Intestinal Worm Yarn impetigo in children

Intestinal worm Intestinal Wolves (Parasites)

Intestinal Parasitic, can be seen in all children. And an honor to do this, the problem stems from worm excrement mistake to think of the house.

Thread worm

The most common species. Small, white yarns in the form of both stool and both can be seen around the anus. Multi-disturb. Its main symptom, itching, especially at night increased.

Treatment: Appropriate drug taken once or twice, enough to eliminate the disease. But the drug, the disease should be given to all members of the family in order to avoid duplication.

Skin and skin diseases, Venereal Diseases


This skin infection is caused by a bacterium called aureus. In childhood is common and usually affects the face hips. Filled with a yellowish fluid, in the form of small pimples. Over time, the shell explodes and connected. Itching, also spread to other parts of the body cause acne, as this is harmful. Can pass easily from person to person, and so schools do not want to take their children until the illness subsides.

Treatment of Impetigo, Skin Disease Treatment

Or cream on acne antibiotic treatment should be taken by mouth or saying. In order to prevent the spread of the disease in the family child care must be taken to use only your own towel.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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