Euthanasia Right to Request

Hippocratic medicine according to the laws of the quantity and quality of human life raise. Under these conditions, according to Hipokrat suffering is also available in right to die. Hippocrates' thoughts on the matter as follows.

1. Pain and suffering is a form of death
2. Shortens the life of pain and suffering
3. The disease can not be treated, with the extension of life, pain, and a delicate balance between pain relief is available.
4. Sometimes it may mean termination of life, relief of pain. Pain therapy at an incredible rate in recent years, the development of methods to re-instate the right to euthanasia. Patients with cancer pain, even with only 85% of the correct use of painkillers. The remaining patients in whom a 95% methods can reach this number.

Pain patients in a controlled manner. This is to prevent the occurrence of drowsiness of pain, but also the quality of life of patients that do not should be level. But this is not always possible. Under these circumstances, the recent goal in the forefront of the pain for the patient should be cut. Very small number of cancer patients, even though the patient was conscious and in pain relief in patients with possible. Group and the right to euthanasia on the agenda may be able to give its own decision. Today, that lack the means to the laws of Country.

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