Dental Stone (tartar)

Dental stone (What is tartar), Dental Stone Cleaning

One of the common problems of the patients of tartar, dental stone. Gum disease were described in the section, but again, roughly.

Remaining on the surface of the tooth for a long time scrub teeth and tooth germs plate saliva collapse of minerals composed of stones.
After brushing the surface of dental stone dental stone Dental occurred.
Only with special tools and special techniques gingiva a good dentist and your teeth clean without damaging the stones. The secret of all tooth surfaces of all the stones are cleaned and smooth. Do not go to a hacker do not think you're doing something healthy teeth cleaning following blocks. I already made ​​the wrong cleaning, gum bleeding does not interrupt.

Weigh the dental stones, can cause gum disease, such as tiny sponges, because there is a porous structure. Microbes are great for living areas. No one can bother them there. Brush it into the tiny pores in and there does not assign contaminated. One remedy is removal of the stone removed and the surface of the tooth.

Where there is a lot of the stones have a quiet silent bleeding gums are normal. Bleeding, tea, coffee, or non-porous structure of the stones can easily dye images are getting worse and after a while. Now, dark brown, black stones are.
Some people think that the damage to the teeth cleaned of tartar. Piracy is a practice that is as long as a true physician loss techniques right there not very big benefits. According to the patients during the dental engraved in the stones are drawn, will be damaged. However, there is a structure very hard enamel. Is one of the hardest substances in nature. With the degree of force used to scrape the enamel blocks wear you think. If you leave the teeth alone with the original stones and large to damage the gums.

All the toothbrush with toothpaste prevents tartar that is used regularly and in sufficient time. But marketed as preventing tartar toothpastes help prevent tartar that argument just because of these properties, a commercial approach. The smell and taste like you to use regular fluoride toothpaste containing any brand that you trust enough.
Rid of stains, whiten teeth and tooth powders marketed contains very intense abrasive. Frequent use of abrasive materials will cause scratches in the enamel. Do not use abrasive powders instead of Putty. But the wedding, two times a year, use the festival going.

Intensive with dental stones, if you have bleeding gums dental cleaning of stone would not be a single session. Blocks should be smooth surfaces of your teeth after dental . Rough surfaces, and 10 days after the sinking is not your language or bleeding must be cut, rough surfaces, bleeding, etc.. If you have undergone treatment as a means complete. Of course, despite the removal of all stones, do not expect withdrawal bleeding begun regular brushing. Gum and dental stone business drops 70 percent to 30 patients of the physician.

Dental blocks the necessary information that you see, your problem is closely interested in the gums, oral hygiene, brushing techniques, you find a physician in the light you do not miss your doctor know the value of the good.

Causes of Bad Breath, How to Troubleshoot

In the body, diabetes, certain systematic diseases, such as liver and kidney diseases can cause odor. However, 90 percent of the causes of mouth odor is caused by environment. Talking about the smell of onions, garlic odors of course, has nothing to do with food. As a result of such foods are not taken when cleaning or a healthy mouth does not smell in the mouth. Mentioned that we smell, the smell of chronic mouth is clear that the real reason: Tooth decay, gum disease, poorly made ​​dentures, poor oral hygiene and dry mouth, etc.. aneorop result of (oxygen hating) bacteria in the mouth especially the tongue base and soft tissues due to accumulation.

Language on the root of the accumulated dead tissue debris, broken down by bacteria in the blood elements and food debris that causes the formation of odorous volatile gases. (For example: methyl and hydrogen sulfide gases, called volatile, methyl is stable, the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide is similar.)

Mentioned in the oral examination, dental caries, gum disease, dentures, etc. are not hygienic. If you have a reason to be seen by your dentist and like all the problems will be solved by the treatment. Oral hygiene care you show to the mouth rapidly disappear : bad breath persists despite the application of all these proposals out of the mouth causes should be considered. At the beginning of them;

Sinus and lung diseases,
Diabetes (acetone smell),
Kidney diseases (fish odor),
Metabolic diseases,
Psychological disorders, etc. that is causing the dryness of the mouth. income.

Especially bad dry mouth causes bad breath. Salivary flow rate and decrease the amount of dryness in the mouth are among the factors that increase. Oral dryness less saliva than normal, so that the mouth on the tongue and the smell of these substances is increased enough wash.

Oral dryness is a lack of saliva or other negative is that the environment also cause oxygen scarcity. Lack of oxygen in the oral environment aneorop (ie, oxygen does not like) is an environment suitable for microbes. Stress caused by the dryness of the mouth is considered one of the reasons for the occurrence of bad breath. Consult your doctor feel it is caused by the dryness of the mouth using a drug to end drug use. Especially drugs used for diabetes and depression are common. If you have to use drugs, to reduce bad breath and sip of water. To speed up the flow of saliva in chewing sugarless gum is good.

One other thought about the smell of the mouth or digestive system, such as stomach-which is not an inconvenience. Pharynx normally only allows the flow of food. So one side is like opening a door, just burping the case consists of reverse air flow, which is not a cause of chronic odor, so even if the digestive system, the odor problem easily find your way out your mouth.

There are two basic things done to eliminate mouth odors: First, the washing of gases that cause odor in the mouth, the second and more important cause of these gases is the elimination of the bacteria. That is exactly to provide oral hygiene.

As mentioned earlier, tooth brushing and tongue cleaning should be done in full (about 3 minutes), it should be used in addition to the alcohol-free gargles. Create the ground for the odors of alcoholic cause dry mouth gargles.

You can also smell the mouth can tell whether one or two small experiments. Odorless molar teeth with a dental floss or toothpicks interface, try cleaning the teeth by applying pressure on the walls. After the process is a long wait and smell the floss, or toothpick. Also remove the language out of the root of your tongue thoroughly with a cloth or gauze abestan (wooden rods used during the inspection) and the Strip. Wait for a while, you delete a whiff of these instruments are used. In both cases, getting odor, mouth odor is in trouble your head. The smell test, do not recommend you to your relatives face.

Bad Breath Treatment

In short, if you have long-lasting oral and want to eliminate it as soon as possible:

1. Detected in the mouth cavities, broken fillings, gum pockets, such as defective denture treat all the odor sources.
2. At least 2 times a day for about 3 minutes to brush your teeth effectively.
3. The importance of cleanliness should be the subject of language. Language is a very important place smell clean mouth. Toothbrush or using a private language sweeps back parts of the tongue must be cleaned once a day.
4. Tea and coffee type drinks to consume as little as possible. Because the oral environment, which enhances the growth of microbes ancorop.
5. Smoking, alcohol and spicy foods, controlled, or even be used.
6. Odorous gases, the effect of the remaining proteins into bacteria or milk products for drinking milk must scrub your teeth after eating.
7. Sugary foods are also in the same way as the raw material used to produce these gases. In addition to daily brushing of such foods in the mouth after the remaining residues immediately cleaned and removed from the mouth.
8. Consult your doctor feel it is caused by the dryness of the mouth using a medication change it, change not appropriate for your situation seek advice from your doctor for side effects. None of ten glasses of water a day does not reduce the negative effects of dryness of the mouth, try drinking.
9. Chew sugar-free chewing gums contain a sweetener such as xylitol. Chewing stimulates saliva flow, but also worsens the situation If you violate sweetened chewing gum. Day without sugar will help to generate more than saliva.

AFT and Herpes Treatment

AFT and cold sores (mouth and lips Featured Wounds)

What Is Herpes, Herpes and AFT Disease Treatment

From your mouth, usually inside the lips and cheek mucosa of the tongue, although, under the tongue and palate in the middle of the white around the red sores called thrush. Herpes lip edge of the well-known by everyone, except under the nose of the familiar, such as a disease of the mouth.

Stress, irritating acidic foods, vitamin deficiencies, trauma (ie cheek, tongue, lip biting), his wounds, and some systemic diseases, ill-made prostheses (eg, Behcet's disease) make one susceptible play a major role in the formation. Still have not identified the exact cause. Patients, but it does not need more hurry. Was below compare the common cold or the flu, because most of the time in a treatment can be made ​​for the exact reason for known. Usually a week, within 10 days passes. What you can do, some drugs work in this process and perhaps spend a little less painful.
In particular drug is used at the beginning of the lesions, wounds can spend a period of growth and multiplication more easily, frequently removing unopened closet containing chlorine heksidin a mouth gargle (klorhex, kloroben, etc. superheks. May be) and keep anestol ointment. Noticed an immediate start to come out gargaraya Aft. Cleaning mouth gargle 3 times a day on the other hand to care. Brush your teeth regularly, but do not use toothpaste a few days. Because of certain substances in the paste were also caused by AFTA. Take advantage of the inside of the mouth-numbing ointments such as having a very painful anestol. The cream time of 10 minutes, such as numbness in a short time. Therefore, a pre-dinner cotton, ear bar (yet clear one ear) or a piece of finger at the region aftlı crawl. A minute later the pain does not attract the food you eat. Gargle with carbonated water can not get any. Meals in the hot, spicy, bitter, sour, acidic Make sure no.

But they are very numerous and very often for sure whether it is due to a systemic disease coming aft. One of the symptoms of some diseases such as Behcet's thrush. Aft, due to illness and do not mind if you are only prepared the ground for the progression of disease will wait to pass.

My suggestion is for herpes cold sore cream containing acyclovir stubble Separate your side. Bringing herpes symptoms, such as leaving the previous mild itching and redness would have the experience to understand. That is the period before or as soon as people begin to use the cream, a thin layer takes four hours apart, the sun stops away from the much more mild and soon get rid of herpes. Very frequent and severe herpes spend a lot of experts necessarily consult a physician and act in accordance with his recommendations. Even if passed will affect your brain in severe cases, herpes virus can cause dangerous diseases. In addition, herpes is a contagious condition, can be very dangerous in infants. In such times, kissing, touch, others, towel, careful not to use her lipstick.

