Hair lice Scabies Disease and Treatment

Hair lice Hair Lice Treatment

Lice, as much inconvenience to every child in a dirty shame shows that the source of anxiety. In fact, bits, clean, lean and brown-hair, prefers to you. Fed with human blood of parasites. Hair hair firmly placing the bottom of the white-colored eggs, easily shed like dandruff. Using the same comb, or can easily contact with. So infested children, should be sent to school.

How to Clear Hair Lice, Hair Lice Treatment Information for

Hair, a special shampoo should be washed and finely toothed, preferably a metal comb should be screened. All you need to remember that the family should be treated.

Scabies Itching, Scabies Disease Symptoms, Causes

This causes a small tick. Pregnant females usually enters the skin, hands or ankles region. Shed eggs will mature in four to five days. Rash, acne consists of small. Sometimes the tick, the path of the visible acne. Especially at night, causing itching over the body is warm.

Scabies Disease Treatment

Staining solution must be a whole body gamma petrol. All clothing should be washed and replaced. Itching after treatment, two, three weeks to complete.

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