Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease

Familial Mediterranean fever is a disease presenting with recurrent attacks of fever. Is common in Mediterranean countries, is a disease inherited characteristics. For this reason, increases the frequency of consanguineous marriages are common in societies. The reason is unknown. Symptoms usually occur before the age of 20. Half of the patients the disease begins before the age of 10.

Characteristically, sudden onset and short abdomen, chest or joint pain with high fever. Abdominal pain occurring in patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever lasts 1-3 days. Abdominal pain is very severe. During seizures, especially in children is constipation. Accompanying nausea, vomiting may be present. Inflammatory cells in the blood increase in pain with high fever and you have them do the surgery can cause appendicitis.

Recurrent chest pain also often confused with other diseases. Chest pain when breathing is common in the style of subduction. Usually one-sided. In front of the chest, back or flank pain may be in the form.

Joint pain in the ankle or the knee usually happens. An attack is only a single joint. Red rash, sometimes with joint swelling and pain can be. Joint pain, abdominal and chest pain lasts longer. Usually 1 week restored.

Familial Mediterranean fever clinical findings in disease diagnosis, family history, examination and laboratory investigations are placed. The blood of the patient with the diagnosis of genetic testing is very valuable.

The most undesirable result of the disease is called amyloidosis. Quoted adequate treatment of the disease occurs at an early age. Amyloid is a substance of protein structure. Kidney, intestine, skin, heart, such as tissues and organs are stored as pathological. Amyloid deposition is called amyloidosis, a progressive loss of function causes the kidneys, especially in this situation. Amyloidosis of familial Mediterranean fever to accumulate in kidneys. In addition, some chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and tuberculosis were not treated can lead to amyloidosis. Familial Mediterranean fever renal or intestinal biopsy for the diagnosis of amyloidosis is made. Early disease will be a simple circuit can be detected in urine, protein in the urine output were determined. The only drug proven to be effective in the treatment of familial Mediterranean fever FMF. Prevent attacks if used regularly. In addition, the kidneys also prevents the accumulation of amyloid.

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