Gum Disease

In order to understand the diseased gingiva, is how healthy gums, you need to know. Light pink healthy gums, teeth in the form of a thin band wraps. Taps, apple, pear, quince, bleeding gums when eating. In diseased gums swollen, red significantly, the slightest touch, bleeding gums during brushing. This view also is accompanied by brown weigh a severe gum problem exists.

"Microbial dental plaque," we call germs and sticky saliva of the substances mentioned plaktan. Now, how to work in the record of this microbe can cause gum diseases, try to understand it.

Food eaten, the record created in your mouth. After that, microbes begin to multiply the speed of light. Passes 6 hours, 12 minutes passes, sleep is still not intend to brush. So fill in 24 hours. Microbes in plaque lazy as you behave this way. Reproduce, grow, grow ... What you eat is a common appetite, teeth and gums on one side of the waste produces toxic substances that damage, acid rain, on the one hand the amount of food in your teeth using. If there tabirimizle Record more than 24 hours, it matures.

The amount of waste it produces will cause disease reaches. This plaque, teeth and gum chewing that facial pits are concentrated at the edges, and even germ-coloring tablets become easily visible.

How our hands over the skin with a healthy gingiva above the "epithelial" layer is covered with a call. Microbe plağınca wastes generated in the first irritate the epithelium and disrupts the continuity of the epithelium. You can compare your hand a few drops of acid. Is not easy for the protective epithelium of injured regions are no longer bleeding gums. This is the first sign of gum disease, but it is not yet too late for anything. Cause irritation of the plaque, a soft toothbrush as soon as possible is removed from the gingival epithelium is repaired and the bleeding cuts. But does not remove plaque and in the meantime to continue to be fed at the level of acid in your mouth and bring them to germs of the most beloved consistency and waste continues in full swing, people stand up against these attacks the gums and withdrawn according to the defense.

Minerals in saliva and dental plaque begins to collapse on the other hand creates a stone. Teeth with polish is not good quality. In other words, such as the porous limestone. It enters into the pores of food leftovers, around here causes the formation of plaque. These pores act as germs for the super-luxury villas. Brush strokes, even in the VIP guests can not disturb these villas. Complete removal of the stones for this Gingival , sticks and regular brushing areas should be made ​​smooth. Stones in the gingiva and tooth surface of the plates taken as a result of waste in areas where plaque accumulates opened. Thus begins a vicious cycle. Gum is taken, the captured area to accumulate plaque, consisting of plaque causes the gums to withdraw even more. As shown in the figure of gum, the bone surrounding the tooth starts to over 1 millimeter. Gum drawn at this distance in trying to protect the bone begins to melt. The roots of teeth exposed them to emerge and begin to form stones. As a result of this negative relationship between the root and bone, teeth and tooth aralan also started to open to take a swing. The roots of the surrounding bone is resorbed and the longitudinal and transverse gutters. Meanwhile, the defense cells of the body sends gingiva. A result, the gums swell up, to blush. This swelling, blistering, and the melting of the bone around the tooth consists of a cell.

Entering into this mobile food scraps here accumulate over time. Brush can not reach these regions. The patient can wash these places even if I did a superficial brushing. Sometimes these pockets are clogged with peel a tomato or a piece of sesame seeds. Pus and the abscess does not flow out of the crashed. The patient takes a few days of pain, tooth. In the meantime, the self-discharge pus. According to him, cut off the patient's pain, chronic inflammation continues, although she improved.

For many years, the gums and surrounding tissues are exposed to this waste is no longer suffers from irreversible destruction. Gum every touch, even bleed slightly hard foods. Bleeding, stones, and their black and brown coloring is caused to take a picture. On the one hand this is a terrible bleeding and bad breath occurs because of gaps accumulated in the food. The patient may not notice the smell of his own mouth, but according to US Civil Code, divorce cause of bad breath.

Let us come to what it takes to do. The first thing you should do brushing your teeth regularly and to not allow the maturation of germ plaque. The treatment of gum base, eliminating the reason is to allow the healing of tissues. Reason for the record that the fight to-plate section, said first two sentence. With dental floss and brush your teeth cleaned on a regular basis plaque.
Brush them before, and life circumstances in the face of this book keeps you with this type of gum problems, let us continue on what can be done:

1. "I just have bleeding gums, and he is brushing. When I look in the mirror they look a bit red," if you say you're in luck too. At this stage, just replace the tooth brush with a soft brush and good quality brush your teeth regularly. At the same time the switch to the use of dental floss. Within a week, and gingival bleeding gums cut. Previously discussed methods of brushing and oral-dental care, obey the rules of sweet, pink tooth gums go to live happily. When these treatments within 3 days of bleeding starts again. Obesity is provided by the regime and the sport returns to the weight of gum disease, how to brush the leaves will return to leave.

2. Are bleeding gums, apples, pears, hard foods, such as blood coming off the bite and gingival recession in some places and appears to weigh in, or red, light fog and relatives mouth gums complement complains from time to time, advanced stage of gum disease and the transition to regular brushing Need a dentist with the means of intervention. In this case, explaining the importance of brushing a real dentist first attract you to a speech. Then for 3-4 sessions of process will completely clean. With this operation, a noticeable improvement within a week will be the gums, bleeding in the first cut, will be reduced swelling of the mouth kokunuz will be no noticeable extent. If you think gum treatment, and by the way your treatment is over and you have been told the job a single session, but in the past 10 days, although STOP bleeding, gum treatment not only means that you are divorced. This probably means that the dealin against pirate tooth . Worse than that, this is a pirate in this case physicians, patients and their teeth often author advises only antibiotic mouthwash. Because according to them, swings swaying even more teeth. Thus at the end of their teeth are prepared by yourself.

Why use an antibiotic mouthwash dentists nourish the gums or gum disease treatment do not give a vitamin or "scrub, scrub!" do they say? Because the gums are not a begonia or a Japanese umbrella that fed vitamin. Let's say bleeding, you go to a doctor in your mouth tartar 200 grams. The doctor you an antibiotic, vitamin and nutritional gave mouthwash. Sent to you without doing anything else. Here is a real pirate of the physician than a dentist to do now know roughly.

This will be a stimulus that: you go to dentist. Gingival prostheses before and warned openly about you that you need gum treatment, he said. You can do except to go to college or a place you might have therapeutic value in your dentist know uyardıysa. Although the above-described severe gum disease, gums dentist too, is recommend you to be careful.

In short, the dental health of the most important and the first symptom of gum bleeding. Healthy gums touching, bleed. Gingival bleeding in the treatment should be discontinued in a week or 10 days. Bleeding is not cut and have a lot of complaints missing. Following treatment with polish teeth cleaned and gums can be made.

Mouth and Exterior Maintenance

Ideal Dental Care must be?

Ideal plate is completely free from microbes are provided with oral hygiene teeth.
During the day, eat to sustain our lives again and again causes the formation of plaque. Record maturation, ie, the population of microbes reaching enough, is removed through the teeth and gums can harm tooth. This information is called Brush your teeth 2 times a day for at least behind the cause.

Teeth four-dimensional. Front, rear, side and are chewing their faces. Microbial plaque to all the faces, especially in places intricate sticks. But people usually only the front side of teeth. Like 40 seconds long, this is missing in the scrubbing process, not only protects regions. Combing the areas, especially the back teeth, between teeth and chewing surfaces of the faces will continue to record the activities at a brisk pace. In other words, these regions will be provided the necessary environment for tooth decay and gum disease.

Ideally, hygiene, teeth plaque vaccine completely.

This is usually unobtainable, as was done with 40 seconds brushing. Teeth front, rear and side of chewing enough quality time with a soft brush (about 3 minutes) brushed. In this way, some 80 percent of all the faces brushing protects oral health. Plate is covered with teeth still in interfaces. Brush hair is impossible to reach these interfaces.

Our teeth side by side to us that confers laughters cute. Stand on the theme of the elbow, but they are not attached to each other, such as in a block. So now the scourge of our heads between our teeth in the dental plaque comfortably settled, there matures, even around here is even more comfortable. Because even with regular brushing can not be accessed here. Maybe you're talking about very small areas, but also our guests will not see it is small and we call our small number have landed in the trillions we think, should take seriously and understand how these regions. The shape of these interfaces can not go brush your teeth, according to the sequence of dental floss, or private dental brush interface mechanically cleaned, ie, plaque must be removed. This information can then brush your teeth rotting the answer. Brush your teeth regularly, despite the deep decay, tooth loss, gum recession and bleeding as the main reason that you're experiencing tooth and gum problems, problems that began here and continues interfaces.

A weapon in the War of the dental plaque putty. But for some reason, tooth pastes are overrated. However, through the removal of dental plaque toothbrush and dental floss performs. Toothpaste it more comfortable, more effective cleaning converts. Also increases the power in the teeth with a fluoride supplement. Prevents yellowing teeth. But I'd drop a deserted island, only two oral hygiene products for the right to receive, even if I could buy a toothbrush and dental floss. People to save me, yellow teeth, maybe I used to smile, but I would not have been suffering from tooth decay and gum. People are more important than the quality of the brush, run after the shape of features such as multi-brand toothpaste. Taste, smell like any toothpaste that contains fluoride to use. But the quality of the brush, the shape, the softness of the points to be considered. When you lose bristles parallelism, left and right replaced.

Brushing should be very soft. Germ layer that is at the top of tooth plaque, a sticky layer, but the shoes will need to scrape mud and so is not as hard as, of course. Clear at the top of this soft layer of your tooth with a soft brush. If you use a hard brush, tooth enamel layer will cause wear and tear. This gradually makes the gums and the enamel layer of the eye trauma, the effect will not be noticed to the opening of tiny nicks. This notch is opened and the tooth where the enamel layer of tooth decay is not lost despite the protection of fresh, cold and sour in the face of such effects. On the one hand, "Brush my teeth, so, still holding gums. A good physician understands the situation immediately. Enamel layer of material drop-off in this region special. These substances should be checked often, this treatment must be repeated over time. This condition can also be applied advanced ones more advanced treatments.

