Baby weaning

Baby mother's milk on the baby by cutting off the psychological effects of the transition to solid foods, is there?

Emotional development for the baby is a very important step in the transition to solid foods. This is an important transition for the baby, not only for the mother is also observed. Even more challenging in some cases, the mother's babies are in the process.

Cutting baby milk

Baby solid foods introduced to the fourth and fifth months. Sudden infant feeding with solid food is expected to accept the mammal. Initially, the baby must be given time to adopt new tastes by offering new nutrition habits. Baby's milk for a while will be the most important food source.

Studies have babies to eat solid food and to introduce late parents choosing their babies in the future reveals. In a study at the University of Bristol, given to infants between the sixth and ninth month is more than the type of food they choose to eat in the future to prevent a dramatic reveal. Between the sixth and ninth months of their babies, the parents practice different flavors in the future choose to eat is an important opportunity for the obstruction.

Cutting baby from the breast, the transition to more solid food for the baby just makes sense. Baby, when hungry, not just the mother's chest with confidence towards the need. Cut the baby from the breast, in a sense, object loses confidence. It's more a releasing from himself must suffice. In this period, a gain rather than a trauma, there are some points to convert the parents should pay attention.

How often as parents bringing their babies have a purpose. But the negative feeling in some cases, the baby is inevitable. In fact, it should allow for situations in which your baby is difficult to develop defense mechanisms, emotionally.

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