Chronic Lower Abdominal Pain

Chronic pain resulting from the lower side of the abdomen is seen in various qualities. This pain is constant, severe pain or pain may be to come. Can be blunt or sharp in character. Feeling of fullness and pressure in the lower part of the abdomen and around the anus may be in the form. In addition, during sexual intercourse, and even while sitting in pain during defecation may increase. I stand up and lay for a long time may increase or decrease pain.
In women, lower abdominal pain can cause various problems arising from the reproductive organs. In addition, spastic colon and lower abdominal pain are seen in diseases such as cystitis. In addition, psychological factors may contribute to pain.

Common causes of chronic lower abdominal pain are:


Endometriosis tissue lining the uterus (endometrium), an abnormal
development of organs and regions outside of the uterus. During each period
endometrial tissue grows in the womb during menstruation and pregnancy,
thrown out at the end. Described in gynecology.

Last bowel (rectum) Cancer Pain

Last bowel cancers develop acute severe pain. Surgical removal of cancerous tissue with a low pain will decrease. Next time though small, the recurrence or metastases can cause pain in different character.

The initial stage of the disease, the only sign of discomfort in the rectum may be pain. When asked the nature of pain, anxiety and fear that the patient is in the foreground, and even they are feeling very desperate observed. Psychological dimension of the problem and the anxiety, pain treatment that prevents, disrupts social stability, a factor leading to discontinuation of the patient's life bonds.

Last bowel cancer, pain, pain relief medications are used. Systemic pain relief in patients with various nerve blockades are not enough drugs or morphine pump insertion path to get there.

Spastic Colitis

Spastic colitis, one of the most common causes of chronic abdominal pain, lower abdominal pain also can be seen. With abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea episodes are also available. Spastic colitis in the lower abdomen pain and swelling around the anus creates a feeling of pressure.

Lower Reproductive Organs Cancers

Tumors of the reproductive organs except the ovaries initially and gradually increased in size only annoying pain in question.

There are two things to be done in this case: First, to eliminate the pain, the second by stopping the growth of tumor spread and, as far as possible to reduce the mass.
Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, the most important methods of cancer treatments. This is more or less painful procedures in the region. Initially given oral pain medications for the treatment of pain. If necessary, nerve blocks, morphine pumps are applied.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is the spread of the base of the abdominal pain occurs. This pain in the muscles of the tumor, lymph nodes, bones or nerves in the region consists of the spread.
Bladder cancer is also the first choice of pain relievers. Nerve blocks and referenced in the methods of pain is not enough painkillers morphine pump.

Inflammation of Chronic Diseases Reproductive Organs

Reproductive organs in women bacteria, virus or fungal infectious diseases are common. Especially at the beginning of these sexually transmitted Diseases. As a result of constant recurrence of these infectious diseases in the ovaries, tubes connecting the ovaries into the uterus and other structures in the region consists of severe adhesions and a continuous state of inflammation. This leads to inflammation and chronic pain. Reproductive organs of chronic inflammation and pain may be very resistant to treatment may continue for a long time. In addition to antibiotics used in treatment of pain relievers. However, neural blockade can be applied if pain persists.

Nerve Root Jam

The nerves in the spinal cord, spinal canal is located in the lower section. Hernia of the disc compressing the nerves where it causes pain. Spinal canal narrowing or pain in the spine reveals a similar shift. Pain is felt around the anus and the perineum. Along with urine and stool incontinence, erectile problems in men may be present.

Treatment of pain medications, physical therapy, interventional procedures such as epidural steroid injections and surgical interventions can be applied. The treatment of choice depends on the size of the problem.

Joint and Bone Disease

Falling hard on the hip, taking the pulse of the coccyx bone fracture can occur in such cases. In this case, a broken coccyx bone heals around an annoying pain that can continue even after the occur. Cyclists in a long time, similar to the coccyx bone pain may occur due to chronic trauma. Sitting increases the pain. Treatment of pain relievers, physical therapy, steroid and local anesthetic injections are painful region. Surgical treatment based on removal of the coccyx bone pain may worsen even more limited application areas.

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