Pediatric immune system in infants

Immune System of Infants and Children

As we saw earlier from the mother as passive assets in the first year of life and continuing throughout the antibodies, the baby takes major role in protecting against certain virus or bacterial diseases. However, these maternal antibodies are still the child before the age of the first measles, rubella or mumps vaccines can prevent necessary to provide immunity.

Opens new horizons in immunization day. However, the potential of children or adults be vaccinated against all infectious diseases, even when an ideal, a possibility that we have not yet.

If children as needed, the order of time and should be determined together with the vaccines. The goal here from the ages of children as early as possible in hand should determine the most effective and most basic amenities, how to protect against this.
For an effective immunity, the basic vaccines must be accurate and complete. Doses, number of injections, their periods of time between the first and subsequent boosters should be applied as needed.

Injections should be remembered that 1 month period between the theoretical ideal. In practice, the occurrence of one-month period as required in terms of antibodies are suitable, but any changes to the timing of injections, and all vaccines will result in failure of immunization does not mean you should start again.

Antibody titers after immunization, extended periods between injections, the injection showed that there was need for any change in the number or the immunization program.

Indeed, the time between the first and second injection 3, be extended to 6 months in the period between the second and third injection, controlled studies have shown. This is also true for booster doses, and as said before, booster, immunization program, complementary to, not a fundamental part and the third injection should be done after 6-24 months. Later in childhood, boosters every 5-7, repeated every 10 years in adults.

Delayed initiation of the immunization program be re-inoculated injection and there is no need to repeat. The program only needs to be continued from where it was interrupted and the immune, according to the person's age should be completed by the required number of injections

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