Brush your teeth regularly twice a day, but still rank below consists of decayed teeth is doing one of the possible errors:

Tooth Brushing Techniques Related to

Error: Brushing Short-Term

Tooth brushing can keep your time is too short. Normally the brushing time is 3 minutes. Many people use this time to a maximum of 40 seconds. Usually appears at this time, surfaces of front teeth and teeth brushed. However, we do chewing surfaces of teeth with our language, and this time faces looking can not share. However, these regions are ideal places in the attachment plaques. Sometimes my patients to identify a song until the song brushing advice teeth. So you can see the difference between brushing times the normal duration of brushing.

Error: Hard Brush

It will clean your teeth hard to believe 'that the brush may be brushing. You "love" under the pretext of her husband beaten up every day look like. Tooth brush every day is a hard slaps, gum in the face of this trauma is pulled back, reveal the roots of teeth. Mine to the wear layer. Stiff brush to clean the places to be indented to show the necessary flexibility and the decay occurs there.

Error: not using dental floss

3 minutes with a soft brush your teeth and still have caries, dental floss, or toothpick special you're not using. Search hundreds of tiny cavities to your teeth cleaned up enough to interface with the negligence penalty in this draw.

Now I get a little unity of dentists mouth "Scrub, scrub," say I think you understand. Dear readers, needles and drugs to excess weight, not fewer calories, so get rid of motion. My teeth decay, bleeding gums, my mouth if you want to smell, vitamins, seek help from antibiotics. The only thing you have to do; dental plaque on the teeth in time to remove mechanically. First, get that straight. Do not worry, all the miraculous things that scientists are pursuing. But not an invention of our generation does not catch up.

1. Dental and dental diseases cause 90 percent microbial dental plaque.
2. Microbial dental plaque, tooth germs, and food residues on the accumulation of thin, a layer of coloring agents that can be seen.
3. This plaque, cavities and gum disease, for lack of reason, at the latest within 24 hours, the surface of the tooth brush, dental floss to remove all the interfaces.
4. Not remove the latest within 24 hours, reaches the size of the bacteria damage the teeth and gingiva.
5. Plaque is sticky with water stray away from teeth, but with an effective brushing to get rid of him.

Microbial dental plaque

Microbial dental plaque

Dental caries, bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth loss, etc. early. think of issues such as criminal, such as your grandfather's grandfather (ie, genetic), not of germs and dentists, "Microbial Dental Plaque," said thing.

Slippery surface of the teeth that tooth, immediately after brushing, there is a layer of physiological adhesive saliva tooth. This is the top layer of your teeth when you hover your language slipperiness felt. Food residues and microbes through this layer clings to the teeth. This is not harmful to guests at the beginning, tutunmaları also normal. But like everywhere else in our body are germs in our mouth. Food tailing especially fond of each other carbohydrates microbes and germs just fused together to form plaque. Record of the microbes begin to multiply rapidly. Within 24 hours you will be disease-causing harmful waste products to produce tooth not remove gumz have access to level. This "maturation of plaque is called.

They reproduce constantly multiplying and maturing plaque on tooth germs of millions are enjoying. These microbes also produce waste materials because of its harmful effects on teeth and meats, cause tooth decay and gum disease.

This spoiled, birth control, a news mikroplarınızı, they reach sufficient numbers, the opportunity to produce the waste material can not make it, you need to zoom out on the teeth at regular intervals. First I must say that the water or get rid of them gargaralarla because yapışkandırlar. Water and mouthwash, but something like plağınızı washes. Environment in the waste material and reduces the acid level maybe 3-5 minutes. Gargles mikrobunuzdan 2 trillion in 1000 one kills. So, what do we do then? The plaque by brushing with a soft toothbrush, dişimizin out, over.

Structure of the tooth

Dental diseases, tooth pain and tooth structure to understand why it is roughly known. The essence of the vessels and nerves of teeth called dental teeth with a soft layer surrounding the core, protects the enamel and the "how" we call consists of two hard layers.

Mine, the top layer of the tooth appears. Tooth color is skin color. How to with the color of your skin determines whether you are healthy, your teeth yellow as well as unhealthy or healthy are not very white.

Structure of teeth

Normally in our mouth each jaw 4 front teeth (cutters), 2 canine, 4 premolars, 4 molars and in the 20 years she has a total of 32 teeth.
Dentists "crown" part of the tooth in the mouth, teeth, say his name. I also have not seen that these roots are the roots of teeth is unique in the front teeth. Molar teeth may be two or three well-established. So all three molars as thought is not a radical.

The roots of teeth is a topic of interest;
Upper molars 3 root
Sub-major azılar, upper second small azılar 2 root

Front teeth, dog teeth, top and bottom of the first single-small cell.
In the teeth of a mystery 20 years 1, 2, 3 or 4 may be rooted, that is attached to the head.

Is embedded into the jaw bone and teeth as shown in the above cakes are surrounded by gum. Mm above the bone is located in a gum. Bone between the roots in the "ligaments" that we call, the connection between bone and the teeth during chewing forces are a way to stretch. Once you know all this basic information to better understand teeth graze.

Dentistry and Anesthesia

Article anesthetic used in dentistry, there is nothing to do with drugs known substance that is used to numb your teeth. Especially morphine is not at all.

The patients used in the anesthetic substance that is probably due to incorrect information look suspiciously. Some of anesthesia in children, thinks that the permanent teeth, avoid. Insists on the withdrawal of anesthesia for the child's teeth.

Some believe keep anesthesia for alcohol use. A mystery to you, as you might think alcohol does not affect. So pulling a tooth pain in a place that you receive every night. Or catch up with the physician target nerve, or the effect of anesthetic agent has lost due to storage conditions, or waited sufficient period of time. Also at the root of tooth infection (abscess, inflammation), acute (exacerbation) may be provided in case the full anesthesia.

Sometimes the anatomical structure of the lower molar teeth of anesthesia because of a single bulb fully guaranteed. When dental treatment in two different locations in the two anesthesia, you may need to cut back, such as the long-lasting transactions. Re-injection is painful for the patient to move. Sometimes the sight of the second injector slots in the patient's eyes arched, stretched, "the second " he asks fearfully. In this case, the doctor stretches unnecessarily. But they see the patient for a treatment less painful. This kind of work in the reverse goes tense patients.

Most of the applied anesthetic agents can be used as a light bulb in the day 6. Already more than does the physician. Long treatments, cutting, filling, and sometimes a combination of shooting is done, 4-5 injection inevitable and normal, do not panic. Anesthesia for mandibular posterior teeth; operation on the lip and tongue tip up to half. match. 15-20 minute complete agreement. The effect lasts for 2-3 hours. Numbness of the lips, teeth, upper jaw felt back. Anesthesia, but is not felt a numbness in tongue. Some patients with panic as they do not match the upper jaw anesthesia. If you ask again, but I really hurt when control physician anesthesia anesthesia of the upper jaw stretch so do not feel your lips on your face. Some patients also feel numbness the edge of the lower jaw lip anesthesia sufficient period of time before they want to be an intervention. Afraid of the passage of the effect of anesthesia. However, as noted above, the effect lasts for 2-3 hours. If the tongue and lips to the middle of the three of you feel numbness, anesthesia is not successful.

If you feel numbness, pain in these regions despite the wait. Deepening of anesthesia fully let. Not enough time to wait, even though you feel numbness in the lips and tongue at the proper place of anesthesia has been suffering, but there is a problem anesthetic article or abscess of the tooth root tip may be.

But it will be large enough to interfere with anesthesia while the abscess has already seen the doctor examine you. Sometimes these problems are encountered during the construction of fill that the problem probably originated from the wrong conditions, items stored anesthetic. Ask your dentist has already suffered the recurrence of the physician does not want you to shoot.

Fill in making some of the patients, the nerves of agreement with the effect that the doctor does not understand the idea, do not want to anesthesia. Such a measure is useless to you the pain grind another. When filling in the tooth as the dentist sees net layers. Knows that you are the nerves. Not screaming that protects the nerves, the physician's eyes, dexterity and medical information. In addition, the intervention narcotization most patients, even in enamel caries nerves that feel pain, even very far away. Each perceives the pain as the nerve to touch. Fill-making and make a good anesthesia, close your eyes, think about other things, let us think, your dentist nerves.

Injection made, very afraid of the needle seat, sitting down to your doctor, do the bargaining. Injection, spray or cream before you make such superficial insist that drugs do. Superficial needle will sink in with an anesthetic agent injection be look and feel nothing is done very slowly. Solo on the palate a little bit more painful because of the anesthesia, the tissues superficial anesthetic is used, but even there without feeling the pain of injection comfort is provided.
Anesthesia, the dentist makes it very easy to work, but some may develop complications (unintended but potential problems) should be considered.

1. The simplest is the moment of fear and blood pressure due to anesthesia or when the difference in needle fainting (syncope). The patient was brought to the supine position seat itself comes in the next 2-3 minutes. This scares a lot attendant and the patient, but short, fear is not a problem due to convulsions. And systemic disease develops in people with hypertension or recovery may be longer the danger mark. Please notify the moment physician visits for the next physician. Make sure to take the necessary precautions.

2. One of the major allergy issues. Make sure your testing if you suffer from allergic sensitization. At least a small skin test before treatment carried out by the arm Make sure the front. If you have a problem is rare but severe allergic even cause sudden death.

3. The anesthesia for the upper jaw molars sometimes face suddenly swells. Hematoma in the vessel due to the structure of this region we call the cheek may bleed. If the situation is very bad, a bleeding disease in patients who do not have extra treatment is continued. After the procedure, blood is accumulated in tissue is given antibiotics to inflammation. Within a week, your face, various colors of the rainbow (due to blood cells during the healing, bruising, and yellowing and it will recover. Antibiotics are used regularly, there is no problem.

4. Patient is a very frightening development, the lower jaw to the back molars of the lower eyelid during anesthesia to remain open. This portion of the nerve in eyelid anesthesia is done a little back. Patient panics, but there is nothing to fear. The effect of anesthesia, such as freely as before when I moved out flicker cover starts.

