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Infants Fever in Children

Body temperature rise of many diseases, especially inflammation is one of the symptoms and consequences. The temperature rise, the body's invaders, illness associated with the process of creating organisms struggle. For this reason, measure the temperature of the body, the child is the best way to find out whether the patient and a medicine cabinet in the degrees (thermometer) to keep, will be useful. But the experiences, the need for the use of degrees, has understood well.

Body temperature as Children's Assessment

Temperature (thermometer) lines rated over a glass tube. Content, expanding when heated (with a silver-colored liquid) is mercury. Lot of mercury in the tube, shows the body temperature. Before use, the degree of mercury by shaking the tube on the bottom line shows the reduction of the normal body temperature is essential. How much mercury is below this line is not important.
A degree is very easy to read. First degree, the numbers turn to read. Then, the column of mercury to continue to turn until thick and glossy. The end point of the column, the body will heat. In order to provide a more precise measurement from each grade, divided into smaller degrees.

Body temperature, few places can be taken:

Mouth: the tip of the thermometer mercury, under the tongue or the language to be placed between the cheek, but it is more effective than sublingual. Body temperature is measured through the mouth to mouth, should be kept closed for two minutes. Young children, especially in clogged noses to keep their mouths closed, can be difficult. Degree must take care of the child tube. Such a very rare event. However, if by yourself, do not worry, do not be more excited. Glass wrapper to eat some bread for the child. Rate of mercury is not involved in the body size create a major problem.

Underarm: the tip of the thermometer mercury, (axilla) and placed in the arm, is kept firmly on the chest. This is the easiest method. However, the result does not always successful. End of the thermometer is very likely that entirely.

Anus: This is a very high compared with results that are usually received orally, a reliable method. Two-three years until the children is very easy to implement. The child to bed or you need to deposit on your knees.
Degrees, plastered on the tip of the anus after Vaseline 2.5 cm. is inserted into the.

The importance of the different degrees of heat, as follows:

Normal Heat 36.4 ° - 37.1 ° C
Central Heat 37.20 - 38.9 ° C
High fever 38.9 ° - 39.7 °
Very high fever above 39.7 ° C

Body temperature, various times of the day varies and is usually higher than at night.

This heat is only one indicator of the health status of the child and the assessment of the problem must be taken as a whole. Healthy children's body temperatures, excessive movement or crying, especially after the rise. However, infants, although it is below normal body temperature of the patient may have. Therefore, determination of the heat, the evaluation of the child's health status should be seen only as a part of. The temperature is normal, that you think your child is sick, the doctor should not pose an obstacle to resort to.

Small children could not be developed enough heat control mechanisms. For this reason, the body heats up and down with ease, interest. Therefore, very high fevers in young children, should not be taken as an important symptom of the disease.

One child, the body temperature of the skin to direct heat loses control over. Prevent excessive heat loss of the child Fever is not true. Sick child, body temperature, regardless of the belief that must be kept warm. When they are feverish children, parents forget to follow the right senses is one of the rare situations. "Children are burning in flames, point to Run," he called in a doctor's feverish child dressed in layers, wrapped in a blanket and a heat source near the find, a common condition. But this is inappropriate, even dangerous results might pose an attitude. Because many symptoms of the disease, is caused by the heat. Shivering, the body temperature is caused by the rise. Frequently repeated muscular movements, releases the stored energy in the form of heat. Keeping the temperature under control, patient care, the child is very important. High

What Would Cause Problems in Children of Heat, Heat Losses

Fluid Loss: Continuous high temperature, excessive fluid loss causes the body through perspiration. Replace lost fluid, kidney function, the body's chemical balance is disrupted and adversely affected.
Referral: 39.7 degrees Celsius on the heat, can cause epilepsy-like crisis. Usually in this situation between the ages of 1-3, rarely found in children older than 5 years.

Hot child care

Cause of the disease should be determined to ensure appropriate care. Usually fever, the disease has emerged as a result. Sick child should be comfortable as possible until you return to normal.
Clothing: All the unnecessary removal of clothing, the child should be left on only a loose pajamas. Not remain in the child care must be taken.
Drinks: A high fever may cause loss of body fluid should be given to drink more than before the child in mind.
Nutrition: Free children's appetite. Appetite comes in dribs and drabs instead of easy digestible, tasty food should be fed.
Drug: aspirin, fever, and every three hours is very useful in terms of the appropriate dose can be given. Referral cases where the probability of doctor may recommend the use of an anticonvulsant drug.
Soaking with warm water: 39.7 degrees on the heat if the child's body completely and every place, or a sponge soaked in warm water dampened cheesecloth. Water; body, leave to dry himself. Because the heat loss, water will be evaporating.

When Children doctor to apply?

Fever, 38.8 degrees Celsius on the In case of heat, two or three days, the presence of heat likely to come to the money order is known, the child, if it is to awaken anxiety

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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