areas of their lives these children exhibited a stubborn personality, and even that usually occurs at sleep problems. However, parents are especially sensitive to food is usually more focus on the problem of nutrition. In fact, many parents hear the child with the idea of guilt. But the concern here, the child appears physically after all, the real reason for concern child, caused by thinking that a good enough mother.

In some cases, child nutrition for the mother can be transformed into an obsession even. In such cases, their relation with children even more, eating by the child can turn into a complete rejection. Time the child is no longer in the relationship, not only refuses to eat is located.
Looking at the experiences of infancy are usually problems of children refused to eat it is also worth noting that. Especially after two years on more independent from the control provided by the parents of the child, in relation to the most effective time to eat.

The consequences of refusal to eat the children in the future depends on the size of the problem. If this situation persists, a few months of a child's doctor must be experts in the field as the primary specialist.

Ways of feeding the child to eat

Parents can do the right thing when faced with such a problem child, more than ever taking the time to show interest. Children eat when the child refused to dwell on it showing too much interest in the child consolidate the causes of this behavior more. Instead of showing interest in child eats make praise to reinforce positive behavior. Refuse to eat to live a childhood eating disorder in later life there is no clear evidence.

The child should not feel pressure on. Nutrition and discipline in the life of the child must have two different fields. For example, if you give in chocolate if you say to your child finish the meal, a torment to bear children to eat chocolate, or it will be a reward in return receives. Thus, for the children to eat chocolate gained more importance and value that would be otherwise.

Although your child to eat in a comfortable way to give her before. Refuses to eat anything until the next time you eat, and say to him in wait.

Help the child to eat into a share of Nutrition enjoyable time. Therefore, if you are not hungry maybe even sit with the child to accompany him happy by eating an apple. The subject of child nutrition songs, rhymes and singing to teach your child to accompany him to dinner you will have helped in the change of perspective.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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