5. Lips, swollen faces, such as post-anesthesia because patients feel numbness, swelling, because it is felt numbness. Think they've been fully paralyzed lips. Temporarily stopped the transmission of nerve anesthesia can not be controlled easily to the lips. It also eliminates the problem when I moved the effect of anesthesia.

6. Anesthesia only blocks the pain sensation. Stops in the sense of touch. Anesthesia where the patient feels the sense of touch enough to think panic caught incompatible. If you notify the physician and ask for repetition of anesthesia is really painful.

7. As for the Pirates and the relationship of anesthesia, head and neck nerves, knowing the exact anatomy of the jaw of a stroke are at risk of anesthesia. Pirate pirate is another remote monitoring anesthesia, doctors learned how great you think you know that you are in danger. One other danger hygiene. Be stored under sterile conditions and one-off injector nozzle is very important. Sterile syringe, even the patient's right next door should be opened, but scary pirates in this regard. Many a time, used to be taken injector uses a minimum of ten patients. Hepatitis from a patient to another bug, the other not even aware the H1V virus as soon as you move to the other.

8. General anesthesia during dental treatment can be done in some cases. Patient very fears (fears enough to take the risk of general anesthesia), small children and people with disabilities are sometimes expensive, but because of the risks and is not used extensively in practice.

Fear of Dentist

Dental fear is usually experienced at an early age is due to the memory of a terrible dentist. Small minds fear the dentist places a tooth taken painful. Those little minds grow, police colonel, taekwondo champion, a black eye, etc. prosecutor. stops will be in place, but the fear of the dentist.

Now, as you know or you think dentists are not terrible. (The pirates are still terrible.) Technology evolved so much inceldi needle. Anesthetic cream or spray to a surface, even at the point of entry into the needle without pain and a slow injection of anesthetic can make without feeling anything, not even receiving a piece of jaw with a good feel of anesthesia. These are time-consuming applications. Worked in public hospitals, they may not be time for busy physicians in private practice, but the first dentist fear, if you want to talk about the sensitivity of treatment can painlessly.

Who understands you, your fears will surely there is a physician.
Let us come to children. More children 2-3 years old must start a visit to the doctor. This period will not yet a big problem teeth like a dentist's visit is a fun event is detected. Especially the one about the physician who understands the language of friendly child. At the age of 4-5 is very simple applications, such as fluoride sealant serum sample belong to trusts already live no problem. The future will be a small bruise, etc. issues such as whether the dentist for fear of needles, shots, etc.. approaching make more sense.
"It's too late, I'm like pile and I'm scared to death to the dentist, I'll do what you say".

First Anti-Piracy will stay away, and the second visit if necessary dentist approached sensitively.

The sensitivity of the physician that you trust, fear, pain no mention at all stages of treatment will want to be able to be guaranteed.

Which means if you think you will learn how to provide that guarantee. She tells you what happens in a language you can understand logically congratulations you found your doctor.

The first few days and make a short treatments; a grain filling, single-tooth extraction, etc.. Already after the first painless treatment will greatly fear.

Force ordinary physician during treatment. I am not saying to force. Try to be calm as possible, let us process the physician. But remember that there are things you have to do without. Physician work force they are. But a steady doctor understands your situation. Shows the required patience and care. We will win.

Much did you, but
So a little pain, of course, that does not fill in any pain, etc. No in this way says, to look for another doctor.

The physician won your trust, and make all the All treatments. You probably have not seen for a long time for treatment has a large number of tooth problems. Despite all the care taken in some phases of dentistry can be felt very little pain. Your doctor that you trust them to be easily tolerated. After some operations in the result of an anesthesia pain at home are waiting for you. For example, in making prosthetic teeth, cut, done, etc. fill in some deep cavities. possible after pain. I would not have any pain, do not blame your doctor know. Follow the recommendations of your pain breakers time.

Causes of Dental Care

Oral Health, Dental and Oral Health Factors that Nullify Causes

Digestive system diseases, rotten teeth, gum disease, inflammation of the tonsils, some respiratory system diseases, infectious diseases, oral health can distort. More disturbing to provide oral health oral health first must eliminate the cause. That is a cause of dental caries yaptırılmalı clean fill, why is reported as a disease, treatment should be made ​​to be.

Oral health is primarily the most important factor in healthy teeth. Dental health of milk and milk products, fruit and vegetables, fed a balanced, the body needs calcium, phosphorus, minerals, A, D, vitamin C should be enough.
Sweet foods, then rinse the mouth, mouth to increase in the acid environment of coke, drinks such as soda pop should be avoided. Carrot, apple, quince necessary for dental health is to eat foods such as biting, but the walnuts, hazelnuts, such as eating food that is harmful to teeth breaking. Dental toothpick in between teeth yarn is not cleaned after every meal, before going to bed in the morning and brushed teeth.

Tooth decay,

Our teeth as milk teeth and permanent teeth can be examined in two groups.

Milk teeth 8 cutter, 4 canines and 8 molar consists of a total of 20 teeth. The formation of the teeth while the baby in the womb (fetal life) 15 and 17 maturation begins between weeks, approximately 36 months after the birth is completed. Baby teeth usually come in 6-9 starts and ends 2 years old. Towards the end of 6 years starting from the bottom teeth, milk teeth are sharp drops. Decrease in milk teeth is completed around 12 years of age.

During eruption, sleep, appetite disturbances, fever and diarrhea constantly finding the real cause of these disorders should be investigated.

Permanent Teeth. 8 blades, 4 canines, 8 the first molars, second molars, with a total of 22 teeth is complete. Permanent teeth start to come out 6-7 years and 12-14 years of age is completed. 17-22 years old 20 years she called the third molars can be seen in some cases also.
Dental caries and lactic acids dissolve tooth enamel as a result of the deterioration of tooth integrity.

Factors affecting tooth decay

Nutrients necessary for the development of bacteria,
Tooth surface condition

The most important collection of lactobacilli and streptococcus bacteria. Blood cells, bacteria, food debris, dead cells are also added to create an environment unsuitable. As a result of the enzymatic effects of bacteria on carbohydrate foods that consist of acids. Acids then dissolve tooth enamel and cavities called inorganic substances initiates tooth decays.

Feeding tooth decay, racial and sociological factors play a role. Particular emphasis on the importance of the prevention of tooth decay. Ideally should be between 0.1 to 1 per million of fluoride concentration in drinking water. This is where the missing amount, 3, 7,10,13 children between the ages of dental fluoride additions can be made ​​with the recommendations of doctors. The amount of fluoride in drinking water by 4 percent per million in the tooth enamel can be seen in yellow status.

Teeth cleaned by dental caries in the early period and is filling the carious tooth, scroll to the root is reached. Affected by dental pain as the nerves started when the show itself. Dental caries cavity formed by the so-called holes contain continuous microbial community. Micro-organisms through the blood of infected people, and sometimes that can lead to various diseases.

Heart disease
Kidney diseases
Articular rheumatism
Digestive system diseases
Mouth odors
Eye diseases
Create allergic diseases.

Periods of growth and development of calcium, phosphorus and flordan inadequate food nutrition, tooth decay easier. Roll in sugar and starchy foods consumption, made ​​of dental caries causes teeth cleaning. Frequent pregnancies, spent a high fever in infancy, the use of the wrong drug, reduces body resistance events, provide the teeth decay more easily.

What's Disease Treatment of Granuloma

Dental Granuloma

Dental granuloma arising in an organism's response against microbes, in itself can become a dangerous source of infection.

Just below the tooth root, as a growing mass of ligament surrounded by a capsule called a dental granuloma. This mass can be said to occur as a result of a defensive response. Indeed, tooth and tooth root granuloma pulp) of the body has developed a defense mechanism against the spread of the germs of the product. But over time he becomes a source of infection. Here, sheltering in reaching distant organs in various ways microbes cause severe infection foci.

Dental Granuloma Place

Dental roots in the upper and lower jaw bones settled with the tie around the tooth sockets (periodontum), which contains nerves and blood vessels in the connective tissue layer clings to ETSI. Around the tooth bonding, tooth retention function, as well as during chewing or pressure caused by blows from a variety of places. Dental transmitted through the pressure to the bone around the tooth tissue significantly lighter flexible bond.

Ties around the tooth with the root ends of teeth between the presence of many small channel around the tooth germs dişözünden easily allows cross to bond. This situation makes it easy to granuloma formation.

Dental Causes of Granuloma

Disease sooner or later tends to spread around the tooth bond. Because the bond placed around the tooth germs and toxic substances reaching the end of the roots of teeth is very easy because of the channels.

In some cases, tooth slot of a range of microbes that are spread around the tooth, then leaping to the environment is usually close to the upper-jaw bone and the bone tissues of the face, affecting the whole body can cause a severe illness.

Dental Granuloma Symptoms

Dental granulomas and sometimes does not cause any discomfort. But the pressure applied during chewing or persistent pain may also occur in direct patient raging tooth, the shooting. Normal is around the tooth bond is very resistant to pressure. But the inflammation progresses to severe dental pain, even a touch of the small start-sufficient. Pain at the beginning of nerve fibers around the tooth leading to pressure and withdraw fluid accumulation (edema) and granuloma disturb the circulation of blood due to excessive accumulation of blood vessels caused.

Occasionally, the tooth root at the level of gums on the patient or detected in a small swelling. Granuloma cyst can become the root of the developing tooth.

Dental Granuloma Diagnosis and Diagnostic

Granuloma can be diagnosed by examination of dental radiographic index. The film is drawn to the root of dental patients.

Dental Treatment of Granuloma

Dental treatment may be medical or surgical.

Medical treatment. This method of treatment of tooth root canal and germ agents that stimulate granuloma tissue repair is made.

Surgical treatment. Several different interventions can be applied:

Carefully scraped the bottom of the socket of the tooth sits bone, tooth root tip is the part of the granulomas (apisektomi), as teeth or taken.

