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There are a few medical names should be explained in diagnosis.

Spondylosis: This word, distortions (excessive wear and tear) means. You are an inflammation of the joints in the spine "spondylitis" and should not be confused. Cervical spondylosis, and is a frequent condition affecting the neck area. Deterioration in the joints between the vertebrae and spinal disks in the neck are seen. Lumbar spondylosis occurs at the lower end of the spinal column.
In addition, the cartilage around the bones, older thickens. At the same time, in the process hardens. Human in this situation, the restricted movements increasingly see elderly people daily. For example, the neck is still fulfilling its function, although a little more thick and hard. However, the spinal cord and neck bones small canals (foramina) the nerves passing through the press and replaced with this new situation. In this case, right down to the neck pain can be found in the arms. Headaches occurring in the neck to the top of the head, neck spondylosis or neck, often "wear and tear" because of the incident comes forward. Neck, arm and back of the head of this sharp pain (acute) and may reduce the patient to bed for a while. But the pleasing thing is, they passed within a few weeks.

Neck sprain as a result of a strange position for the night while you sleep, woke up stiff encounter pains. However, this pain is very light during the day time. I think the most dangerous place to relax in bed, Mark Twain said that, because most people there have died. But as long as the neck and waist, spine, even if it is not so bed is a place where you can find anywhere in the place of pain. In particular beds, pillows and supports are not suitable

What is Osteoporosis: The disease of bone tissues, abrasives, leather. Bone tissue, bone calcium and phosphate salts in the harsh and hard nature of the substances in a live format consists of a network, or something similar. But the older skeleton loses its hardness. This situation can be seen, especially spine. Aging process, the people that make up the skeleton of the thinning of bone tissue are seen. This happens in women more than men, because their type of male hormone to a certain extent expressly protects. The bone thinning in women especially after menopause, and be seen. Although painless, the sidewalk, and select a tab or something small, such as minor accidents and injuries resulting from slip and fractures after a simple crush, take strong pain may occur for several weeks. Inactivity can increase. To maintain bone strength and the power to use it and need to move. Light stimulates and strengthens the spine movements. However, excessive rest and inactivity, long-term, fine and weakens it. Severe or sudden jolt of tension (stress) fractures may result. This occurs in cases of osteoporosis and back pain can lead to severe with the town.

What is Spondylolisthesis: any part of spine, upper spine to the bottom were: forward may shift a little. Consider a column made ​​of bricks. One of the bricks, bricks on the bottom and the top has shifted a bit forward, shifted forward along the entire column. In this case, childhood-
in congenital (congenital), a defect may occur. Adults or children, the backbone of the vibration or shock can occur in such situations sometimes slight damage. However, in some cases, this situation may have been present before the fault. Such damages, or a new defect can cause defects will be revealed. Spondylolisthesis, sometimes it happens and no signs of pain (symptom) does not show. Can cause great discomfort for a while. However, over time, or disability getting lost or eliminated.
Active and healthy people's daily, complained that only a minor back pain, however, appear to shift spine bone is really surprising. Rheumatic diseases, as shown by peeper is not important, if any, the resulting discomfort. X-rays, even the worst symptoms of the disease (symptoms) may not show. In fact, the patient may take a completely normal life. There is no need to strive to achieve and need to be old. No symptoms of the disease and help rather generations removed from the belts.

What is Fibrozit: Once upon a time, this is a very common disease. Generally, shoulder and shoulder blade (scapula) and causes pain in the muscles around. However, this pain even though they are annoying, people will affect the insurance policy. Fibrozit Today, doctors in the eyes of a nasty disease. Because the shoulder belt over soft tissues show no signs of inflammation. This causes pain and discomfort, although very different, the most common one, the resulting deterioration of the shoulder adjacent to the dorsal spine. The patient, giving the impression that the upper part of shoulder blade and spine, shoulder girdle of this disease, although tedious and painful, it does not lead to future injury and defects. Cause discomfort, even when older, rather than being unclean, an annoying thing.

Osteomalacia: leading to lack of vitamins, thinning and weak to-spine bone tissue is largely. Rickets is an example of it. Despite the frequent occurrence during Queen Victoria, have evolved over time largely disappeared from the diet. Absence of vitamin D, leading to rickets, a lot depends on the sun. The sun shines a lot in India, Pakistan or other countries, people under treatment, less sunny when they migrate to the Far East countries, vitamin D deficiency and meet the new dormitories.

The backbone arteritis (inflammation) is a disease of the spine joints. Often, rather than growing old forward from the bone and spine wear and losers suffered additional damage cartilage caused by continuous

are due to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is close to the bone and joint inflammation. Incelmelerine lose its elasticity and cause cartilage. Stronger than the bones on both sides of articular cartilage thickens and hardens, but more because of reduced movement. This kind of damage or wear and tear when it comes to bigger changes than the increases. But generally, rather than a sharp pain, decreased mobility and limited movement only small discomfort and harden, thus causing little pain.

