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Questions about rubella vaccination after delivery, the most common FAQs on this subject.

Many publications in recent years, rubella virus secretion into breast milk, newborn and neonatal rubella pass heavily focused on issues such as lead.

Rubella vaccine after the birth of the mother's milk and milk-fed newborns with the vaccine virus isolated from the throats have. However, newborn clinical or serological signs of rubella, never seen.

Recently, rubella vaccine immediately after birth and the women's milk specific IgA found issued. 69% of the milk of these women, the vaccine virus was isolated.

Rubella vaccine administered after birth, and breastfeeding mothers, 15 and 10 on the baby, 68% of cases of vaccine virus was isolated.

The virus is found in breast-fed 56% of the throat, is fed ever seen. Seroconversion occurred in 21% of breast-fed infants, but no clinical symptoms of rubella was observed. Fed infants of the seroconversion, never recovered.

The mother of a newborn infant after birth, vaccinated and fed, reported rubella seroconversion.

Rubella virus is secreted in breast milk of these studies, however, pose any danger for the newborn, only in some cases without clinical signs of disease has led.

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