Surgical intervention, however, failed medical treatment should be thick. Both aesthetic and functional aspects, as well as the basic rule that recovery of the teeth. A dental prosthesis or bridge at the foot of the granuloma constitutes a withdrawal of support is absolutely avoided. Apply apisektomi removal of the prosthesis or re-making of the bridge makes it unnecessary. Thus, the patient and the repeated loss of time and effort in and get rid of expensive operations. But apisektomi only be applied to the front teeth. Azılarda apisektomiyle treatment is very difficult and almost never done.

Large and small granuloma formation at the bottom of a heavy condition, and inadequate medical treatment if the tooth should be set as mandatory. Apisektomi taken at the tip of the tooth root is preserved and can be treated, are understood to sustain the functions of protecting the vitality of the tooth.

Attempted Apisektomi An Important Warning

Diseases such as diabetes that cause changes in bond around the tooth must not forget apisektomi application.

Pediatric tooth decay

Tooth decay, tooth decay in children in adults

The most common disease of the teeth against tooth decay should take precautions in time.

Perhaps today's most common disease of dental caries. 90'mda percent of the total population seen. Prevalence not only to persons in the social life of this great damage. States' economy caused by the loss of labor force is extremely large. In addition, insufficient chewing problems, dental caries, caused by local and general diseases also should be noted.

The advance of civilization has a strong relationship between the incidence of dental caries. Prehistoric times, there is a problem, such as dental caries, there were perhaps never understood the Paleolithic Era. Tooth decay is a small enclave of Portugal, the oldest information is located near the Muge up to 200 fossil skulls have been obtained. Paleolithic following the Mesolithic Ages (from the years BC, 10000-6000), which has reached the present day, this remains a very low rate of dental caries. Dental caries in the later Neolithic stage (Polished Stone) Ages settled people pass dealing with agriculture and animal husbandry became widespread. Paleolithic Age, the data applies to the present-day primitive societies. Living in Africa south of luck (Buşmanlar) ever been found between the tooth decay. In addition, the old habits of life continues with the Eskimos settled in cities, provided by today's living and feeding habits of civilization, gained great variation in the observed rate of occurrence of tooth decay among Eskimos.

Importance of nutrition against tooth decay

Different eating habits among the peoples of the statistics showed the important role of nutrition in the formation of dental caries. Feeding schemes based on natural foods in communities, significantly lower incidence of dental caries. II in Europe. During World War II has been reduced dental caries. But after the war, the ratio again reached pre-war and then four or five years after the war, this ratio rose even more determined.

Natural foods diet is probably associated with a reduction based on years of the war. Next, the increase in those born between 1944-48, due to the economic crisis may be due to common rickets. Tooth decay, the ratio between solid and liquid foods, improper eating habits, and even geographical, geological, economic or social status can be effective even.

Hard and raw foods have the effect of cleaning the teeth. They also strengthen the supporting tissues of teeth. Processed foods, nutrition and soft chewing function, reducing the rise in the rate of tooth decay in both an increase in general and also soundness of the preserves until recently seen caused bruises. The food is a violation of a certain hardness, ends and chewing surfaces where roughness flattens over time lead to wear and eliminate food residues accumulate points, had initiated the process of decay. Civilized societies, hard and raw food fed peoples increasingly difficult to find in the typical worn teeth.

A diet rich in carbohydrates is known to facilitate the formation of dental caries. Caries in a long time, mainly because of the sugar acids are shown. Today, a greater variety of factors are known to decay. This process creates very different reasons, and still the subject of debate among experts.

Reasons for tooth decay, rot your teeth Cause

According to a view of chemical theory known as the decay in the mouth caused by the accumulated food residues. Dental tissue mineral composition of this acid residues exposed parts. According to the theory of bacteria in the organic portion of enamel, some bacteria are responsible for the breakup. This section of the second stage decomposes minerals. This approach combines two separate people according to a new theory of food residues and acid producing bacteria isolated, fragmenting support for the tooth mineral. Regulatory environment has an effect on acidity of saliva in the mouth cavity. But this effect is created by bacteria in dental plaque remains inadequate in the face. Environment leads to the formation of plaques and bruises.

Tooth decay in relation to the proposed scientific studies on the cleaning of the mouth, and he had these views. Finally, toothbrushes and tooth paste into daily life. Enamel to prevent decay is responsible for the accumulation of lactic acid in certain areas should be concluded that the elimination of the plate.

Recently, the theory of saliva were taken. According to this theory caries, tooth, saliva, other than the biological fluid with the inner semi-permeable membrane separating organic liquids that function as the product of a complex process. For this reason, disease leading to tissue destruction, vitamins failure, infections and poisoning organism the effects of changes in the circulating fluids also show a tooth. Local causes of caries, hereditary or acquired predisposition may occur due to. According to this approach is of great importance in the prevention of caries in the following factors: diet rich in minerals, vitamins, pregnancy and the first protein to be abundant in childhood, limiting carbohydrate and sugar intake, oral care and attention. Oral care should be directed in particular to prevent the development of plaque. Plates of salivary tissue leak caused by inflamed gums and living on a kind of dice jelatinsi small colonies of bacteria is known to occur. The occurrence of dental diseases is of major importance in the gums. Surrounding the disease and tooth decay causing bacteria, plaque not show a harmful effect. Therefore, the elimination of the plate is very important.


Tooth decay is not known exactly, the uncertainties are still carrying the process. Fast growing and causing extensive destruction of tissue is known that caries a very neglected and diseased mouths. Therefore, prone or resistant to decay in the mouths can be mentioned. But in the defense mechanisms of the mouth is the resistance to decay, or teeth due to their resistance is unknown.

Lower first molars of the youth seen in the period starting with the most teeth decay. Then gradually decreasing rate of decay of the upper first molars and the second largest azılar, at least as seen in the lower. Caries of the tooth crown of the most deep gutters and ledges develops in the region between the teeth. At the neck of the tooth decay is also very common. These diseases usually associated with organic led to decrease the body's weak. Sometimes it can be very hard due to the use of a brush. Mechanical effects such as tooth enamel, also injuring the gingiva may lead to withdrawal. Thus, resistance to decay appears to be less of them minesement.

Wide spread of dental caries in rare cases, only the organic diseases of the tooth is lost too much minerals. This disease weakens the tooth, the defense mechanisms of bacteria makes it easy to settle.

Types of Dental Caries

A small lesion enamel layer enamel layer begins to decay and reach beyond the dentin. More rapid and massive spread in this tissue. Cementum and dentin from enamel caries as hard as mine do not make it easy to penetrate the organic structure of dentin that contains mineral salts suffers much more quickly destroyed. The result is a soft tissue area under the enamel consists of a small cleft. Transparency in this area because of the dark color of the enamel can be seen easily. A hard or decayed dentine chewing food very expansion of the region, the top layer of enamel cracking and decay reveal a lot. Internal carved this type of caries, the enamel layer is largely intact carious region expands. Growth is rapid. Because the violation of food, saliva and dental care free of development provided an opportunity to focus on cleaning out the rest of this decay. Some, such as superficial bruises on the neck of the tooth decay as well as the extent up to give the impression that progresses slowly.

In general, decay, or tooth decay process dişözü nerve to indicate the distance from the surface, are classified as medium-depth and deep bruises.

Only superficial bruises on the initial stages of dentin and enamel layer of the upper part of the impact. Middle of the dentine caries level significantly affected. Which are spread throughout the dentine in deep cavities (pulp), bacteria, and treatment is started off with the death of tissue where the infection deeper into the way pop-up stroke.

Shallow cavities are usually painful symptoms were observed, moderate deep bruises to temperature changes (hot, cold) or some food (sweet, sour, etc.) may be sensitive to. This is born of pain stimuli, the removal of stimulus will be destroyed. Deep cavities bacteria is infected with pain can occur spontaneously or after. The pain is severe and multiple starts. Aching teeth to determine the patient is in difficulty. Published enough cases of infection, pain is not going to go up or down. The pain usually occurs at night, the body horizontal position. Because more blood goes back to that location. Infection spread thoroughly, and the environment are very severe and continuous throbbing pain is spreading.

Determines the properties of the anatomical structure of the tooth pain. Connective tissue, several types of cells, blood vessels and nerve fibers is limited by a space consisting. Chamber called this gap hard and lacks flexibility. Expanding section of the crown of the tooth root and the right incelip chamber extension into a thread-like, and this section is known as root canal.

Groom during inflammation and nerve fibers by printing more expands the blood stream can cause pain. After a certain level to overcome the increasing edema of inflammation leads to a unique pain. Now is irreparable destruction of tissue. Pain alone is cut death. This depends on the process of infection or tissue death, or is provided medical initiative.

To summarize growth of microbes, and this causes the formation of an abscess ends at the death of tissue. Diseases, dental caries can develop independently. Inflammation in infectious diseases or heavy menstrual vision may occur.

The injuries do not cause inflammation or chemical substances such as heavy around the tooth tissue diseases (periodontoz) and gum disease due to infection in his pocket create infection.

All symptoms may not occur at the same time before the death of tissue. Impact of a saw tooth after years of heavy losses known to occur.

Treatment of Tooth Decay, Dental Caries How is it treated

Treatment of caries in the elimination of pain, tissue destruction and tooth anatomical structure of the suspension is for repair.

Superficial and medium depth cavities, tooth decay soft tissue is cleared by carving bur. Disinfected, filled with a filler material consisting of a space.

Deep caries treatment affected the degree of infection determines initiative. Severe tissue destruction, except for a contemporary approach to the treatment of deep caries, aims to protect the vitality of the tooth. Region closest to the focal point of the process of dentin caries for reproduction are stimulated with drugs. Darker than the new dentine. Lacks the original and hard. Defense mechanism of the tooth, which is an indicator of this new formation known as the secondary dentine.
Secondary dentin is an insulating material on top of more soma, and the filler material is placed.

Preserving the vitality of the tooth, removing the path to get there extent devastated. This initiative with the help of anesthesia can be applied in a painless manner. Which decrease or eliminate pain as a sense of local anesthetic agents are given with a needle. The application of drugs containing arsenic into the tooth tissue to die I used to be satisfied . This method is no longer applied, such as root canals to be deduced only at the crown section is cut. Pulpektomi first of these processes, the second pulpatomi known names.

