2 Month Baby Development Feeding baby

2 Months Infant Nutrition, 2 Months Baby Care and Development

Among the people "was forty», including the so-called event for the second month than in the first days will pass very easily. Now you start to deal more easily with your baby at night comfortable in the following days will begin to move.

Certainly within the first month, second month you do not start to walk through the open air. We already mentioned the benefits of open air. Let us also briefly in this section:
On the air, first of all your child's appetite, and sleep is necessary for stability. On the other hand, never forget that their visits to kuvvetlendireceğini nerves. Because you also need fresh air, as well as your baby.

Meanwhile, last month started with a spoon to spoon the juice needed to increase day by day. The amount of juice at the end of the second month of the season to be up to 4 tbsp.

How to prepare the juice?

Peel off the shell of the fruit before you deem appropriate to give your child, if any, remove the kernels. The situation that you have peeled and pitted fruit press, squeeze or grate, then divide into small pieces and put it in a cheesecloth. Cheesecloth squeezing the juice on your face so there is no particular care. Stopped because the vitamins in fruits lose their properties.
Baby's second month, apple, orange, peach and carrot juice can.

Cow's milk:

Non-mothers milk during these months they give their babies cow's milk dilution directly, some of this milk in children can lead to digestive disorders. So give your baby within the first three months with cow's milk to boil water and sugar into sulandırmalı have to take. Your child's first two months half milk half water, the third month, the two measures would be appropriate to give milk, baby food, prepare by putting a measure of water.

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