Types of Heat Fire High-Low

Heat (Body Temperature) Types

Body temperature, diseases rises. Temperature rise, fall, and risen again after falling for a few days to continue to make such different graphs. This change, the disease varies according to the disease.
Temperature variations are measurable.

Continuous Heat (Febris Continius)

Body temperature measurements in the morning and evening drop-out and will continue doing the same ° C. Morning and evening temperature is less than 1 ° C difference between the shows.
Normal body heat is high. The second week of typhoid fever continued fever

Legged Heat (Febris remittent)

The body temperature of 1-2 ° C difference in the day by doing the same rise and fall. That is the difference between morning and evening temperature rises and falls by making long-leg.

Intermittent fever (Febris Intermittens)

Seizures in the form of a high fever. Seizures among the body temperature is normal.
Intermittent fever of malaria (malaria), also seen.

Recurrent fever (Febris Rec├╝rrens)

High heat will continue for 3-4 days, then suddenly returns to normal course. Continuing the normal 4-5 days of heat, rises again (40 ° C) 3-4 days after continued drops.

Wave of Heat (Febris Indulans)

Body temperature will continue to like waves. Temperature rise is a few days, Devane. A few days back and watch the highest level slowly drops. Heat wave in chart form lines. Temperature chart, such as corrugated wavy hair curve.

Wild Heat (Febris Irregularis)

Body temperature rises and falls irregularly. Heat the chart is not uniform. Heat continues to draw irregular graphic. Some infections and internal bleeding occurs.


The temperature drop suddenly. Heat chills or shivering with sudden drops. The type of Heat encountered Krizis promonide. High fever may continue for a few days. Drops suddenly with chills.


The temperature is falling slowly. Lysis type of fever, typhoid fever 2 week of fall slowly returns to normal.

Febris Ephemera

Short-lasting high fever. Acute infections are occurring.

High fever (Hypertherm-Ma)

Body temperature is higher than normal.

Low Heat (Hypother-Ma)

Body temperature is below normal.

Temperature and Thermometer Chart

Thermometer is measured by the heat, the heat is drawn for the registration of private degree-paper

processed. Specified temperature, opposite the ground and ends with a blue pen. Then, combined with the old spot with a straight line from a new point on the chart of edilir.Mavi lines is called the heat chart. Temperature chart, and the number of days and temperature measurement is a form showing the amount of heat.

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