Rheumatic arthritis: the length occasionally, rarely affect the rest of the spine. However spondylitis is basically a joint inflammation. Men rather than women ages 18-32 are at an increased, causing great stiffness and discomfort. A certain type of body tissue of patients with this disease have a tendency was observed. People with certain blood groups, compared to other people, some of the people against the disease, as many trends. Spondylitis rather too encountered in times of war. Most of the men caught the disease from the army because the exact age as appropriate. For the first time, the latest to join the armed forces in World War II have been diagnosed with a lot of examinations. Spine, tuberculosis disease or other infections, such as the backbone of today, other than the rare type of arthritis.

Bone Spine Scoliosis Lordosis warp

What is Sciatica, Sciatica Treatment, Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is often below the waist or hips, right down to the leg is a term used for all kinds of aches and pains. In the past, hip nerve inflammation was considered to come forward. Yet today, this nerve passes the road, on top of any pressure or the like are often a slipped disc drive, and the common cause of this disease is considered the most likely. Hip nerve of the body's largest. Serves a large portion of the arms and legs. In this regard, the real politicians, medicine being one of the most unpleasant pain. But it's often called sciatica pain, without printing the above-mentioned nerve, spine down the back legs of a descending pain. Many among the causes of low back disc damage, disruption of the lumbar vertebrae.

Malignant disease: the emergence of the spine cancer spine in principle, but may have been moved from one place to another through blood. Disc shift and the previously mentioned situations than are rare. However, in another part of the body such as breast or lung cancer spread to the spine may occur as a result of a sudden back pain. In such cases, even if the real cause of this pain, osteoarthritis is much more common, such as disc disease may be one of the previously mentioned diseases. One student actually wrote the award-winning composition "as the most common diseases."

Spine Bone warp, Spine Surgery, Spine Pain
(Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis) flattening of the spine

What is Scoliosis, scoliosis treatment

Scoliosis is a disease, on spine. So, looking back, the spine appears to be erected to the side. Very few people are the backbone of a fully erect. Refers to a lateral bending, and no little thing that does not cause discomfort. Near our past, II. Spine, tuberculosis and polio before World War II occasionally led to the spine warp, but today it no longer rare for these diseases of modern countries. Over the spine, discomfort and pain may not even cast sideways. Even though some people are born with scoliosis significantly, even if it seems anomalous, it is their own very little trouble. "Sciatica Scoliosis" of the so-called disease, sciatica arises spontaneously in the body to relieve pain (spontaneous), his effort, the spine curve laterally, the patient walks in the case without the knowledge curve.

What is Kyphosis, Kyphosis treatment

Snap-back refers to the spine warp. From the side, a normal spine, chest on the back of the fifth, sixth and seventh vertebrae around the back, of course, is to be bent forward. People get older, the neck tends to more forward warping. Human, shoulder. In this situation, vertebrae and discs is a result of the natural aging process. That's why, I will not be recognized in the elderly people, according to others much more.

What is lordosis, Lordosis flattening, Lordosis Treatment

Conversely a cast. The spine curve forward, so that the stomach is forward, the head remains behind. Pregnant women, more weight in the womb caused by a child trying to balance. William Shakespeare, in this case "the pride of pregnancy," he says.

Lordosis and kyphosis, to some extent, the emergence of natural. However, scoliosis, unless natural light are not counted. However, very few people do not have any scoliosis. This rarely cause low back pain. Spine disorders, although this reason, in themselves can cause pain.

Last main symptom that is causing low back pain, a lot have not less frequent contact there are other reasons. There are special drugs or surgical treatments for a fraction of them. For example, the so-called osteoid and a small non-cancerous bone tumor, prior surgery, the spine can cause great pain. However, this is a case in a very rare and hardly seen in people over 40 years old. Similarly, the advanced Western countries, though rarely seen, spinal tuberculosis, the world is still frequently found in underdeveloped countries.

Waist and Back Pain How is it treated

Low Back Pain, How to Prevent Back Pain, Low Back and Back Pain Treatment

The hard way a long time, standing postures, especially my back slightly ago, a lot of waist, can cause pain and aggravate them. Ironing, washing, cooking, painting and portrait painting actions such as bending over table positions are good examples of this. Golden rule is so important, at least as much as possible to stay in this condition. I often change positions, the occasional need to sit and browse. Spinal mobility and movement, the above-mentioned duties and tasks, you must have cause to give frequent breaks. Dog or cat wakes up from sleep, before getting up from where she lies stretched and extends back!

