What is mental retardation mongolism in infants

What is Disease mongolism (Infants Mental Retardation)

Showing mental retardation and congenital defects in a number of physically is a disease. Mongolism a deviation in the number of chromosomes in question. Because the 46, instead of the 23 pairs of chromosomes, there are 47 chromosomes. Approximately 500 children can be found in one of the Mongolism. There are also likely to be inherited Mongolism. Also, generally, much more frequently seen in children born in the old mother.

Symptoms of Mental Retardation, How to: Face is oval and flat, like the Chinese eyes are. The front view of the head is round, but most times the back side of the flat. The fingers are short and short and thick. Ear deformities can be seen. Is similar to palms in the hands of ape, that is filled with horizontal lines. Coarse language, and the first toe and second toe nasal aperture between the higher than normal. Generally, muscle weakness may occur. Heart defects can be found in the.

Infants Mental Retardation Process: Mongoloid child with mental retardation are seen. The body is less resistance to infectious diseases tend to be easily grabbing. Therefore, the danger is always in peril of death.

Treatment: There is an effective method. Mongoloid children are already short lifetimes. The number of children who reach adulthood are very rare among the Mongoloid.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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