Pulpatomi more fully root canals in children, drug substance or root of the root structure for mounting without passing beyond the initial part of their insides would make it impossible to completely evacuate the extent that the cases are irregular.

Most venture applied. In this method, a special instrument removed from root canals. Expanded after removal of the channels. Objective anti-inflammatory drug substances so as to prevent re-opened channels, placement and tooth root-filled.

Congenital Disorders of enamel

In some extreme cases, the teeth are worn. These cases are all very similar features and is easily recognizable congenital disorders.

Hypoplasia - Stage embryo is due to an unknown reason the enamel of the draft. For this reason, more subtle and irregular enamel develops. Teeth-point or a vertical grooved, dark-stained, yellowish and covered with lines.

Hipokalsifîkasyon - the loss of hardness of enamel due to lack of calcium, accumulation of minerals occurring cessive stage! caused by fluid instabilities. Mine grows weak. The teeth wear out easily and completely. While the teeth dull and. Then blackening. Crown sections are treated as being covered. Maternal febrile illnesses last time mother and fetus harmful factors encountered in developing teeth causing disorder.

Information about dental fillings, dental Fill Types

Dental fillings and the tooth can be made ​​with various substances for re-encoding. These are cement, porcelain, amalgams, silver or gold inlay, sticky, gold, resin, quartz-resin compounds.

Artificial porcelain fillings, also known as silicate-silicate fillers, due to disrupting the natural appearance, especially the front teeth used to fill.

The filler tooth is not sticky, wider than the bottom of a hole for the mouth opens. Silicate groove is inserted into the soft case can not go out because of the special structure of space and hardened prepared.

Saliva during the application need to protect the fill silicate. Degradable wet silicate. Reduces the aesthetic value of lead in blood smear. Will make a strong poison in the effect of fillers properties. For this reason, tissue death, at the beginning of the root or tooth abscess can cause the root . To avoid these complications and fill materials used to isolate the cavity walls are coated silicate. In addition, saliva and blood to avoid filling the mouth cavity and isolated teeth worked on. It is used to puncture during the application of a thin plastic cover and special tools shall be firmly attached to the tooth.

Soft fillings - there are very limited field of use. The metal-plated teeth for a long time or the patient can not use in preparing the infrastructure, even indistinguishable from natural tooth structure, easily used when one wants to fill. These fill quickly wear during chewing movements and must be renewed periodically.

Artificial resins - are widely used in dental filling a short term. Fast adoption easier formation, and aesthetic characteristics of endurance for a long time after application was due. But the colors change over time, the only damage to the organic dentin not proved their dental treatment were largely unavailable. Application areas in dentistry today onarımlarıyla short-term almost exclusively limited to dentures.

Porcelain masonry - Silicate fillings known mainly aesthetic or filling enough periods. Today, very little used. Because as soon as the border line between porcelain teeth are becoming visible. The application is made ​​after a careful cleaning and disinfection. Width of tooth decay in proportion to the drop-down cavity walls are steep and deep. Taken full measure of the cavity, an adhesive material is placed in the bottom of the measures taken and prepared according to the fit in the space provided opened porcelain.

Silver amalgam - Dental fillings silver amal-gamdır the most commonly used substance. Cıvayla made ​​of silver alloy in the form of this fine powder or small flakes, are included in proportion to the amount of mercury may be more or less smooth. Substances without losing its own features creates a solid structure. First, the amalgam is a soft, hardness and resistance to the short period of time wins.

There is no adhesion to silver amalgam. Therefore, beyond the appropriate space must be placed inside. Very good heat conductivity of the tooth-age of increasing the sensitivity to hot and cold is objectionable. Therefore, dental cavity, a layer of heat insulation are laid. One of the features that restrict the use of a color is that eventually oxidize and dull and disagreeable.

Gold - Dental fillings are used forms of solid or very soft. Molten gold cast fillings, preventive dental treatment is usually the best solution between the count. Tissue destruction is progressing very successfully used in cases where the formulation of the teeth again. But tooth decay is seen in multiple cases Do not use spread quickly. Because the edge of the treated cavities often develop secondary caries.

Casting method, molten gold plate method was used compressed prevalence won. Initiative is the hardest to fill this void, the pure gold leaves filled. These are on top of each other tightly bastırılırdı until filling is complete. It prevents you from falling into prepared to fill that gap, as well as the golden leaves of a filler to obtain high-quality allowed the seizure susceptibility. Now, almost never used in place of this method was cheaper than the gold casting technique.

Quartz-resin compounds - both aesthetic and functional as well as a filler material gives very good results. Gained importance in the brightness of the front teeth, back teeth provide the least resistance to abrasion. Hardness quartz, resin is due to the brightness. Moreover, unlike resins, these resins normally contain methyl methacrylate. Acrylic acid is a derivative of this substance, and time distort the color of the resin.

Ways to protect against tooth decay, "Healthy Living" can be found skin.

Tooth decay, which occurs at an early age?

Dental decay at any age, a disease that can occur in young children. Bruises should be treated in an appropriate way.

Dental Pain Treatment

Toothache, Dental Health and Tooth Pain Treatment

Severe, such as saplanır dagger from the tooth root, resulting from the contact, cold, hot, sugar, acid and pressure of a growing pain. A simple bruise or a dental abscess may be a symptom, should not be neglected. Known pain relievers that are difficult to stop the pain, but the dentist can relax intervention.

A good dental care and dental pain control, this kind of target that you can provide at least as much as possible. At least once a year, or even look to the dentist every six months, the only way out.

Dental Care Gum

How to Protect Teeth, Teeth and Gum Care

Dental health is to protect the note the following:

- Examination of the teeth are made ​​twice a year,
- Growth in the age of attention is paid to nutrition,
- Minerals rich foods should be eaten, - Dental Health: A, the CD is taken vitamins,
- Milk and dairy products should be eaten,
- Apples, carrots, fruits such as biting food, strengthens the gum.
- Between meals sweet, acidic foods should be avoided,
- Sugary food should be washed after the mouth,
- After the meal and at bedtime brushed teeth,
- Toothpicks and hard objects tooth breaks,
- Used dental floss for cleaning teeth,
- Alcohol and smoking should not use,
- Rigid bodies with dental,
- Gum chewing, pencil biting, stop habits forget for a long time to put hand to the chin,
- Avoid very hot and very cold foods and beverages,
- Dental treatment and experts on shooting up,
- Mouth open should not sleep.

Tooth Brushing Techniques

The selection of the size of brushes, brush teeth, slope, made ​​of nylon hair, straight cutting, hair softness, is important. The length of the brush hairs, 2-3 cm long, depending on the age of persons should be used.

Tooth brushes should be replaced at least once a year. Never use old brushes. Tooth brush, everyone should own.

Tooth brushing should last at least 3 minutes. The brush is moved towards the tooth gums. The teeth inner, outer and upper surfaces are brushed in the order. In principle, should begin to brush the back teeth, (teeth brushed with the inner surfaces of the vertical movements adequately and well. Only the upper surfaces of the teeth brushed and the movement of the brush back and forth.

Trapezoidal Teeth Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Dental meat inflammation (gingivitis) and as a result of injury to the gums with toothpicks and gum disease (piyore) occurs. Accumulated in the bottom of Dentistry dental stones (tartar), gums separate from the root of tooth. Weakens the tooth retention, tooth swings, gum disease can easily occur. Gums bleed frequently.

C vitamin game score disease occurs. One of the findings in this disease and bleeding gums.

Distorted (Trapezoid) Teeth

Growth and development in children and adolescents in the age of common dental health problem. Ortondik avoid anomalies, to treat, to provide good dental function, the main goal of orthodontics disciplines. Thus, with a good chewing curvature continuous permanent teeth, is acquired good speech and aesthetic beauty.

Closing the mouth disorder (occlusion) pressure and friction of teeth if oral and dental health deteriorates.

Crooked teeth and closing should be treated with emphasis on the importance of disorder.

Tooth and Gum Disease

Tooth and Gum Disease, Tooth Disease meat

Dental caries are more than a lot of tooth and gum problems. Teeth Color Changes

Nicotine in cigarettes causes the teeth to be yellow-brown.
The viability of the dead lost their teeth are gray.
Correct and incorrect drugs used can cause yellowing of teeth.
Febrile illnesses in children can create flecks tooth.
Water fluoride teeth yellow spots can be high.

Dental Disorders

When closed, the upper and lower jaw broken in compliance with each other, should be treated early.

Irregular dental ordering closure of the mouth, chewing function, and impairs the health of the gums. Early loss of primary teeth, the teeth with the dental area of language change in the pressure during the night, teeth grinding, bad tooth, early in the measure are not taken, a small children's long-term pacifier use, thumb sucking, teeth and palate defects and inaccurate line-up affected.

Gum Disease

Piyore generally called gum disease. The earliest signs of inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis.

Solid food eaten to strengthen the teeth and gum, oral hygiene to observe, the accumulated tooth dental stones, toothpicks, and needle use, considered one of the reasons for vitamin C deficiencies. In these cases, the gums bleed easily creating and inflammation may spread to the jawbone.

ETI Dental Care and Dental Care

Brushing the teeth regularly and properly in children and adults, dental health impact. Tooth brushing should start training to be given three years old. Examination of the teeth should be moved at least twice a year.

Benefits of Tooth Brushing

Tooth and tooth surface is cleaned their leftovers.
Gums massage is done.
Microorganisms are removed from teeth.
Oral cleanliness is provided.

Tooth brushing Considerations

How to brush your teeth, teeth brushed How?

Increase the use of toothpaste when brushing teeth cleaning.
Everyone should own a toothbrush.
Small brushes that can move easily in the mouth should be preferred.
Brush must be placed in bunches of 6-8 hairs.
Bristles of the brush should not be too hard.
2.5 cm length of the section of hair. must.
Be used for brush bristles worn and cast.
All surfaces of the teeth be brushed at least 3 minutes.
First, the faces of the teeth for the first time a mutual, top, and then to the lower teeth

Brushed from front to back. If the outer surfaces of the teeth, top to bottom on top, bottom, brushed in a circular motion from the bottom up.

