Causes of Bad Breath, How to Troubleshoot

In the body, diabetes, certain systematic diseases, such as liver and kidney diseases can cause odor. However, 90 percent of the causes of mouth odor is caused by environment. Talking about the smell of onions, garlic odors of course, has nothing to do with food. As a result of such foods are not taken when cleaning or a healthy mouth does not smell in the mouth. Mentioned that we smell, the smell of chronic mouth is clear that the real reason: Tooth decay, gum disease, poorly made ​​dentures, poor oral hygiene and dry mouth, etc.. aneorop result of (oxygen hating) bacteria in the mouth especially the tongue base and soft tissues due to accumulation.

Language on the root of the accumulated dead tissue debris, broken down by bacteria in the blood elements and food debris that causes the formation of odorous volatile gases. (For example: methyl and hydrogen sulfide gases, called volatile, methyl is stable, the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide is similar.)

Mentioned in the oral examination, dental caries, gum disease, dentures, etc. are not hygienic. If you have a reason to be seen by your dentist and like all the problems will be solved by the treatment. Oral hygiene care you show to the mouth rapidly disappear : bad breath persists despite the application of all these proposals out of the mouth causes should be considered. At the beginning of them;

Sinus and lung diseases,
Diabetes (acetone smell),
Kidney diseases (fish odor),
Metabolic diseases,
Psychological disorders, etc. that is causing the dryness of the mouth. income.

Especially bad dry mouth causes bad breath. Salivary flow rate and decrease the amount of dryness in the mouth are among the factors that increase. Oral dryness less saliva than normal, so that the mouth on the tongue and the smell of these substances is increased enough wash.

Oral dryness is a lack of saliva or other negative is that the environment also cause oxygen scarcity. Lack of oxygen in the oral environment aneorop (ie, oxygen does not like) is an environment suitable for microbes. Stress caused by the dryness of the mouth is considered one of the reasons for the occurrence of bad breath. Consult your doctor feel it is caused by the dryness of the mouth using a drug to end drug use. Especially drugs used for diabetes and depression are common. If you have to use drugs, to reduce bad breath and sip of water. To speed up the flow of saliva in chewing sugarless gum is good.

One other thought about the smell of the mouth or digestive system, such as stomach-which is not an inconvenience. Pharynx normally only allows the flow of food. So one side is like opening a door, just burping the case consists of reverse air flow, which is not a cause of chronic odor, so even if the digestive system, the odor problem easily find your way out your mouth.

There are two basic things done to eliminate mouth odors: First, the washing of gases that cause odor in the mouth, the second and more important cause of these gases is the elimination of the bacteria. That is exactly to provide oral hygiene.

As mentioned earlier, tooth brushing and tongue cleaning should be done in full (about 3 minutes), it should be used in addition to the alcohol-free gargles. Create the ground for the odors of alcoholic cause dry mouth gargles.

You can also smell the mouth can tell whether one or two small experiments. Odorless molar teeth with a dental floss or toothpicks interface, try cleaning the teeth by applying pressure on the walls. After the process is a long wait and smell the floss, or toothpick. Also remove the language out of the root of your tongue thoroughly with a cloth or gauze abestan (wooden rods used during the inspection) and the Strip. Wait for a while, you delete a whiff of these instruments are used. In both cases, getting odor, mouth odor is in trouble your head. The smell test, do not recommend you to your relatives face.

Bad Breath Treatment

In short, if you have long-lasting oral and want to eliminate it as soon as possible:

1. Detected in the mouth cavities, broken fillings, gum pockets, such as defective denture treat all the odor sources.
2. At least 2 times a day for about 3 minutes to brush your teeth effectively.
3. The importance of cleanliness should be the subject of language. Language is a very important place smell clean mouth. Toothbrush or using a private language sweeps back parts of the tongue must be cleaned once a day.
4. Tea and coffee type drinks to consume as little as possible. Because the oral environment, which enhances the growth of microbes ancorop.
5. Smoking, alcohol and spicy foods, controlled, or even be used.
6. Odorous gases, the effect of the remaining proteins into bacteria or milk products for drinking milk must scrub your teeth after eating.
7. Sugary foods are also in the same way as the raw material used to produce these gases. In addition to daily brushing of such foods in the mouth after the remaining residues immediately cleaned and removed from the mouth.
8. Consult your doctor feel it is caused by the dryness of the mouth using a medication change it, change not appropriate for your situation seek advice from your doctor for side effects. None of ten glasses of water a day does not reduce the negative effects of dryness of the mouth, try drinking.
9. Chew sugar-free chewing gums contain a sweetener such as xylitol. Chewing stimulates saliva flow, but also worsens the situation If you violate sweetened chewing gum. Day without sugar will help to generate more than saliva.

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