What is Child Eczema Black Melena

Child eczema

Eczema, infantile and young childhood in various parts of the body of the leather. Contaminated skin, acne and the formation of bubbles occurs. There is a tendency to spread germs to be very severe itching. The first weeks after birth, cheeks, face and head, such as the full top of the shell consists of bran. High fever can be seen in the spread of germs. Treatment needs to be done by a physician.

Black disease (What is melena)

New born babies in the hemorrhage usually occurs due to lack of blood clotting. Blood clotting is measured by the amount of platelets in the blood. Clotting layout of a newborn baby may have been corrupted and therefore the skin, deep tissues and internal organs can be seen bleeding. Usually seen in gastro-intestinal tract bleeding among the people "black disease» is defined as.

Contraction in the stomach on the cover

Stomach-out, cover the muscles of the stomach is reduced as a result of thickening or contraction. Food is digested in the stomach may no or very few. This disease, especially in girls and is usually seen in the first three months after birth. The disease usually begins 4-6 weeks after birth. If vomiting is severe and vomit welling of interest. Good appetite, vomiting or even immediately after the baby begins to suck milk. Baby will starve and weaken. Less than Stool and rare. Contraction is usually seen in cramps cramp remedies solvent gives positive results. Due to loss of salt and water exchange in skin dryness and as a result of food deficiency is considered among the side effects. If you are a thickening of the muscle of the stomach in the case of valve surgery is required.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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