Rinse with plenty of water inside the mouth cases.
Residues, pointed removal substances, you need to use dental floss.

Oral and Dental Health

Oral Health and Dental Health

Adults and children's dental health
Oral and dental health, pathogenic microorganisms, cold, hot, hard physical factors such as the most affected organs. Development of the fetus, the mother's nutrition during pregnancy is closely related. Oral and dental health, so it starts before birth. Continues after birth. Care and treatment of life-long monitoring is done.

How to Protect Oral Health and Dental Health Information

Teeth health nutrition, especially of D - C and A vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, such as minerals are provided with adequate and balanced manner taking.

Maintenance-free and carious teeth, the most dangerous source of infection. Advanced ages, resulting in heart and vascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, kidney diseases and other causes of some diseases spread through blood to the body and then placed in tooth decay pathogen . Teeth, oral health infects. Diseases of the digestive system and can cause mouth odor. Adversely affect human physical appearance.

The teeth after every meal and before bed at least twice a day, brushed a sufficient period of time. Toothpaste and brush your teeth and gums rather than the choice unconsciously choose the health damage. It should be noted that the structure of each kind of toothbrush brushing technique is not suitable. Greater use of toothpaste, mouth flora in terms of corrupt and dangerous to kill phagocytes in the mouth.

Too hot, too cold, hard foods and drinks can cause tooth enamel to crack. Violation crystal sugar and some other things also cause teeth to crack. Teeth after sugary foods cause tooth decay brush respiration C02 acids and carbohydrates are released. Acids form the tooth cavities. Oral pH, acid environment, the right track. Oral, flora is disrupted, the mouth is not enough phagocytes.

Hot Application Thermoforming Application

Hot and Cold Application

Effect of heat, hot application

She is hot as general or local application. Body temperature
applied in order to maintain or keep the patient warm. Hot applied to the skin and subcutaneous tissue cells in the region provided the heat rise.

Heat dilates blood vessels. Blood supply of the cells is provided. The discharge through the skin (sweat) increases. Therefore, the cells material exchange increases.
Warm, increases the resistance of the body. Blood-feeding returned to normal for the pain decreases. Due to fatigue, cramps in the cells to recover. Lined and unlined relaxes muscles.

Hot applications, and speeds up cell metabolism returns to normal.
Localized inflammation of the heat due to mature in a shorter time. Mature abscess, and appendicitis will be hot. Hot, leads to the spread between tissue abscess burst. After the bleeding has increasing impact traumas. For these reasons, in some cases, the hot application is objectionable.

What is Thermoforming

Termafor, 20 cm wide, 30 cm long heat-resistant bag made ​​of rubber water. Termoforun sealed after use to hang the door and are perforated overhang.
Sheath to prevent direct contact with the skin temperature and reduce the impact of Termoforun there.
Thermoforming Application

• Termofora filled up the water temperature of 55 ° C for adults, minors must be for a maximum of 45 ° C. A special thermometer to measure the temperature of the water used to be put Termofora water.
• Termoforun 2 / 3 'reputation in the hot water until filled. Thermoforming spread on the desk in the air are removed. The lid tightly closed until the water leak seal and vidali.
• is controlled by bringing the cover is upside down in water thermoforming.
• Thermoforming the dried wet. Case is passed. Thermoforming ready for use, where heat loss is recommended.
Thermoforming, applied to the patient is kept under observation. Thermoforming loses heat after 30 minutes. If you want the application to change the water again.

Termoforun Care

When the end use of Termoforun, thermoforming is emptied. Case removed. Case is dirty wash. Service is sent to his room.
Water discharged into the air is filled termoforun the cover is closed and head hanging down. The hole should not be used, and using the sheath thermoforming. Unsheathed and leaking water can cause burns thermophors.

Hot General Practice

In general, a portion or all of the heat applied to the body. General application of hot, hot water baths, heat the electric lamp, solar heating techniques such as light and ambient air is done.
The patient must be protected against heat cramps and exhaustion. Dry heat application will cause the patient to lose water and salt. Water and salt loss negatively affects the patient.

Difficulty in breathing and heart patients suffering of applying heat may be harmful. Hot applied to the patient should be closely monitored

Ice Bag Cold Application

Applications Cold, Cold Effect

Cold application is usually applied locally. Cold, in general, are also part of the body. Cold application, reduce the heat applied to benefit the region.

Cold application, is intended to take advantage of the effects of cold physics.
In general, lowering the body temperature of a cold, but it is possible with the application (for example, the cold bath, etc.).

Cold applied in the region of capillary blood vessels narrow (Vaso-construction). Temperature falls in the region, blood flow is reduced. If you have bleeding in the brain to prevent or reduce bleeding after head trauma, in order to prevent the spread of the ice bag is applied to deal with.

Cold slows down the metabolism practice. Tissue cells reduces the need for oxygen.

Capillary bleeding under the skin with cold application of trauma is reduced. Lymph leakage is prevented. Swelling stops. Pain is reduced. Cold has analgesic effects.

Prevented the explosion and the spread of localized abscesses. Appendicitis with abscess cold application can be brought under control.

Ice pack

Ice bag (pouch), round mouth sealed closed with a rubber bag cover. Ice bag, is applied directly onto the skin with hair. The lower surface of the bag is flat and circular. This structure provides ease of application.

Ice Bag Application

• ice bag 2 / 3 'ü filled with ice cubes.
• Table top or placed on a flat surface is removed from the air.
• mouth sealed with the lid closed.
• the effect of the bag with the outer part of the ice cap will be deleted and into moist.
• base of the bag is flat, is placed in the proposed area.
Ice bag applied to the patient is kept under observation. Observation form is processed. Implementation period, the bag is 25-30 minutes. Ice batteries also can be used for the same purpose.

Ice bag Care

After applying ice bags in the ice and water is drained. Non-dried. Case removed. Case is dirty to clean (head injury with contaminated blood). To remain in the mouth of the air bag is turned off. Removed to be used again instead.

Elevation of body temperature of Fire

Body Temperature (Febris), fever elevation, Thermometer

Body temperature, a sign of vitality. The body generates heat and heat is always lost. The difference between the temperature of the body heat generated heat and lost. Body temperature, set by the central base of the brain in the hypothalamus and are kept in balance. This is the center of heat regulation (thermoregulation) is central.

Metabolism, body temperature, movement and the energy released occurs. Body, sweating, breathing through the skin, theme, and excretory systems, waste heat is lost.

36.5-37 ° C degrees temperature a healthy person in any environment. Be the same as the temperature is set by the central thermoregulation.
In case of heat illness and heat-losing systems that make up the heat or rises or falls affected.

Body temperature, measured with a thermometer. Measurement unit Celsius (° C) is considered. Body temperature, measured body temperature varies according to the young. Orally normal values ​​of temperature measurement of the minimum (min.) 37.2 C maxi. 37.7 ° C in a candle. 37.5 ° C, the normal value of the measurement of rectal way. This value is 37.7 Cdir children ..

Ie, the normal value of the measurement of axillary temperature 36.5 ° C axillary.

With the rise of temperature increases heart rate, breathing faster. Metabolism increases. Fever, generally speeds up operation of the systems.

How to measure the fire, Fire, measured Destinations

Taken from different places depending on the patient's body temperature. Temperature measurement (Alma), where the patient is undergoing a disease, his operation, and so a lot of trauma in general, as the case changes.Body temperature orally (by mouth-tongue underneath). rekta [path (anus), the seat bottom (axillary) and groin in children is measured. This means forehead fever, 1-2 array shows the difference.

Heat Assessment Principles

Body Heat (Heat) Measurement Principles, How to Estimate Fire

The following principles should be followed to measure the temperature correctly.

• put the thermometer measured the temperature region should be dry and inadequate.
• mercury thermometer as part of the skin layers should be between fully.
• The thermometer should not be washing of the skin.
• The thermometer mercury-free be reduced up to 36 ° C.
• Temperature measurement is to be orally before the patient must be eaten hot or cold drinks.
• Temperature measurement in the mouth and digestive tract infection, the patient should not be made ​​orally and rectally.
• Awareness confusion, loss of consciousness of the patient's temperature orally measured.
• Skin infections of the patient's temperature is under the seat.
• mouth, rectum, and the seat bottom heat should be used to measure sweat mometreler separately.
• Thermometers, when not in use • must stand in an antiseptic solution. • Body temperature is measured twice a day, including morning and evening (6:00 to 7:00 o'clock in the morning, evening, 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Measurable Heat Places

Measuring oral Heat

Children, babies and Measurement of Heat Control
By mouth (orally) temperature measurement is done under the tongue. Some mercury thermometer under the tongue so that it is placed in the mouth. Waiting for the thermometer under the tongue for 3-4 minutes.
Lips are kept closed and the thermometer in the mouth. Teeth are definitely tightened.
Temperature measurement in the mouth, skin diseases, skin infections, childbirth and gynecological diseases, rectal bleeding, rectal surgery is preferred.
Psychiatric disorders, shock and coma in children after operations for oral infections and oral temperature measurements made ​​inside the mouth.

Measurement of rectal fever of the way (Body Temperature)

Vazelinlenir part of the thermometer mercury. Mercury is inserted into the anus of 3-4 cm section. Children need to put about 2-3 cm.
Thermometer should be used with fuzzy unconscious patients and children.
Prone position during rectal temperature measurement is preferred. Children removed from the legs up by hand. Anüsüne thermometer inserted into the child in this position.

The thermometer in the rectum in children waiting for 3 minutes. Removed, erased and read. Grade paper is processed.
Rectal temperature measurement, the digestive tract infections, diarrhea, bleeding rectum and rectum is surgery.
Psychiatric patients, especially children with skin diseases, oral and rectal surgery in patients unconscious way is preferred. Rectal temperature, 5-6 di-ziyem higher.

