Tooth and Gum Disease

Tooth and Gum Disease, Tooth Disease meat

Dental caries are more than a lot of tooth and gum problems. Teeth Color Changes

Nicotine in cigarettes causes the teeth to be yellow-brown.
The viability of the dead lost their teeth are gray.
Correct and incorrect drugs used can cause yellowing of teeth.
Febrile illnesses in children can create flecks tooth.
Water fluoride teeth yellow spots can be high.

Dental Disorders

When closed, the upper and lower jaw broken in compliance with each other, should be treated early.

Irregular dental ordering closure of the mouth, chewing function, and impairs the health of the gums. Early loss of primary teeth, the teeth with the dental area of language change in the pressure during the night, teeth grinding, bad tooth, early in the measure are not taken, a small children's long-term pacifier use, thumb sucking, teeth and palate defects and inaccurate line-up affected.

Gum Disease

Piyore generally called gum disease. The earliest signs of inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis.

Solid food eaten to strengthen the teeth and gum, oral hygiene to observe, the accumulated tooth dental stones, toothpicks, and needle use, considered one of the reasons for vitamin C deficiencies. In these cases, the gums bleed easily creating and inflammation may spread to the jawbone.

ETI Dental Care and Dental Care

Brushing the teeth regularly and properly in children and adults, dental health impact. Tooth brushing should start training to be given three years old. Examination of the teeth should be moved at least twice a year.

Benefits of Tooth Brushing

Tooth and tooth surface is cleaned their leftovers.
Gums massage is done.
Microorganisms are removed from teeth.
Oral cleanliness is provided.

Tooth brushing Considerations

How to brush your teeth, teeth brushed How?

Increase the use of toothpaste when brushing teeth cleaning.
Everyone should own a toothbrush.
Small brushes that can move easily in the mouth should be preferred.
Brush must be placed in bunches of 6-8 hairs.
Bristles of the brush should not be too hard.
2.5 cm length of the section of hair. must.
Be used for brush bristles worn and cast.
All surfaces of the teeth be brushed at least 3 minutes.
First, the faces of the teeth for the first time a mutual, top, and then to the lower teeth

Brushed from front to back. If the outer surfaces of the teeth, top to bottom on top, bottom, brushed in a circular motion from the bottom up.

Rinse with plenty of water inside the mouth cases.
Residues, pointed removal substances, you need to use dental floss.

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