Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome of the arm or leg, an injury which occurred after a pain. Rarely, this condition, surgery, heart attack, stroke can also be seen after. Pain is often felt as a burning sensation and damage more severe pain. In this situation, "reflex sympathetic dystrophy" in the form be named. The cause is unknown.

Diagnosed on the basis of the symptoms of pain and physical examination. In this syndrome, even after the injury has healed the pain to remain for a long time is typical.

Skin color, temperature and humidity changes are seen. Skin can be sensitive to even slight changes in temperature.

Generally, any test in the diagnosis of this condition is not necessary. In order to understand whether the cause of pain in a variety of other disease, blood tests and films may be requested.


Various medications can help. But no drug is used alone or in combination with this disease can not provide long-term relief. Many medications used to treat a variety of complex regional pain syndrome. Some drugs that block certain nerves may be prescribed. Sometimes cortisone type medications can help. Some other drugs used to treat depression and epilepsy that can be used in the treatment of chronic pain.
Narcotic drugs and other pain relievers are not effective in cutting the pain of complex regional pain syndrome.

Sympathetic nerve block in patients with inadequate or ineffective drugs can be made. This process of local anesthetic to the nerves that transmit pain (positions drug) is the process of injection drugs. This block works, can be repeated. Also provides for physical therapy and psychological counseling. However, the other in a patient with a treatment method that works on a patients can be nullified. Set up a personal treatment plan for each patient.

Early treatment of complex regional pain syndrome can be prevented to go from bad to worse. Sometimes the situation is improved. If treatment is started early enough, symptoms may be completely destroyed. However, more severe symptoms and treatment of patients with early may not respond to treatment. These people, especially for teaching the ways of coping with pain may benefit from a treatment program.

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