Seat Measurement Under Heat

Underarm, body temperature is the most widely used measure.
Unless very special circumstances and conditions armpit (axillary) is preferred.
Seat under the heat of the tools and supplies are needed to measure.
• Treatment in the tray with antiseptic solution in the jar and thermometers,
• Cover the bathtub or in a jar with alcohol soaked cotton pads,
• paper bag for dirty buffer,
• Red and blue pens,
• Grade book and eraser.

Heat (Heat) Measurement Techniques

• The above equipments are put in the tray on the shelf next to the patient.
• Antiseptic thermometer is taken from inside. Clean with a buffer will be deleted.
• Mercury-end at the level of the shoulder down to stay below 35 ° C, reduced the degree of silkile rek.
Channel of the mercury fell to 35 ° C • Temperature is controlled not drop.
• dried with gauze under the patient's seats and will be deleted.
• mercury thermometer under the seat portion is placed between two skin layers. Arm approximated to the body. The upper abdominal region of the front arm and wrist position so that the patient is given.
• 8-10 minutes.
• Temperature is taken from under the patient's seats.
• Mercury with alcohol to the buffer will be deleted.
• Eye level with the stored and read. Results are written very book.
• After reading, reduced mercury-free. Wiping with antiseptic solution in the jar is placed into the buffer again alcoholic.
• Patient observation form, the body temperature is processed.
• Temperature measurement is an important difference occurs as a result, the patient's temperature is measured again.

Types of Heat Fire High-Low

Heat (Body Temperature) Types

Body temperature, diseases rises. Temperature rise, fall, and risen again after falling for a few days to continue to make such different graphs. This change, the disease varies according to the disease.
Temperature variations are measurable.

Continuous Heat (Febris Continius)

Body temperature measurements in the morning and evening drop-out and will continue doing the same ° C. Morning and evening temperature is less than 1 ° C difference between the shows.
Normal body heat is high. The second week of typhoid fever continued fever

Legged Heat (Febris remittent)

The body temperature of 1-2 ° C difference in the day by doing the same rise and fall. That is the difference between morning and evening temperature rises and falls by making long-leg.

Intermittent fever (Febris Intermittens)

Seizures in the form of a high fever. Seizures among the body temperature is normal.
Intermittent fever of malaria (malaria), also seen.

Recurrent fever (Febris Recürrens)

High heat will continue for 3-4 days, then suddenly returns to normal course. Continuing the normal 4-5 days of heat, rises again (40 ° C) 3-4 days after continued drops.

Wave of Heat (Febris Indulans)

Body temperature will continue to like waves. Temperature rise is a few days, Devane. A few days back and watch the highest level slowly drops. Heat wave in chart form lines. Temperature chart, such as corrugated wavy hair curve.

Wild Heat (Febris Irregularis)

Body temperature rises and falls irregularly. Heat the chart is not uniform. Heat continues to draw irregular graphic. Some infections and internal bleeding occurs.


The temperature drop suddenly. Heat chills or shivering with sudden drops. The type of Heat encountered Krizis promonide. High fever may continue for a few days. Drops suddenly with chills.


The temperature is falling slowly. Lysis type of fever, typhoid fever 2 week of fall slowly returns to normal.

Febris Ephemera

Short-lasting high fever. Acute infections are occurring.

High fever (Hypertherm-Ma)

Body temperature is higher than normal.

Low Heat (Hypother-Ma)

Body temperature is below normal.

Temperature and Thermometer Chart

Thermometer is measured by the heat, the heat is drawn for the registration of private degree-paper

processed. Specified temperature, opposite the ground and ends with a blue pen. Then, combined with the old spot with a straight line from a new point on the chart of edilir.Mavi lines is called the heat chart. Temperature chart, and the number of days and temperature measurement is a form showing the amount of heat.

Information About Thermometer (Degree), How to measure

The thermometer is a tool for measuring temperature in general. Health services are used to measure the body temperature thermometer thermometer is called the body.

At one end there is mercury in the thermometer chamber. Expanding the body of the mercury thermometer with a thin channel temperature rises. There are temperature indicators on the channel. Channel along begins 34'den, 42 are continued until the indicator figures. The distance between each figure is divided into 10 equal interval. Is called the range of 10 to each of diziyem.

Mercury thermometer that measures temperature rectally in the form of reservoir tube. Mercury thermometer to measure axillary temperature as the balloon chamber.

Mercury Thermometer, mercury in glass thermometer channel of the eye by making the task facing the surface of the magnifying glass to appear makes it easy to.Termometrenin fully protective of the chamber.

What Is Asthma Disease Difficulties

Approximately 5 percent of asthmatics do not respond fully to conventional asthma treatment. The symptoms of the patients given high doses of Cortisone spray and / or oral form, and although the maximum breath-breaking drug treatment would not be able to control, patients often enter the crisis from time to time emergency, from time to time in the hospital inpatient treatment is needed. Some of these patients as in COPD patients with progressive loss of lung function tests are. To define this type of patients, treatment-resistant asthma, difficult to control asthma, severe asthma, life-threatening asthma, also used terms such as near-death asthma.

Difficult to make the diagnosis of asthma should not rush to a patient, first of all medications given to him on a regular basis whether the patient, via spray or dry powder form of respiratory applications, whether the right should be investigated not do.

Difficult Is known causes of asthma?

Unfortunately, we do not know very well the reasons for difficult asthma. Here, at home or at work to stay exposed to allergens, food additives, drugs, smoking or passive cigarette smoke and other irritant substances, reflux, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal meat, such as polyps in the upper respiratory tract diseases and systemic diseases should be investigated. COPD is sometimes difficult asthma, bronchiectasis, hyperventilation, vocal cord dysfunction and sleep apnea may also be known with such diseases.

Psychological factors may also be important in patients with difficult asthma, but its hard to do that cause asthma or difficult asthma patient's psychological as it is a kind of forced recover is not always easy to distinguish.

Do you have something to do with the beginning of treatment that best failure?
Treatment of asthma is difficult to say that initially had nothing to do good. These patients demonstrated a diagnosis from the first day show resistance to treatment and how much they use drugs regularly, would not be able to get the asthma under control.
This is quite scary ... difficult asthma

You are right, not like feared. Asthma is a disease that's already among the people greatly feared by 5 percent due to asthma patients found difficult. These patients, "We were not good," he swim doctor doctor.

Difficult asthma in adults is not only, or is found in children?
Children with asthma also may be difficult, but much more rare in adults. Cortisone spray 800 micrograms per day, despite the difficult asthma in children are not taken to control asthma is called.

Types of difficult asthma

Of course, on the basis of difficult asthma can be thought of as a syndrome. The syndrome of different causes, common symptoms of the disease group in terms of different mechanisms and is a term. For example, unstable asthma, refractory asthma Cortisone, Cortisone-dependent asthma, difficult asthma are treated as sub-groups.

Dictionary of Medical Terms Related to Asthma

Dictionary of Medical Terms Related to Asthma, Asthma Glossary

adrenaline: by increasing the heart rate and respiratory tract opening shot is a natural substance that can stimulate the body.

allergen: the substance causing allergic reactions.

allergy: the body of a substance that causes extreme sensitivity to react.

alveolus: the lungs, respiratory tract, the end of the vesicles.

anaflaksis: the patient into shock, causing severe allergic reaction to extreme.

antihistamine: eliminate the effects of histamine drug. antibodies into the body to destroy unwanted or potentially dangerous substances produced by white blood cells of protein material.

acetyl choline: muscle contraction as well as other functions of a natural chemical substance.

the immune system: a complex protection system of the body against foreign substances and organisms.

sputum: accumulated and coughs thrown out when the lungs and respiratory tract secretions.

benzoic acid: Sometimes it causes allergic reactions, a common food prezarfatifi.

block antibody: allergens, mast cells due to antibodies that cause allergic reactions in some kind of blocking antibody relationships.

bronkodilatador: drugs that opens the airways.

bronchi: large airways to the lungs.

bronchioles: more narrow airways to the lungs.

Bronchitis: inflammation of the respiratory tract.

corticosteroid: also called steroids. Swelling resolves the hormone drugs. Is given in cases of severe asthma or other allergy.

desensitization: the body in order to increase the body immunity against allergens to give small amounts of allergens envisages treatment.

eczema: in the form of itchy rash, an allergic skin condition related.

inflammation: inflammation of the body against allergens or show redness, swelling, pain, fever and loss of body functions in response to the form.

histamine: Inflammation contributes to the formation of the event, one of the natural substances in the body.

homoepati: Large doses of substances that may cause illness when the patient is a treatment method aimed at creating immunity by giving small amounts.

mast cells: histamine, as well as other substances, including antibodies that attracts the body cells.

Moisture: the case of small parts of a drug-releasing device into the air and water molecules together.

autogenic training: the patient, in some regions of the body to relax in hot or heavy steering aims to Dream is a method of treatment. Autogenous (autogenic), "self-created" means.
of them parasympathetic nervous system, brain and spinal cord, and other functions are controlled by sub-sections, as well as part of digestion and relaxation.

Pecan flometre: Give breath of air speed measuring device.

polyp: asthma patients can sometimes be seen on the harmless nooses me.

psychosomatic: body, affect the brain.

RAST (Radyoallergosorban test): A blood sample testing aims to identify antibodies sensitive to allergens.

secretion: while holding the internal organs that protect the inner surfaces of the moist material. Produced large amounts of asthma attacks or bronchitis.
of them sympathetic nervous system, spinal cord and the body movement controlled by the department to prepare.
Slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (anaphylaxis slow-reacting substance-sin): secreted by mast cells during allergic reactions, and an article about anaphylaxis.

sulfur dioxide: can cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, and sometimes put food items in order to prevent corruption.

suppositories: vazelinden Wicks, also known as, and often, of the drug in the form of bullets. Dissolving the drug in the body through the intestine allows the spread of body temperature.

tartrazine: sometimes causing allergic reactions, food, drink and drugs, put a yellow dye.

öftiker: itchy skin or swelling of stain. And histamine secretion of the skin caused by an allergic reaction to common.

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