Facet joint denervation

Facet joints, by each other to hold each spine, each vertebra on the right and left, two pieces of bone in the small joints. The importance of mobility in older age structure of these joints spine, depending on impact can cause damage and severe neck, lower back pain can cause. "Facet Syndrome" so-called facet disease, facet joint denervation is one of the treatment methods applied in this case, the facet joint, the internal combustion of nerves, especially in case of failure of other treatment methods are preferred to cut the pain.

Facet joints in any part of the nerves of your body does not control the movement of muscles, not only carries the pain signals to the brain. It is similar to nerves in the tooth. Dental procedure called root canal treatment how much time ağrıdığı internal nerves of the tooth is taken that facet joint nerve denervation prevention message. To realize this, the most modern methods, based on the implementation of nerve-controlled heat "radiofrequency thermocoagulation" stop.

Interference in the operating room, under local anesthesia is applied. In the meantime, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing are monitored continuously by an anesthesiologist. After completing the necessary preparations for this initiative, a thin radiofrequency needle is advanced radiological imaging-guided nerve in the region. Where the needle is verified by examining data from both the radiological and the radiofrequency device in the area of the nerve after the application of controlled heat lesion is created around a few millimeters. Pain can not be heard during a venture which lasted for 20-30 minutes in total. After being kept under observation for several hours after the procedure, the patient returns home to spend the day relaxing. A significant decrease in pain immediately after treatment. The next day, there is no problem to go back to work in accordance with physician's recommendations. In the days following a major disturbance of the Initiative will not interfere. Facet joint denervation is applied to the centers have the necessary experience and equipment to a safe and effective enterprise.

Spend a period after the application of this method ensures that the patient comfortable. During this period the patient must be under the supervision of a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist physiotherapy and see the re-opening of the joints should be provided. This method can easily be applied before the application will be painful, a lot of exercise. The patient regularly to make sure these exercises, you need to acquire the operation of joints again. In the past, only the disc back pain disc disease, and radiofrequency thermocoagulation of expulsion or estimated to be due to rupture. However, recent studies in the disc where the nerves and herniated disc in her low back pain turned out to not come. This new approach has brought new methods.

Disc drive for the treatment of pain in the nerves, called the burning of this new disease and treatment of this disease can be considered and methods were developed by him.

Electro-Thermal Treatment Inside Drive (Diet) Diet hernia operation in the treatment of low back pain patient groups such as the appropriate non-surgical method. With this method, the disks between the vertebrae is heated through a catheter. Heat effect of the nerve of the tooth-like nerves in the disc is damaged and the pain passes. Drive the process through a needle in a special wire (catheter) placement and the help of low-voltage electrical current to heat for 15-20 minutes. radiological imaging-guided all phases of the operation is performed. DlET can be treated by one or more disk, the catheter and the needle is removed after the procedure, and patients can return home the same day, a week before the procedure all the aspirin and pain medications should be discontinued. Heart, diabetes, high blood pressure drugs such as other drugs prescribed by the doctor should be continued. The following cases, the doctor should be informed:
Blood clots allergy to iodine-reducing drug use in the presence of fever or other signs of infection before the procedure, 4 hours of solid foods not eaten. Liquid food can be taken.


The patient's arm the way a vessel is opened and given sedatives. After admission, the patient table of the operation be done moving X-ray disc or disc levels displayed on the monitor device operation. Thin needle to make the region as a regional process. Monitor the process to implement the operation area by seeing a doctor places a needle in the disc. In the meantime, the patient does not hear the pain. Then the disc is inserted into and advanced along the sieve-trotermal catheter needle. In the meantime, patients generally do not feel a discomfort. However, only a feeling of pressure can be seen in some patients.
The placement of the catheter and then begin the process of heating. Heat slowly increased and applied for 15-18 minutes. Temperature reaches a sufficient level of the typical complaints of patients with similar complaints can feel connected to the disc lesion. In the meantime, the patient is under constant control.

At the end of the procedure the patient is taken to rest until you are ready to return home. After the procedure, a moderate increase in low back pain can be seen in the first three days. Rest, ice application, and drug treatment can help prevent diseases in this period. Fever, chills, rash, increased numbness and muscle weakness, such as a new complaint unexpected occurs, obtain medical attention immediately. Should not be expected immediately after the disappearance of previously existing complaints procedure. During this period, a significant decrease in pain patients before the procedure until you feel more themselves. Home should not work, load. Short walks lasting for 15-20 minutes can be done, but in general, especially the first few day after the procedure had an entirely separate recommended. Return to work after the procedure, according to the weight of his work time of the patient's physician and the patient should decide together.

Recovery of the disc in a few weeks after the procedure, the initiative will begin to be felt with the reduction in pain. However, reduction of pain also may take up to 3 months. Very carefully protected during the first month the patient's back. Front and side-bending and heavy lifting as much as possible the boundaries of the property. This period can be worn in a corset. If sports are not allowed.

Rehabilitation and Exercise

Directives of the doctor is continued low back exercises. However, exercise intensity gradually removed before processing. During this period, the doctor will recommend additional medications should be used regularly, physiotherapy and exercise programs should be followed. Of the patients in the rest of their lives back to school to continue to use the correct waist can provide significant benefits in.

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