Hot Application Thermoforming Application

Hot and Cold Application

Effect of heat, hot application

She is hot as general or local application. Body temperature
applied in order to maintain or keep the patient warm. Hot applied to the skin and subcutaneous tissue cells in the region provided the heat rise.

Heat dilates blood vessels. Blood supply of the cells is provided. The discharge through the skin (sweat) increases. Therefore, the cells material exchange increases.
Warm, increases the resistance of the body. Blood-feeding returned to normal for the pain decreases. Due to fatigue, cramps in the cells to recover. Lined and unlined relaxes muscles.

Hot applications, and speeds up cell metabolism returns to normal.
Localized inflammation of the heat due to mature in a shorter time. Mature abscess, and appendicitis will be hot. Hot, leads to the spread between tissue abscess burst. After the bleeding has increasing impact traumas. For these reasons, in some cases, the hot application is objectionable.

What is Thermoforming

Termafor, 20 cm wide, 30 cm long heat-resistant bag made ​​of rubber water. Termoforun sealed after use to hang the door and are perforated overhang.
Sheath to prevent direct contact with the skin temperature and reduce the impact of Termoforun there.
Thermoforming Application

• Termofora filled up the water temperature of 55 ° C for adults, minors must be for a maximum of 45 ° C. A special thermometer to measure the temperature of the water used to be put Termofora water.
• Termoforun 2 / 3 'reputation in the hot water until filled. Thermoforming spread on the desk in the air are removed. The lid tightly closed until the water leak seal and vidali.
• is controlled by bringing the cover is upside down in water thermoforming.
• Thermoforming the dried wet. Case is passed. Thermoforming ready for use, where heat loss is recommended.
Thermoforming, applied to the patient is kept under observation. Thermoforming loses heat after 30 minutes. If you want the application to change the water again.

Termoforun Care

When the end use of Termoforun, thermoforming is emptied. Case removed. Case is dirty wash. Service is sent to his room.
Water discharged into the air is filled termoforun the cover is closed and head hanging down. The hole should not be used, and using the sheath thermoforming. Unsheathed and leaking water can cause burns thermophors.

Hot General Practice

In general, a portion or all of the heat applied to the body. General application of hot, hot water baths, heat the electric lamp, solar heating techniques such as light and ambient air is done.
The patient must be protected against heat cramps and exhaustion. Dry heat application will cause the patient to lose water and salt. Water and salt loss negatively affects the patient.

Difficulty in breathing and heart patients suffering of applying heat may be harmful. Hot applied to the patient should be closely monitored

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