Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain and neuralgias of the nerve damage caused by the body, pain due to various reasons. This is a trauma injury, a systemic disease such as diabetes, may be due to an infectious disease neuralgia sometimes understood as a cause of pain may also occur. Neuropathic pain causes the most revealing are the following:

Inflammation (inflammatory)
Shingles, or infections such as malaria
Cancer chemotherapy
Radiation therapy
Nerve compression due to tumors
The nerves in the spinal cord compression (such as disc hernia)
Diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia (anemia)
Age-related or genetic deterioration of the nerves themselves
Brain damage such as stroke.

Neuropathic pain is felt in different ways, many other types of pain. Often, a sharp, throbbing, is expressed in words such as fuel and electricity bumped. Intensified at night. After stroke and diabetes may be in the form of a constant pain.

Trigeminal neuralgia, and sciatica pain to come and go while.

Types of neuropathic pain are:

Allodynia: Coke breeze of wind sheet, such as touching or leg pain stimuli is that normally do not generate pain.

Hyperalgesia: Mild pain is expected to achieve increased painful response to stimuli. Handle this situation lightly touched the iron in a place like an angry are examples of the emergence of pain.

Dysesthesia: Full, pain-like feelings in the form of pins and needles disturbing. Swollen foot or skin feel like I feel like maggots are examples.

To determine the cause of pain x-rays, blood tests and nerve conduction tests can be performed. Also you to a neurologist for additional investigations, brain surgeon or physician can send.

Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

The vast majority of prescription or non-prescription painkillers used neuropathic pain do not work. Antidepressants and epilepsy drugs can be used to stop pain signals to the brain. They can be used with other drugs, only the heads of the moon. The effect of these drugs begin within days or weeks, so it should be continue to use on a regular basis to relieve pain. These drugs are usually exactly eliminate the pain, the tolerable level treatment methods for neuropathic pain can also be applied to the following:

Painful hot application area
Application of painful cold region
Biological feedback (through the brain to control a method of body responses)
Electronic nerve stimulating devices
Applied to the skin such as menthol or anesthetic lidocaine (drug positions) bands
Surgery to cut the nerve that is causing pain
Local anesthetic to block pain, cortisone injections or any other drugs
Around a nerve or drug injection, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent nerve can cut the pain. However, this method is pain, numbness may occur in the region. Cortisone injections may be useful in reducing inflammation in the region.

Patients do not respond to drug treatment for nerve pain clinic blockades, such as interventional pain management methods will be appropriate to apply.
The common custom of neuropathic pain conditions are described below:

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