There are other common causes of low back pain intensifying. One of them is to remove a heavy burden on my back curved condition. For example, lifting luggage loaded. In this case, the spine stays straight, instead of moving the spine, hips and knees are. Another one of the things that cause pain, making beds, low drawers, cupboards, etc.. our stand for a long time cleaning the curved around my waist. These movements, rather than making them, if possible, kneeling or sitting on the knee is recommended. Sudden twisting, throwing and pulling movements can cause low back pain or aggravate them. Every person encounters such an event, a unique technique to get rid of the pain improves.

The way you sleep is also important. Must be comfortable as possible. No need to take punishment lying down extremely steep. Light and sound at the other factors to consider. They plunged to sleep most of the new patients with low back pain will wake up. In such cases, the rooms to protect from light curtains, wearing a trench at night, the eyes of the passengers traveling by air may help. Appropriate ear plugs, noise-sensitive help patients to sleep peacefully all night long.

Waist and back pain treatment

For the treatment of low back pain following the need to take the following six measures:

1-Inactivity, relaxation, pain relief drugs.
2-Physical therapy, light moves, the muscles start, temperature, length, and placed supports the rear, pull.
3-more efficient and more effective physical therapy gym, running (the hands and arms.)
4-anxiety and depression therapy, (generally strong measures.)
5-points of the spine and pain injections, acupuncture.

Low Back, Neck and Back Pain Physical therapy for

Surely, even for patients who need bed rest, blood circulation and provide the blood clot in leg veins (thrombosis) in order to prevent the work from the beginning should be made ​​simple leg and foot movements. However, very severe acute symptoms (symptom) diner, much more active muscle movement should be started again. However, the very high degree of motion, muscle spasm occurs suddenly and can aggravate pain.

Applied by the patient's family and his friends at home physical therapy, spine and legs is actually a light, idle movements. After a while a more active movements predictable. Later, the patient himself plays the muscles and gently move his legs. Program must be gradual return to normal and the patient, this type of response will be adjusted according to the growing muscle movements. Because of the strong sudden movements indicated (symptoms) can cause repeated. The temperature is good in a way most of the patients, but severe cases the patient into the bathroom to go to bed initial stage, is impossible. Physical therapy is much more complex. Treatment is based on the foundation of the same things: rest, movement and temperature. Massage is no longer popular, not what they used to. Now the patient, movements and required to return to the old state of things to do itself and not dependent on someone else is recommended.

Waist and Back Pain Heat

Some of temperatures, rheumatism pains of many varieties will increase. However, a hot bath and shower, apply to the sore area filled with hot water bottles or electric pillows, or even warm wool windings, the majority of sharp back pain is good. Hot steamy waist and back cushions are placed, are often useful. Various creams, ointments, or liquid drugs use, demonstrate impact on the body depends on the reaction. Because the application of these substances and will cause an increase in blood circulation, it automatically increases the temperature in the region. However, you must be very careful! Temperature these procedures cause severe irritation, burning pain in that area, even can cause. Caused by hot water bottles are often applied, purple spots on the bottom of the waist, sometimes people engage strongly predict the patient's chronic low back pain can be the cause.

Belts and straps

Being a part of the stanchions of the patients need help. Mild case of low back pain, wound, or linked from the waist belt and arches, arches longitudinally-mounted large-scale benefit. Abdominal and back wrapped in some patients who are sensitive to the cold, warm wool windings enjoy the same rate. In fact, most people are disturbed belt and the belt and prefer not to use such supplements. In hot countries, further stimulates this kind of arch supports to move the heat is not preferred. If possible, better to avoid the generation and arches. In fact, the strength of the muscles, in a support, rather than to increase them by running a light exercise would be more accurate. However, the patient is sleeping and is made ​​suitable, to be useful in the generation and arches can not be denied to many patients.

Here, the spinal column to help another to mention the support that you need the molds made ​​of plaster. The body is completely motionless in their remains. This situation is completely relaxes the spine. Sometimes the only way to follow the patient to keep the backbone full. Plaster molds are not a bit heavy and warm and comfortable.


Structures of the spine, muscle or soft tissues sensitive and sore points of injection (needle) can be often very useful. Sometimes the pain caused to the touch sore if a critical region, this region, a local anesthetic, corticosteroid injection or other suitable canceled simplifies things greatly. Other methods of treatment for low back pain and heal constantly, anesthesia, and rheumatism are usually provided by experts knock, or extra-dural injection of nature, according to the depth can be made ​​directly to the spine. They often can be helpful. Some enzymes, is injected directly slipped disc can be said about him.


Acupuncture, back and waist pains, certain parts of the body by inserting needles, of the former Far Eastern origin, a treatment method. The back and relieve back pain, but not always, usually for a period of time. Many times, other ways, such as physical therapy, pain a few hours, spend a day or two for.

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