Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Nutritional disorders in children

Nutrition is extremely important for the baby. Rapid growth and organ development of an appropriate diet is required. Amounts of all nutrients required to take the baby, accept and digest them in a matter to be dealt with strongly. Correct feeding the baby's health, sleep, it also affects your metabolism.
Any disorder or disease of the organism, even if no relationship, causing digestive disorders. Patients with gastro-intestinal canal of babies «mouth pipe» is like. Therefore, the baby's digestive organs demonstrated due diligence and care.

Eating Disorder in infants, according to the causes of three groups:

1. Depending on the amount and type of food additives given to the baby defects.
2. Digestive organs or due to a variety of nutritional defects affected.
3. Against diseases due to defects in the baby's diet.
In practice it is very difficult to distinguish between the three Groups. The impact of infectious diseases and strengthens the fact that the baby against disease-resistant anorexia is seen as normal, the baby can not receive the necessary food. Necessarily require a doctor's treatment of such cases. Which will be mentioned here only minor nutritional problems.

If the baby's sick, feeding should be given 12-24 hours apart, by the way is only open to sweetened tea. Only tea and tea-term babies to be fed as often and should be given in small amounts. Check the baby's feces and feces according to the state increased the amount of tea. According to the age and condition of the baby may be granted, grated carrot and apple juice.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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