Pain Glossary

From any region of the body, a tissue detectable or undetectable
due to destruction of the human past, including all the unpleasant experiences

The pain is always personal and confidential. If patients are feeling pain when he defines as
must be accepted as pain.

What is the Pain Threshold
Define a person's lightest pain. The pain threshold is different in each person. For this reason, different respond to pain.

Pain tolerance level
The person can withstand the most severe level of pain. Such as pain threshold, which varies from person to person.

Pain Receptor-nociceptors
The sensor detects the body and pain.

Normally, a non-painful stimulus creates pain. For example, when you touch an area out of shingles pain may occur.

Normally, a painful stimulus in the pain.

Despite the pain nerve fibers in a region is the emergence of cut and matted.

What denervation
Cutting the nerve.

Epidural region
Cylinder in the form of the name given to the sheath surrounding the spinal cord.

Facet joint
Joints that occur with each other, sit on the vertebrae.

Central nervous system
The brain, brain stem and spinal cord, nervous system occurring

Central pain
Central nervous system injury, which occurred after a pain in the brain.

What is hyperalgesia
Normally, a person's response to painful stimuli increase.

Passed through the liquid medication, Could you slim tubes.

Needed in one or more nerve distribution is similar to an electric shock to a very severe pain.

What is Neuritis
In a nerve.

Occurring in a nerve dysfunction.

Generic name of morphine and similar drugs in medicine.

Peripheral nervous system
Neural networks in the spinal cord nerves after the name given to the types of areas.

Radiofrequency thermocoagulation
By sending a similar flow to the nerves burning of nerve.

Sympathetic nervous system
urination, defecation, sweating, chills, blood vessels opening and managing events, such as shrinkage of the nervous system.

One is the name given to a medical finding.

A lot of medicine come together to sign disease.

Nerve block
As temporary or permanent cessation of nerve conduction

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