Dentistry and Anesthesia

Article anesthetic used in dentistry, there is nothing to do with drugs known substance that is used to numb your teeth. Especially morphine is not at all.

The patients used in the anesthetic substance that is probably due to incorrect information look suspiciously. Some of anesthesia in children, thinks that the permanent teeth, avoid. Insists on the withdrawal of anesthesia for the child's teeth.

Some believe keep anesthesia for alcohol use. A mystery to you, as you might think alcohol does not affect. So pulling a tooth pain in a place that you receive every night. Or catch up with the physician target nerve, or the effect of anesthetic agent has lost due to storage conditions, or waited sufficient period of time. Also at the root of tooth infection (abscess, inflammation), acute (exacerbation) may be provided in case the full anesthesia.

Sometimes the anatomical structure of the lower molar teeth of anesthesia because of a single bulb fully guaranteed. When dental treatment in two different locations in the two anesthesia, you may need to cut back, such as the long-lasting transactions. Re-injection is painful for the patient to move. Sometimes the sight of the second injector slots in the patient's eyes arched, stretched, "the second " he asks fearfully. In this case, the doctor stretches unnecessarily. But they see the patient for a treatment less painful. This kind of work in the reverse goes tense patients.

Most of the applied anesthetic agents can be used as a light bulb in the day 6. Already more than does the physician. Long treatments, cutting, filling, and sometimes a combination of shooting is done, 4-5 injection inevitable and normal, do not panic. Anesthesia for mandibular posterior teeth; operation on the lip and tongue tip up to half. match. 15-20 minute complete agreement. The effect lasts for 2-3 hours. Numbness of the lips, teeth, upper jaw felt back. Anesthesia, but is not felt a numbness in tongue. Some patients with panic as they do not match the upper jaw anesthesia. If you ask again, but I really hurt when control physician anesthesia anesthesia of the upper jaw stretch so do not feel your lips on your face. Some patients also feel numbness the edge of the lower jaw lip anesthesia sufficient period of time before they want to be an intervention. Afraid of the passage of the effect of anesthesia. However, as noted above, the effect lasts for 2-3 hours. If the tongue and lips to the middle of the three of you feel numbness, anesthesia is not successful.

If you feel numbness, pain in these regions despite the wait. Deepening of anesthesia fully let. Not enough time to wait, even though you feel numbness in the lips and tongue at the proper place of anesthesia has been suffering, but there is a problem anesthetic article or abscess of the tooth root tip may be.

But it will be large enough to interfere with anesthesia while the abscess has already seen the doctor examine you. Sometimes these problems are encountered during the construction of fill that the problem probably originated from the wrong conditions, items stored anesthetic. Ask your dentist has already suffered the recurrence of the physician does not want you to shoot.

Fill in making some of the patients, the nerves of agreement with the effect that the doctor does not understand the idea, do not want to anesthesia. Such a measure is useless to you the pain grind another. When filling in the tooth as the dentist sees net layers. Knows that you are the nerves. Not screaming that protects the nerves, the physician's eyes, dexterity and medical information. In addition, the intervention narcotization most patients, even in enamel caries nerves that feel pain, even very far away. Each perceives the pain as the nerve to touch. Fill-making and make a good anesthesia, close your eyes, think about other things, let us think, your dentist nerves.

Injection made, very afraid of the needle seat, sitting down to your doctor, do the bargaining. Injection, spray or cream before you make such superficial insist that drugs do. Superficial needle will sink in with an anesthetic agent injection be look and feel nothing is done very slowly. Solo on the palate a little bit more painful because of the anesthesia, the tissues superficial anesthetic is used, but even there without feeling the pain of injection comfort is provided.
Anesthesia, the dentist makes it very easy to work, but some may develop complications (unintended but potential problems) should be considered.

1. The simplest is the moment of fear and blood pressure due to anesthesia or when the difference in needle fainting (syncope). The patient was brought to the supine position seat itself comes in the next 2-3 minutes. This scares a lot attendant and the patient, but short, fear is not a problem due to convulsions. And systemic disease develops in people with hypertension or recovery may be longer the danger mark. Please notify the moment physician visits for the next physician. Make sure to take the necessary precautions.

2. One of the major allergy issues. Make sure your testing if you suffer from allergic sensitization. At least a small skin test before treatment carried out by the arm Make sure the front. If you have a problem is rare but severe allergic even cause sudden death.

3. The anesthesia for the upper jaw molars sometimes face suddenly swells. Hematoma in the vessel due to the structure of this region we call the cheek may bleed. If the situation is very bad, a bleeding disease in patients who do not have extra treatment is continued. After the procedure, blood is accumulated in tissue is given antibiotics to inflammation. Within a week, your face, various colors of the rainbow (due to blood cells during the healing, bruising, and yellowing and it will recover. Antibiotics are used regularly, there is no problem.

4. Patient is a very frightening development, the lower jaw to the back molars of the lower eyelid during anesthesia to remain open. This portion of the nerve in eyelid anesthesia is done a little back. Patient panics, but there is nothing to fear. The effect of anesthesia, such as freely as before when I moved out flicker cover starts.

5. Lips, swollen faces, such as post-anesthesia because patients feel numbness, swelling, because it is felt numbness. Think they've been fully paralyzed lips. Temporarily stopped the transmission of nerve anesthesia can not be controlled easily to the lips. It also eliminates the problem when I moved the effect of anesthesia.

6. Anesthesia only blocks the pain sensation. Stops in the sense of touch. Anesthesia where the patient feels the sense of touch enough to think panic caught incompatible. If you notify the physician and ask for repetition of anesthesia is really painful.

7. As for the Pirates and the relationship of anesthesia, head and neck nerves, knowing the exact anatomy of the jaw of a stroke are at risk of anesthesia. Pirate pirate is another remote monitoring anesthesia, doctors learned how great you think you know that you are in danger. One other danger hygiene. Be stored under sterile conditions and one-off injector nozzle is very important. Sterile syringe, even the patient's right next door should be opened, but scary pirates in this regard. Many a time, used to be taken injector uses a minimum of ten patients. Hepatitis from a patient to another bug, the other not even aware the H1V virus as soon as you move to the other.

8. General anesthesia during dental treatment can be done in some cases. Patient very fears (fears enough to take the risk of general anesthesia), small children and people with disabilities are sometimes expensive, but because of the risks and is not used extensively in practice.

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