Breast milk and the importance of infants

Is there a psychological wound breastfeeding?

On almost a trauma for the baby. Ester Bick'in significant analogy with the baby after the birth itself almost into space, the space feels like an astronaut sent to wearing costume. After the birth, as babies always sleep with this change is actually a reaction against the show.
Newborn infants are caused by the need to constantly hold them to look at a fixed point. Facing him a couple of hot eye, initially clinging to an object by looking at the baby's eyes, the objects with their own eyes by taking match. Here are breast-feeding provides an important opportunity for eye to eye meetings.

Baby Breast Milk

Breast feeding, infant feeding method is only a means but also the relationship. Many physical benefits of breast milk for the baby, as well as in terms of baby's emotional development is very important contributions. Studies, even if their babies a week getting to know the smell of their mother's milk of their mothers' milk show that they prefer. A study of infants a piece of sponge soaked in milk, another mother on one side, the other side when placed in a sponge soaked in their own mother's milk, babies' faces, they returned to their mother's milk, soaked in a striking manner the sponge was observed.

Mother's milk for the baby means to say, the mother is living. Meet the holistic personality of the mother's relationship with the baby before he meets the mother göğsüyle. In other words, first through the mother's breast with mouth, so with the mother, so also through the mouth begins to establish a relationship with the world meet. Especially in the hands of the babies spent the first two years to get to know everything, this is why before taking their mouths.

Breastfeeding infants

Breast feeding, infant nutrition to ensure not only physically, but also means that the temperature and comfort. Babies fed with breast milk during lactation physical proximity, skin and eye contact, taking great pleasure in the heat of the mothers themselves in a more secure feel in this relationship. Bottle-fed babies if they remain deprived of such a physical proximity. Skin contact in a warm place in their mouths are just the tip of the bottle rubber.

Breastfeeding during the last time, a precious time for the baby and mother. Further help strengthen the bond between mother and baby. If the mother to breastfeed her baby taken away somewhere special, hustle and hassles of daily life, become estranged with the stress. Thus, an important opportunity to spend time alone with a peaceful would be created. This is the first step taken by the world socialization of the new baby arrived. In addition, the mother, breast-feeding 'mothering hormone' also secretes a hormone called special. This hormone helps relax the mother and baby relax together.
World Health Organization, breast-fed infants, breast-fed babies grow faster than the announced. The risks of becoming obese later in private, some more than commercially-fed infants. Much research in recent years has delivered the highest level of mother's milk of brain development reveals a striking fact.

Breast Milk and Breastfeeding

Although the importance of babies being breast-feeding better every day must be more awareness in the mothers. As with everything the media has a great effect on infants breast-feeding. In a study published in America between the years 1971-1999 87 photos of many popular parenting magazine's content and encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies, to check whether the assays. ("In-fant feeding and the media: the relationship between Parents 'Magazine content and breastfeeding", Katherine A. Foss-Brian G. So-uthvvell, 1972-2000) This hand-fed babies' pictures in magazines featuring advertisements increased in America breast-feeding rate was decreased. This study clearly shows that the outcome of such media is very effective in health-related behaviors. In our age, individuals are not aware of a conscious way they are staying under the influence of many variables.

In addition to the numerous physical benefit of breastfeeding your baby for the mother has many psychological benefits. Especially in post-natal depression for many women to breastfeed their babies, they find themselves in a depressed mood will help recover. Dolls will spend quality time to overcome the mother's depression. Established a strong bond between mother and baby to the mother becomes the energy of life.

Maternal infanticide breastfeeding this or that reason, it is possible to compensate for this situation somehow. While feeding the baby bottle to convert it an emotional meeting, to establish eye contact with her ​​baby, talking with him, his head is very important for the baby hands.

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